Saturday, April 18, 2009

Threads of the Past

I inherited my grandmothers sewing machine and with it some old wooden spools of thread, thimbles and a measuring tape. They all looked so neat, I put them in this jar and displayed them above my new machine (sorry Grandma) instead of using them. Not only are these items definitely vintage, they are special things of my grandmas that I get to keep!

f5.6 at 1/40 sec. (I hand held the camera as steady as possible.) I desaturated the photo a bit too.

Oh, and I am new here. I am working on my self portrait still. When I get that done then I will tell you more about myself.


Miss Olivia, modern vintage

Here is my vintage picture! shot tonight at magic hour! This is a gal from Cooper (my boys) swim class! she is so breathtaking! I think she looks like she's right out of the 40's! We found the umbrella today at toys r us! its fun eh? i have a whole slide show of her on my sneak peaks!

nikon d300
lens ~ 70-300 4.5
speed 100
f stop 4.5
iso l.03
shot in jpg format

cc always welcome!

show me the money

Husband's Grandfather was a war hero.... he served all over and came home with some bills of from travels. Husband's Grandmother gave us these bills when Grandfather died... Husband cherishes these mementos.

On the Farm

I live on a big farm and we have lots of very old, vintage farm equipment sitting around the barns. I find such beauty in these rusted, old pieces.

Vintage 1934 Shoes

Vintage, to me, means anything resembling something old(er) than the current time period. I was really excited to join this challenge, however, when I saw this challenge, I though I would be better off waiting until next week, since I couldn't find/think of anything vintage. However, as luck would have it, my son was playing basketball this afternoon and left his shoes next to his ball when he was done. It suddenly reminded me of the "vintage" Converse shoes specifically designed to play basketball in the mid 1930's.

Picture Spec:

Nikon D80
Exposure:0.003 sec (1/320)
Focal Length: 35 mm
Focal Length: 35.6 mm
ISO Speed: 250
Exposure Bias: 0 EV
Flash: No Flash

On a side note, I am NEW here, and Rachel (shout out!) told me to tell you a little about myself. I live in Arizona and am a mom to 3 great kids. I have been married for 10 years, and just recently started "learning" how to take better pictures. I'm still learning, but having a blast in the meantime! I am SUPER excited to be a part of this group!
This is me!

Vintage Ride

I took my son to Lagoon for his first time today. The first ride made him nervous and he cried, but then he figured out that after the ride was done it brought him right back to me and then the rest of the day he loved every ride.
I love the little vintage cars that the kids get to drive and the look on my sons face is priceless.
Taken outside lighting no flash.

Vintage: All in the family

I'm actually really satisfied with my picture this time. These cuff links were my great-grandfather's, the pearls and the book were his mother's. I took this picture mid-afternoon in natural lighting, no flash. I used the macro setting in manual mode on my camera. Then I went to work in Picasa. I adjusted the color, and the exposure, then used the "warmify" option to make it look a little more vintage-y. I like it.

I love doing these missions, they have been getting me out of the house.  I went out looking for a vinyard, and since I didn't find the beauty that I was looking for there, I found this beauty in a huge car garage on my way back.  This was the only one of this style. Most of the cars were Muscle Cars,  I'm not a car person, but even I was drooling!!
(f20.0, ISO 100, 1/2.5sec)
PS- Border, sig, pw action- sun and seventies.

QUICK NOTE!  I want to know your photography blogs!  I've been snooping and want to see all that you got!  please leave me a comment telling me your site! thanks! Don't be shy!

Before there were Cell Phones...

1/1250, f 3.2, ISO 200, decreased saturation, increased contrast

Windows Live Photo Gallery is no Adobe Photoshop, but it was SO nice to be able to make some adjustments to my photo. :0) I get my photoshop back in 3 weeks.... hooray!

Thanks for looking. CC


Am sooo happy about this word...

And I think we will have some GREAT submissions...there are a lot of vintage-lovin' people out there!!

So, let's get to the challenge: VINTAGE

What does this word mean to you? How does it make you FEEL?!!?

CANNOT WAIT for the posts to start coming in! :)

(please scroll down to leave some feedback about our voting system--I would love to hear what you think!)


Good morning everyone! Great turnout on this challenge for entries and for votes.

It was really close on the best take, but in the end, this prize goes to Erin with her fire department/fire hydrant picture.

For best overall, it was a complete runaway. It goes to Brittney with her little girl in Daddy's red coat.

I also want to give a shoutout to Mindy here, for getting tons of shoutouts. She definitely would have been a contender if not for winning last time around. :)

There really were so many great photos for this challenge. I think we had more shout-outs that we've ever had. Great job everyone! I also wanted to thank everyone for actively commenting on pictures again this time around. It's nice to get the feedback.

Stay tuned for a new challenge later this morning.

Friday, April 17, 2009

What do you all think about voting?

Okay everyone, voting is getting SO hard! Seriously.

And with each challenge, we seem to have more and more members participating.

And so I wondered what your thoughts are on voting...

Do we keep it as is?

Do we change it?

And if we change it, what are some things you would like to see?

Different categories?

I would love some feedback on this!!
(and if you are looking for the voting for the red challenge, keep on scrollin')

FRIDAY FEATURE: Understanding shutter speed

April wasn't able to have her feature today due to some schedule conflicts, so we will anxiously await it when she gets the chance.

Since I am filling in on the fly, I thought I would post a link to a good article I found on understanding shutter speed. I thought it was really informative--

Hope you guys check it out--there was way too much info to put all in this one post, so I hope it's okay just to link it.

You are all doing so wonderful! I am impressed, truly impressed!

(oh, scroll down for voting!)


We had lots of great participation again for this challenge. Lots of good takes on the word, too. I have a feeling that the voting is going to be a little widespread again. Should be fun!

Candace and Mindy won our last challenge, so please be sure to give everyone else a chance this time around.

Please remember to word your voting this way:

Best take on challenge:
Best photo overall:

You have until midnight tonight to vote for your favorites!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gateway Mall Red

My husband and I went to the Gateway with our son today to walk around. It was fun to be together but I really wish it would just warm up here in Utah!
Taken with outdoor lighting no flash


ISO 400, 1/100 sec, f5.6, indoor with flash, sooc.

My mom grew these peppers in her garden last summer and strung them on fishing line to dry. If we'd had a Christmas tree, we would have used these for our decorations!


Take it Easy

For this challenge I first thought of this old truck that sits on our "Standing on the Corner" park.(The Eagles song Take it Easy was about Winslow and we have a park on a corner where where you can "stand on the corner in Winslow AZ".) I finally was able to get out and get a photo this afternoon. It wasn't really what I wanted but it worked.
Camera setting in manual, f5.6, iso 200, 1/800. 

Candy Apple RED Candle

Again, my husband was the one to give me the idea for this. =) I liked how the glass looked, and how the red wax seemed to seep up from the darkness.
Taken with a Nikon D-40, on automatic, no flash, then cropped (to fill the frame with as much red as possible).
CC welcome as always.

Easy Rider

Everything from Red nail polish, Red ballet flats, Red fruit.... and NOTHING came easy for me today! I feel like this picture COULD have been great, but I was missing something... you know, that Ju-Ju, that umph, that je ne cest quoi... all gone. Found this cute little trike at the park and bumped it up a bit with fresh and colorful action. (boy I'm creating quite the handicap of Actions, eh?) Well, here's to renewing my Ju-Ju. Ride On.


I have a sister in law from China and she told me red means good luck or fortune in their culture. Since then whenever I see something in red I think of it as a good luck charm. And I love the colors black and red together. So when I saw this hat sitting on a shelf I knew this would be my picture. It's a hat for my son that was given to him as a souvenir from China.

By the way I'm very open to CC. I want to improve and don't worry about offending me I was a college athlete and therefore I'm very used to being told what I'm doing wrong.

Red : Snow Slide

This was taken at my favorite park.I love the snow pile at the bottom of the slide. I was mad at the snow when I woke up this morning but the snow really made the red pop.
1/500 F5.4 ISO 100

Red: That Envelope

Okay, so I know that "red" was my own challenge word, but I really couldn't come up with anything I was satisfied with. Finally, while I was making dinner, taking pictures of tomatoes and peppers, I thought of my Netflix envelopes upstairs. I get really excited whenever I see these red envelopes in the mail, knowing that I've got something new to watch. Currently at home: the last two discs of season 4 of Gilmore Girls. I was disappointed with season 3, but I watched all of season 4 in a week flat. Loved it! My daughter loves playing with pretty much anything.

About the photo: I have a Canon Power Shot SD850 IS Elph that I am learning a lot about because of this blog. During the black and white challenge, I discovered my "color accent" setting, which I used for this photo. This is SOOC.

Red, Red, Red!

Big Lake Fire Dept. Lots of red!
Sony Alpha (ISO 100, f5.6, 1/125sec)
PS- Border, Sig, edge burned.

What red means to me

I was frustrated with this one but gave it a shot any way. I really wanted to do a picture with out any red in it but that turned out to be more difficult than I thought.
But I was determined and by the end of the day I had nothing great, so this is what I have....
I wanted to capture what the color red really means and I found out it means a lot. Red means warning, stop, danger, yield, sickness, death, embarrassment, anger, hot, sin......but my favorite meaning of this color is LOVE.

And so I settle for this simple picture. My sweet daughter, whom I love more than myself, with her chubby hands shaped as a heart near her heart.


ISO 1600, F5.0, 1/6 second (taken in a basement with one lightbulb overhead)
burned edges and color boost in Lightroom.

I took SO many pictures for this--of SO many different things. But nothing quite felt right. I was pretty discouraged that I hadn't gotten anything really wonderful with the good light of the day, until I went down to do some laundry tonight and in the dim basement light I saw the good ol' campbells soup cans...

And that's how this idea was born...

Little Red

This is my baby, hahaha, the car I drove in highschool. She's ugly but don't judge. :)

Sprays of RED

I kinda struggled with this one. On my way home from the beach today, though, I kept passing these fields full of these red things. I don't know if they're flowers or weeds, but the fields all along my drive were just sprayed with them. So, eventually, I gave in and stopped.

f/11, 1/160, ISO 200... 50 mm 1.4 lens


DANGER: small children at play

WOW you guys, some of these pictures so far have been amazing! I am totally intimidated. I was stumped today so we decided to visit the zoo in search of things that were red. I took some shots of the barn and a red fire hydrant but this one just made me laugh.

For some reason the zoo people deemed it prudent to construct a water area where a fountain would fill very large-very deep cravasses in the pavement directly across from the baby playground- not the big kid playground which might be understandable. It's just about the worst place they could have chosen. So here ya go. Irony in red.


Home Grown Red

My little red headed princess. She isn't wanting to be very photogenic right now (camera shy.....) so I had to take a picture of her on the swing without her knowing!
(Cropped and used sharpen effect)

I wanted to use this picture below. I just thought this yellow tulip with a touch of red was just awesome, but I did a flower last challenge. I just wanted to share :)


What could make a girl feel more beautiful than that perfect shade of red lipstick?

Point and shoot, no flash, natural lighting from window. In Photoshop it was cropped and lips and eyes were saturated just a little, edge was burned a little too.

My World

I am an insane optimist. Insane? You may ask, well I can be so optimistic it drive people around me nuts. Although it's more about being naive (which I'm not) while reading today's challenge and I thought of "Seeing The World Through Rose Colored Glasses." So here is my world.

All I did was take a red transparent DVD case and placed right in front of the lens. Using it as a filter and took a shot of our backyard. Which is my world, we are working really hard to make a pretty back yard and it's coming right along.

Door to Prosperity


Nikon d90, f1.8, 1/250, iso Lo1, 50mm, no flash, editing in photoshop
I LoVe red doors... and in feng shui, a red door is supposed to bring wealth into the household. (I've had a red door for a LOT of years now, and I'm still waiting for that wealth to come... ;) In reality, my house is abounding in wealth... if you count the things that really matter. Maybe you all should paint your front door red. ;) (I actually have 3 red doors into my house!)
(I had a hard time deciding which picture to post... if you click on this picture, you can see some of my other attempts in flickr.)

"Red"..Like Fire

I thought of this tree that sits on the corner or our street when I read the challenge. No matter what the season this Japanese Maple is soo beautiful! I was standing under, looking up when I took this shot. When the sun sets in the afternoon and comes through, the tree looks like it is on fire.......

Berry Red

A couple of weeks ago I dried some fruit. My daughters have truly loved having it around as a snack, especially the strawberries and pineapple. This is the last of my dehydrated strawberries, and I just really liked the way the jar lent something to the picture. Taken in natural light, no flash, macro setting.

Red History

I am a U.S. History buff. There is a lot of history involved with these buildings which involved blood (red) and also Indians. I want to approach that sensetively, but there was a time we called them "the redman" and we looted, preyed on, mistreated and destroyed them and their culture. Now we love their ideas, culture, clothing and jewelry.
Anyone know what this building is and how it involves the Indians? It isnt the greatest shot but what it protrays is important.
cropped, sharpened slightly both with picasa, ISO 200, no flash, thats all i remember. CC welcome and needed!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The sign that caught my eye

(92mm, F22, 1/13 sec, iso 100)

When I first saw the challenge the first thing I thought of was getting a pic at night of the ambulance I work on with the lights on and a back sync flash, but I didn't want to go in on my day off. So, Britt and I went for a drive (one of the things I love most about this blog). I took this pic. during the calm before the storm. I love scenery shots and liked the bright red of the sign against the darker post. I wanted everything to be in focus so I set my aperature to f/22 which resulted in avery slow shutter speed . Can I just say I love Nikon VR lenses?! I was too lazy to pull out the tripod so even with free standing and a slow shutter speed the pic turned out very clear.

(200mm, F 5.6, 1/1000 sec, iso 800, oops!)

This pic. is not in the running for this challenge but I wanted to post a pic for the last challenge. I got to busy to post one then. This reminds me of Easter because blossoms are like a rebirth and rain gives life! This is a pic. of the weeping cherry tree in my front yard it was spur of the moment so the settings on the camera were not what I really wanted but I think it turned out well.

Birthday Burger

When I saw the challenge, I knew exactly what I wanted to do--take a photo of my free birthday burger at Red Robin! So my hubby loaded up his Canon 50D along with his 100mm macro lens and a ring flash just for me. It's not that the photos of my bruschetta chicken burger didn't turn out... they were incredibly sharp and visually interesting, but the sandwich itself didn't look incredibly palatable (it tasted delicious though!). So I went with this shot. I like how the water glass looks and I like the fry basket behind it too.

A Splash of Red

(45mm, f/5.3, 1/125, ISO200)

This challenge was a hard one for me. Not quite sure why though. Dave and I drove around for a few hours today taking pictures of anything that caught our eye. Dave got his shot early on but I continued hunting, fire hydrants, signs, barns, tractors...I wasn't satisfied with any of the pictures I took. I was getting quite discouraged. Right before it got dark I took this shot of my little one getting her wiggles out (she had been couped up in the car all day with us ;)) and catching snowflakes on her tongue. I was drawn to the splash of red (Dave's coat, we forgot hers, whoops) against the new fallen snow.

Anyway CC welcome. Really, maybe it will help me get out of my photography rut.

CHALLENGE: RED ~ hop scotch red.

This is my kitty Hop Scotch. And since red is my favorite color i have a house FULL of it! couchs, curtains, dishes...blanktes, everything. I chose this because red makes me happy, and my kitten does too! two of my fav's!
Name: Lindy English
shot on nikon d300
iso 200
f 8.0
speed 100
and used studio lighting set to .25th their ability
on my nikkor AF-S 14-24 / 2.8G ED

A Part of America

This was a great challange, You would not believe how many red things I found in my town.. the nice thing about where I live is if you drive 5 minutes out of town you are in the country and our little piece of Heaven is dotted with Red Barns, a staple in American History. I added the Lovely and Etheral action and a little burn around the edges.

Fire Hydrant

Nikon D80
Nikkor AF 50mm 1.8
Tiffen Warming Filter
ISO 100
Shutter 1/100
Aperture F1.8

Okay so there are the specs...also, I brightened the red and made it stand out more against the background in PS Elements.

I would like to give a huge thanks to everyone who voted for me in the Black and White Challenge. I was busy all weekend with Church, Family, Friends and Food during Easter. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Also to Dave, my husband was skeptical to when I told him what I wanted to do, and I was even amazed on how great it turned out. Thanks again to everyone!



Good morning everyone!

I'll be teaming up with Rachel in presenting some challenges going forward. She deserves to be surprised with a challenge topic too!

Today's challenge is RED. Remember to think outside the box.

You have until midnight tomorrow (Thursday) to post your photo.

A couple of housekeeping items:
  • Please remember to label your posts with your name and the challenge. When it comes time for voting, a lot of people just search through all the posts ID-ed with the current challenge, and if yours isn't properly tagged, it won't show up.
  • Posted photos must be taken within the specified challenge time period. No previously taken photos please!! That's the fun of the challenge. :)
  • It seems like people have gotten busy and comments have started slowing down again. Please remember to share the love with your fellow photographers! Encouraging one another is part of the photography adventure! :)
  • For new people who may not know, if you see "CC" at the bottom of a post, it means "constructive criticism." The person who posted is open to critiques or advice on their photo. It's okay to be honest...but please be kind.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter: WINNERS!

This was a tough one. There were so many votes for so many different people. For awhile I thought we were going to have two six-way ties. Over the course of the day, however, we had a couple of clear winners pull through.

Congrats to Mindy for the best take on the challenge with her symbols of Easter.

Candace had the best overall photo with her daughter at the beach.

I also wanted to acknowledge Jenny and Leann, both of whom received numerous shoutouts.

Great job everyone. Watch tomorrow for a new challenge!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Gathering Information!

I thought it would be nice to have all the good photography resources we can find in one central place. I know that I myself have stumbled across several good sites and just not found a good time to share them...but I KNOW many of you are sitting on what many of us would consider a gold mine of info! :)

So, this is the post to SHARE what you know--all things photography--websites you love for inspiration, photoshop tutorials, even basic photography information!

So, to get those wheels spinning, here are some categories you might think about:

Adobe Lightroom tutorials or presets

Photoshop / photoshop elements actions

Photoshop / photoshop elements tutorials

Basic photography information: exposure, ISO, etc.

Inspiring photography

good sources for feedback on cameras and camera equipment


What are some things you would like to know? We can add that to the list and see if it spurs anyone elses thoughts.

PLEASE put the websites and what category it would fit in the comments section here. I will put the categories on the sidebar and we can always have them to link to.

Sound good?

Easter: VOTING!

Good morning everyone! hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Easter weekend.

We had a lot of entries again for this challenge. A lot of people with similar ideas, but slightly different takes. I really enjoy this blog because it reminds me of how unique each individual really is.

Okay, on to the voting!

Last challenge's winners were Amanda, Katy, and Teryn (we had a tie for best take), so don't vote for them this time around. Honorable mentions are always welcome. Who doesn't love getting a shoutout?

Please remember the voting system...
Plus extra shout-outs.

Voting ends at midnight tonight.


Hey everyone, I just wanted you to know I did a test email send. There have been some things I wanted to email instead of post publicly and I am trying to get everyone's correct email on the list.

If you did NOT get an email, check your bulk/spam folder. If you still have not seen anything from me, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT so I can add you.

And as always, I am open to suggestions and ideas you have for how we can better this group. Thank you all for your contributions!


P.S. IF YOU ARE FOLLOWING THIS and have wanted to be added, PLEASE leave a comment or email me. Sometimes I get busy and forget to add someone--so I am fine getting a reminder. :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Once again, I'm running to catch up with myself. Never much time. Trying to get a post in here. Here is my idea behind this picture. I saw this note that tied Jelly Beans into Easter and I loved it, so I decided to try to be unique and do a Jelly Bean pic. Then I came here and checked it out and saw someone else already did one. So I wanted to do a different twist with it. I took this picture with a LOT going on in the background and made it look a little busy, then in the middle there is the Jelly Beans with their meanings (See below in a minute). Life is like this so often for me. A LOT of caos with Christ shining in the middle holding me up when I'm at my wits end. Happy Easter! How thankful I am that GOD loved me so much that he sent his SON.

Red is for the blood he gave
Green is for the grass he made
Yellow is for the sun so bright
Orange is for the edge of night
Black is for the sins that were made
White is for the GRACE he gave
Purple is for the hour of sorrow
Pink is for the new tomorrow.
A bag full of jelly beans, colorful and sweet, is a prayer is a an Easter Treat.
(P.S. I don't have time to touch up my pics lately, so what you see is what you get. As always CC is welcome.)

Shot of Yellow

This represents Easter to me on a lot of levels.

Forsythia always bloom early in the spring, and the color is so vibrant you can't miss them!
My father always put forsythia blossoms in a vase on Easter morning.
This is my Grandmother's favorite bush, and I have the firm conviction that I will get to see here again; the flowers remind me of that eternal truth.
The bush is very hearty and comes back strong after every cold winter and puts on a lot of growth. I have needed that lesson in my life right now.

About the picture: today was a very dreary day and my colors were all washed out, so I was very proud of myself for playing with the settings to come up with this. I also like how white the background is; so pure. It looks much better than the overcast sky.

I like the line moving up and over, as well as the blossoms climbing up.


CC, as always!

New Life

Above all things, Easter is a celebration of Jesus Christ's Resurrection. So, to continue in the theme of "New Life," I present this picture of a plant who has recently emerged from our frozen ground (since Rexburg has decided that Spring might, in fact, be here, and Winter finally gone).
This was taken with my Nikon D-40 on automatic close-up setting, then cropped (to focus on these shapes that I love!). CC welcome, as always!

Favorite egg

My 2 year old son colored this egg and I loved the colors.

I obviously played with it in photoshop. I lightened it a bit then desaturated then history brushed the egg then darkened up the middle of the egg that was a bit washed out then pulled the saturation down even more then I painted a warm brown over the top with the opacity low.

B&W and Easter

When I saw the black & white challenge, I immediately knew what I wanted to shoot and, fortunately, this weekend was the perfect opportunity. For the easter holiday, my mom flew in from Denver and we all went to Idaho Falls to surprise my grandparents for Easter. While there, I got a picture of my grandma, mom, and I all holding hands. I couldn't quite shoot it with my own hand (I wasn't dexterous enough), but I set the settings and asked my husband to push the button. 1/60, F. 4.8, ISO 800, 60 mm and I used Lindy's level adjustment advice. Thanks Lindy!

After all the Easter excitement, church, etc., on our way out of town, we headed out to the family farm. When I was a little girl, I was here every weekend getting into trouble with my cousin/best friend Stephen. Now, I haven't been there for years. While my uncle was showing us the new colt, one of their cats decided she wanted her photo taken too.
1/60 F 6.3 ISO 1600 18 mm

Color my Easter

Easter has a lot of religious meanings to me, but I couldn't quite capture what I wanted in that respect...however, I took this picture during our little easter egg hunt. We have all been sick and never got around to coloring eggs this year. So we hid ours white. It was pretty funny...

Easter: Everything Nice

This is a super-close up shot of my daughter's Easter hat. She wouldn't leave it on, but my mother-in-law insisted that I let her buy it because it was so cute (it really is cute, and I do love it). Easter is (among other things) an excuse for little girls to get fancy new dresses, and I think it's a perfect day to wear a hat. I also kind-of think of Easter as a bit of a feminine holiday in general (religious associations aside), so I chose to focus on the "sugar and spice and everything nice" detail work of the eyelet on the hat.

Photo is SOOC -- no editing, no cropping.


Sugar over load

This year's Easter was not the best we've had, it seemed a little crazy, unplanned, unprepared and I was a tired grump. Long story short...I stayed up way too late trying to get my daughters Easter Dress perfect (I had to fix some things on it) for Church tomorrow. Then, of course the kids woke me up early, thus turning me into a grump. I tried to be happy, it is a time of year to be happy and I was some of the time but my cure for my sleepiness (lots of candy) gave me a sugar over load and I then crashed and burned at the beginning of our Church services, not the best way to enjoy my Easter Sunday. I have no one to blame but myself.

Being a tired grump I had no energy to be creative in my photography skills, I saw this basket and thought of my awful sugar over load and Viola... my Easter picture.

I used my trusty "Auto", no flash. I just opened the blinds for the cool lighting affect of the sun coming through the window. Sharpened and cropped in Picasa.

Easter Lily

I just love Easter lilies. They remind me of spring.
Happy Easter!

Symbols of Easter

Nikon D90, f4, 1/500, iso200, 50mm, no flash
I was excited to find this photo opportunity on our Sunday walk today... the cross, symbolizing death, and the daffodil, symbolizing life. I love spring bulbs that come up without fail after a long winter of sleep. It reminds me of the words to a hymn we sang in church today...
"Lives again our glorious King. Where, O death, is now thy sting? Alleluia!
Once he died our souls to save, Where thy victory, O grave? Alleluia!"