Saturday, May 29, 2010

Quick goodbye

So, I didn't take this picture intending to use it for this challenge, but it sort-of works. A friend of mine has these gorgeous cherry poppies in her front yard. They are a beautiful bright/deep red on the outside and a surprising dark violet inside. This one had only opened the day before and was already wilting.

Goodbye Spring

I have REALLY missed this blog. I hope nobody takes it personal, I've hardly even been taking pictures of my own kids lately. Things are just a bit crazy- anybody want to buy a house in West Allis WI??

I actually signed up for a photography class a few months ago and finally attended it last week. Most of what was taught I already knew (thanks to many of you!) but I did learn a few tricks but mostly I got motivated to keep working on my photography. So here I am, resolved to jump back into it.... with a post of "GOODBYE", how ironic. I really hope this isn't really a goodbye.

Hello??? Anybody out there?

Come on guys, it's never too late to get back into something you love.

I LOVE these flowers. I had meant to take pictures of this flower bush in my backyard a few days ago when I noticed it was in bloom. Then when I finally did get my tush out the door with camera in hand I was momentarily disappointed to see that the flowers were dying already. I WAS sad, until I realized how beautiful and textured they had become, and how perfect the fallen petals were for creating some interesting bokeh.
I actually couldn't pick a favorite so I'll probably be posting more on my own blog later but this was the first one that caught my eye.

I used aperture priority (yay! me- no automatic)
1/30 sec
AND- I pulled out my 35mm lense. It's been gathering dust lately but now I remember how I LOVE it!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Challenge: Goodbye

I figure this might be an interesting challenge.  Things come and go and many of us have come and gone as well.  Perhaps we can post a picture for Goodbye of our favorite one we took for m24 in the whole entire past.  It could be a picture of something that you have done for m24 and havent posted or didnt make the cut.  You could also just post what goodbye might me to you in any other way.

Post by Sunday May 30th at midnight.