Friday, February 12, 2010

Challenge Reminder

Just a reminder to submit by midnight on sunday for BOWL! Anything that means to you. Looking forward to seeing what you got. Feel free to share your Super Bowl pictures too if you took any special for that!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Old Time Curlers

This is late because I was having an asthma attack on Sunday night, when I'd planned on getting to 'fixing' my photos from my daughter's birthday celebration. (That's also why I don't have any Superbowl pictures...I was too busy trying to heave out a lung.) This was taken Friday night in prep for her 'Fancy Nancy' birthday party. (See my blog for more on that!)
I took this to picasa and after cropping, tinted it brown, then made the true colors come out by half. (If that makes sense...)

Challenge: Bowl

I told everyone to save their pictures from what they did from there activities yesterday. Here is your chance to show us the best you got. Or perhaps you can show us what else the word Bowl means to you. Either way Im sure it will be super.

Lets post by next Sunday at FEB 14th at11:59PM PST again!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Grandma D

This is my Grandmother.  Back in the old times, I would see here at least 3x a year.  Now that the family is older, it is harded to get back to eastern Idaho where she lives (I live in western Idaho and it is a five hours driver to see her).  This was a simple candid shot of her but it is my favorite.  And I admit I didt take this last year but being without a camera it makes it hard to do the challenges. Hopefully if time permits, I am going to get a Kodak point/shoot tomorrow or Wednesday so next challenge will be a current shot I promise. 

Old Time Pose

It isnt much but it is all I could manage with my sickness. This pose is perhaps as old as time so many people do it.

Oh, the delicious smell of a newborn!

I had a newborn shoot a couple of weeks ago.
She was so tiny. So perfect. So new.
She made me wish I had another teeny tiny baby.

Babyhood is now considered old times, for me.
Our family is complete and we are pretty darn happy.

But, sometimes, you can't help but think of the old times - when babies are tiny, they need you so much, and you lose hours of your day just staring at the perfect little sleeping angel you've created.
Those old times are precious and fleeting.