Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Dream Trip to Korea

Not many of you know that I was adopted from Korea when I was 5 years old. I've always been fascinated with the culture and have dreamed of taking a trip to my "old stompin' grounds"... including the orphanage my little brother and I were dropped off at and the city where we were born in. This past summer we had the greatest opportunity to visit my wonderful birth mother whom we have been reunited with in the past year, but instead of taking that trip to Korea that I always imagined us doing, we went to France for a month where she's lived for the last 19 years with her sweet French husband!
Anyway, This picture is of my daughter's Korean Hanbok... which is the traditional dress that women wear. Ava looks like a doll in her getup... but she's in bed right now and I wanted to do the post before tomorrow (big day with Church, Superbowl and The Office, ya know!).
One day we'll visit Korea... I'm sure I'll want to go with my birth mother... since she has a lot of family there still-- I have even spoken with my Birth GRANDPARENTS!! Very cool!

My Dream is to Have.....


This is not necessarily that car that I would choose, I just want my own car and the funny thing is I have 3 cars that are in my name and I dont drive a single one of them. Our Dodge Caravan which is 9 years old is being driven by oldest daughter who lives with us along with her 2 little girls,she drives it to school and takes the girls to school... my second car a little Toyota Tercell which was given to me from my family when my mother passed away last year is being driven by my husband for all his traveling he does with his business and the last car is a little Nissan Sentra which is being driven by my son so he can drive to Seminary in the morning and then school. So being the selfless mother that I am I am without a car. Thank goodness my work is across the street. Anyways I want my OWN car, a NEW Car, my dream is to have my own new car!!
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Hoping this weekend provides many opportunities to snap a picture of what the word DREAM means to you...

DON'T FORGET, be creative--think outside the box. Push yourself!! I have loved seeing all the pics so far--

As always, let's have the pictures in by Sunday at midnight--

AND, If you haven't posted your SELF-PORTRAIT and intro, PLEASE DO, even though it's late!!! We'll get it out of you one way or another!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Frazzle Dazzle Teryn

My name is Teryn and I realize that I am really late posting this... I'll be honest. I chickened out yesterday. I did NOT want to do a self portrait. I'm way too nitpicky and I couldn't figure out anything profound to do. Finally- I went with this. I have my hair going all over the place because I'm a bit frazly. I'm a stay at home mom with a 1 year old boy. My husband is in Med School so things are tight and I like to call myself a Med School Widow- in other words, I don't see him too much. I love blogging, scrapbooking, photography, sewing, cooking, playing violin, singing....... I like to do a lot of things. Thus the frazzle. I am constantly looking for new things to learn. Photography is my latest fascination so I am really excited for this group. Thanks for having me!

Here I am! Malissa

Hello everyone. It’s me Malissa! I am sorry I am so late with this post. I had minor computer problems this week and it has now ended with me buying a new keyboard so I can type once again. It was this or I was going to have to use the on-screen keyboard forever. And what a pain that was! I also am not a fan of self-portraits. Mainly due to I am not very photogenic. I love to take picture of others though!

I am a full time mother, wife to one, and employed full time outside our home. Our home life is really busy but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I am a lover of sunshine, summertime, (maybe because it is so cold out right now!) hugs and kisses from my little ones, and anything chocolate! I have 3 little boys that keep us busy. Tanner is 8. Spencer is 6 and Adam is 4. Me and my hubby have been married for 12 yrs and have been living in Boise Idaho for the last 5 yrs. Finally, we are starting to make this our home. I am so happy to “meet” you all and look forward to taking some fun pictures this year!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gave up!

Ok so here's the story... This is me in all my glory! Actually this is me at Halloween. I was a hunter. Connor, my son, was my Edward and our dog Hooch, was my partner in crime.

Here is my excuse for not a real picture...I totally slacked off. I read this yesterday and pouted about it. Pictures of myself, right now, are the worst thing in the world. I'm just hating my body, in more ways than one. So I thought I would be able to take a picture today after I did my hair and makeup and put on my skinny clothes. Not so much.

I forgot I had 12 women coming over for book club tonight. I had to make a dessert, drinks, finish the book and clean the house. On top of which my hubby had me running around town looking for a certain spray he needed.

Lame excuse I know, but here I am.

I'm Krista. I am a Medical Assistant but gave it up when I had Connor. Connor is now 19 months old and king of all messes! I'm married for all time and freaking eternity :) to Chris. He is in the Air Force. We are stationed in Anchorage AK right now. We are moving in August. We both grew up in Marysville WA. (No, it's not close to Forks but I have been there a few times.) I love blogging, reading and quilting. I am LDS and have a few callings in our little ward. I know Rachel through blogging but will probably meet her one day because I think she is one of the most creative people I know.

Nice to meet you all!

Hello Mission 24

Wow I didn't realized I hated self-portraits so bad until this assignment. Now I am just wishing I had some photoshop! Anyhow....My name is Melissa. I live in a small town in Cache Valley, Utah. My husband is a dairy farmer and we have 3 kids ages 4,3, and 1. It is great to put a face to all the names!

Self-Portrait: Lisa

As much as I hate pictures of me, here I am! Like many others, I am always SO critical of how I look in pictures - something is always wrong! And I took about 30 tonite trying to get one that I could live with - so yeah, here I am!

My name is Lisa. As I said before, I have 3 kids (ages 6, 4, and my "baby" will be 3 in just 3 days!) and 1 on the way (coming end of May/first of June, whenever she/he decides to - and yes, it is a surprise!). I've been married to my hubby Rick for just over 7 years. He is a civil engineer and LOVES what he does a little too much sometimes! We've lived in "Happy Valley", Utah for 3 1/2 years now.

Beginning next week I will go from FT SAHM to FT Working Mom (is there a code for that?!) as a secretary for an accountant during tax season. I've pretty overwhelmed by it, but it will be good for more than one reason. I have recently started scrapbooking and my goal is to have all of my children's first year of life finished by the end of this year! I also like to make hair bows for my 2 girls, love playing tennis, tap dancing (while prego!), and reading.

It's Me!

Hi! My name is Breezi. I have been married to my sweetheart, Chip for 7 years. We currently live in Columbus, Ohio. We have two of the most beautiful daughters. Alli is 6 and Maggie is 2 1/2. I am a stay at home mom for the most part, but for 11 hours a week I am a teller at a bank. I love my job. It's the therapy that pays me :)

I have no original talant, I am a copier of people who are! I love to scrapbook. I am obsessed with it. I think I may have everything 'scrappy' that was ever made. I have just gotten into quilting, partly because my mother just bought a long arm quilting machine.

I am game for almost anything that's going to be fun... except for winter sports. I hate my feet being cold more than anything. I love rafting, boating, playing games, and going for walks. I have spit off of the Eiffel Tower and the Space Needle. My goal is to spit off of every tall building in the world! :)

This is Me

This is me, LeAnn Moss. I struggled taking a self portrait. I'm so self conscience when it comes to me in the pictures. My husband hates it cause I'm always saying take one more, I look fat, my smile looks goofy, my eyes are closed, etc, etc. I tried taking this photo with my tripod, and timer. They turned out horrible!!! So I set all the settings and made my husband take the pic. He said he would only take a few and no more. :)

ABOUT ME: I am 28, have four children, Kennedy 8, Kaden 7, Jocelyn 4, and Cole 2 and one awesome guitar playing, train engineering husband. We make our home in Winslow Az, a small town on Route 66, the Eagles wrote a song about it, Take it Easy. You can come stand on our corner anytime!! I'm a avid runner and love it!!! I've ran one full marathon, one half and many 10k's and am trainging for the Disneyland half marathon. One of my goals is to become a faster runner, call me crazy!! I also like to digital scrapbook, the less mess the better I say. My new hobby is photography, and I'm taking a class at the local community college. I'm hoping that this blog will help me learn to shoot in different perspectives, and learn more about my camera and it's settings. I'm LDS, and am the music leader in Primary. Let's put it this way, I break the poor children and teachers eardrums every week. And I can't forget, I love anything sweet!!!!

princess jen

Hello all! My name is Jen and I live in Utah in the Salt Lake Valley. I grew up an Army brat. I moved to Utah for college and then never left. I've been married almost nine years and I have two children--a six year old girl and a two year old boy. I stay at home with them and in addition, I also tend my friend's two kids (a seven year old boy and a two year old boy--who is actually an hour younger than my son!). I love to scrapbook and I've been digitally scrapbooking now for a while. It's much less messy! My husband does wedding photography as a side job and I like to play around with his camera when he's not using it. Most of the time though I use a Kodak point and shoot. I also love Jazzercise and do that 3-4 times a week and I just started doing yoga twice a week. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (I know you're humming the song in your head now!) and I cherish my membership in this church.

I took this photo in front of my house using my timer. It was a little tricky trying to get myself in focus. It's been a long day so I look a little frazzled. I'm leaving for Idaho Falls in about 40 minutes so I've been busy packing, but I wanted to get this up before I left.

I Finally Found Myself

Hi, I'm Charlotte.

I'm a stay-at-home Mom, which is the best thing that ever happened to me (besides my husband, of course!), hence the picture of me being a mommy. My kids are Samuel, age 2 years, and Alivia, age 2 weeks.

I enjoy photography (obviously), though I am much better with Photoshop than my camera. I also enjoy digital scrapbooking, modern dance, and all things chocolate. We live in Southeast Idaho.

Please feel free to CC my photo.

Tuning In With Melinda...

Yes, it's me, Melinda.
M - I am a wife, a mother, and a homemaker, and I love music!
E - My daughters are Evelyn, 3 (next week) and Elizabeth, 1 (next month).
L - I live in Wisconsin, where my hubby's from and where he currently works. I am LDS.
I - I often intend to get a lot done, but generally have more plans than accomplishments.
N - Next birthday I'll be 26.
D - Don't have much experience, but plenty of enthusiasm, for photography.
A - That darling husband of mine? His name's Aaron!
Corny, I know. Oh, well. While I like this actual photo, I feel like it's less than it could be. I feel like I did too much with it, or something. However, it does represent much of me. I'm sitting at my piano, one of my favorite places; I have a wedding photo behind me, as well as pictures of my daughters and some music; my youngest daughter, while not in the picture, is playing at my feet; and I'm wearing purple, my favorite color and one that I feel 'pretty' in. In case you missed it from my last post, I'm one of Rachel's cousins. I feel very privilaged to be a part of and see so much beauty in photography. I'm looking forward to seeing more!

It's me...Rachel

Hey everyone--it's me, Rachel.
I contemplated all sorts of things for this one, but really I desperately needed to change my profile pic in facebook, so I should show my face. :)
I currently live in the Cleveland area while my husband is in medical school studying Podiatry. Only 2 more years!! Yeah! I have 3 kids (4, 2, 1) and am a stay at home mom trying to stay sane. :) I am an AVID blogger, *someday* photographer, and kiddie-chef extraordinaire. :)
I love to travel, read, and create! I am happiest when I am finding deals and reaorganizing / redoing things. :) And when I am with my family, of course! :)

It's Me Teri

UUUGGGHHH I knew this topic was going to come up sooner or later..I am the most unphotogenic person in the world and hate getting my picture taken. I was going to cheat and find a picture that was half way decent and crop my head, but I am up for the challange and thank goodness for the little remote switch I bought for my camera about a year ago. My name is Teri and I am probably the oldest one of the bunch... I live in Coeur d'Alene Idaho with my husband of 30 years and our last child Logan who is 17. I have six children four beautiful daughters, Melanie, Stephanie, Kimmy and Whitney and 2 handsome sons Ryan and Logan. Two of my daughters are married, our oldest daughter Melanie has two little girls Madyson and Kylah. My husband and I are drug testers, he owns his own business in a small town about 45 miles away and I work for my brother here in town. I love photography, music, srcapping, and baking. I am in the Stake Primary Presidency and play the piano for Relief society. I love this site and it has been wonderful to meet you all.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tina- thats me...

Hi, my name is Tina I am the Mother of two sweet kids a boy that is 3 Ethan and a girl that is 1 Sadie. Married to my sweet heart Erik, who is going to school right now here in Portland. We are half way done so there is hope after sooo much schooling. I get to stay at home with my kiddos, and on the side have an online business with my sisters and mom making (sewing) baby items, I design diaper bags and love designing new fun things!
I know Rachel from Rexburg, she is my role model!!! You all are sooo talented, its so fun to see your faces now!!

That's ME

Why HELLO ALL!!! This is ME: Katy Wilson, mother of Ava (20 mo.) and wife to a fantastic husband, Taylor. He was INSTRUMENTAL in this challenge, since I needed him to do the clicky-click... but I'm the Genius who thought of the idea!
I guess this picture describes me in a few ways: I LOVE to smile, a lot! It's a curse, really, since people get all worried and bent out of shape if I'm NOT smiling! But that's pretty rare anyway. Also, I just LOVE to stare at myself all day long.... yes, there's nothing better to do with my very busy day-- just stare! Hahaha, hopefully by now you'll have caught on to my SARCASM dripping off the mirror! I just thought this was a cool and slightly different take on ME... the front AND the back in ONE shot! (plus I just discovered my B/W option... waaaay cool!)
We live in Rexburg, Idaho while T finishes up school-- one day we'll be done with the school thing, but honestly for now, I choose to enjoy this time: being destitute, young and "knowing it ALL" is not all that bad...for now!! We really just have such a fun time with each other; and if there's more to life than that... well, we haven't learned it yet!
I LOVE doing this blog... I'm NOT a photographer, we have an OLD point and click that's being held together by duct tape and a prayer, but I think you can ALL agree with me that when you're friends with Rachel Holloway, there's really something Congtagious about her creative mind... she (and now ALL OF YOU) make me want to GROW, STRETCH, EXPAND!!!!!

Self-portrait: Mirror, mirror, on the wall

When I first read this particular challenge, I thought maybe I would actually figure out how to use the timer on my camera. But then I just became so annoyed at the idea of taking a picture of myself that I did this to get it over with. I don't mind having my picture taken, but self-portraits for me usually end up with the inside of my elbow being the focus of the picture.

This is in my bathroom mirror, hence the shower behind me.

I chose to include my daughter in my self-portrait because she is so much a part of me. She is my inspiration for all things creative, and the joy in my life.

My name is Janelle. I am married to Benjamin and my daughter Julie is nine months old. I live in the Cleveland area, but I have never met Rachel. We are blog buddies through a mutual friend. I love to read, write, take pictures (though I'm obviously not the best at it), cook, bake, and blog. I love Mexican food and brownies, though not necessarily together.

Just another pretty face

I stink at self portraits. Really. I do. But I DO love heels and jeans- though I seldom have the opportunity to wear them now. I'm April, I have two boys (2.5 and 9mo) and a fabulous husband. We're currently living in Jersey while my husband attends law school. I love photography and I have a children's portrait business ( which I'm trying to revive due to our recent move- which in the current economy is not really happening. I'm really hoping this challenge jumpstarts my creativity.

Me...well, at least one side of me I'm sure...

Hi! My name is Shanda Peck Call. I am a 2nd year photo student up at USU, and loving every minute of it. I am double majoring in Graphic Arts and Photography...I'm told this is suicide...we'll see how I get through.

I have a little two-almost three year old named Aspen. She is busy busy. I work from home, and I have a husband I rarely see...he's going into engineering and would rather do numbers than design something. I'm the total opposite.

The reason for the picture, is not because I'm sad and depressing...I actually saw a picture like this in a magazine, and I am always intrigued by pictures with people crying in them. And I loved the I wanted to see if I could duplicate it on myself...I think I had a little too much mascara smudge, and I needed to make it a little darker on the right side to match the pic, but I liked how it turned out. I used some stuff called sunbreeze (Kind of like mentholatum) at the corners of my eyes, and it made me really cry, so those are real tears...the length we go to for great shots. I don't usually wear this few of clothing either...but the gal in the picture had totally bare shoulders, and I didn't feel comfortable doing that, so I put on a tank instead. I took it by setting up my camera on a tripod and using the timer with my studio light.

I'm excited about being a part of this group and learning to improve.

Self-Portrait of Stephanie

Me in my favorite spot in the apartment - sitting in front of the computer. And that's my baby in his favorite spot - on my lap. I'm Stephanie, married to Jeff for four years. We have two children - Zaylee is 3 and Thomas is 18 months. We live in Salt Lake, the biggest place I've ever lived. I'm slowly adjusting to big city life, but I think I'll always consider myself a small town girl.

I like beautiful things - seeing them, hearing them, and creating them. I enjoy creating beauty by crocheting, singing and playing the piano, preparing food, and taking pictures (usually of the delicious foods that I've made). I'm looking forward to continuing with the Mission 24 challenge and improving my skills.

Sorry about the pathetic background in this picture. It's hard to find a decent place to take a picture in my tiny apartment!

Chaos Laugher and Love - Amanda

Hi everyone, my name is Amanda. I didn't take this picture, but a wonderful neighbor and friend of mine did. This was taken last October when Emily was 6 weeks old. I live in Northwest Arkansas (aka Wal-Martville), but grew up in Oklahoma, graduated high-school in Virginia & graduated college from Texas A&M-Texarkana (where I met my wonderful husband Charles). I work part-time as an Accounting Assistant and spend the other time as the wife, mother & CFO of our home. I am 28 years old and Emily was born on 9/11/2008. My husband and I have been together almost 7 years, but have only been married for 2 1/2 years. We are avid thrill-seekers (sky diving & rollercosters), love the outdoors (4-wheeling & boating) & visiting friends and family in Texas. I am so excited about this site and can't wait to learn a lot and increase my photography skills. Hope everyone is staying warm, we have about 3 inches of ice and 2 inches of snow on the ground here - Brrrr.


This was actually a fun assignment... I learned a lot in the process! It's a trick to get the camera to focus in the spot I WILL be, and to get it to expose right. (I figured out that if I put a pillow that is similar in color value to me in the place I would be and focused on it, it worked!)
I'm Mindy, obviously, and I like photography, obviously. ;) My husband is Brandon, a tall, blue-eyed, dark haired (except for some gray) hottie. I have a beautiful daughter, Aubrey, who just turned 13, and two wild sons, Tyler (11) and Cooper (7). I am going to be (you can blink here) 34 this Friday.
I'm a violinist, violin teacher, fitness instructor, runner, young women president, reader, movie watcher, blogger, cook, chauffer, laundress, financial chairman, housekeeper, homemaker, photographer, and in my spare time I sleep. ;)
Melissa is my sis-in-law (she's the best!), and Rachel and Charlotte are my friends.
I'm so excited to learn from all of you, get to know you all better, and to challenge myself this year!

A few more things!

Just a few more things.

Jen requested that we each label our pictures with our names, which I think is a great idea! SO, Aside from just putting the challenge name for the week, if you would each label your pics so we can search for pictures by person too, that would be great!

ALSO, Let's try and name your pics so we don't end up with a bunch of "CLEAN" or "COMFORT"...think TITLES! :)

This group has been so fun already!!!

Thanks for playin'!!

CHALLENGE--Self Portrait

I have had some requests, and completely agree that we should get to know each other! I know some people have put little intros with another submitted picture, but it's really hard to remember who is who when it gets lots in the shuffle of things.

So, mission this week--a self portrait. Something that shows YOU and who you are--

And then write a little intro--name, where you are from/live (if you are comfortable sharing it), if you have kids, what you like, etc.

This challenge is about YOU--

Let's have all pictures submitted by THURSDAY at midnght!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Soothing Comfort

Hi everyone, my name is Amanda, and I am a part-time SAHM of a 4 1/2 month old baby girl, Emily. I am no professional photographer, and would like to learn more. I currently have a Nikon point-and-shot, but will be purchasing a new Nikon D80 in the next month so that my skills can develop further. I look forward to getting to know each of you more.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Baby Bear

Not exactly what I was going for, but all the same looks like some COMFORT to me. By the way the bathtub is restored!!! After some Google research I found that Hydrogen Peroxide would do the trick and thank the heavens it did!!! I guess I could also do a little intro. My name is Melissa I am a mom of 3 and work part-time as a dental hygienist. I'll try and spare you any of the disgusting things I see in people's mouths. I just got a new camera for Christmas and have no idea what I am doing so hopefully I can learn from all of you.


Inspired Comfort

f/3.2, ISO-200, 1/8 sec.

This photo was inspired by Mindy's fire pic and Tina's bath pic. :0) I wasn't going to play along this weekend because I just didn't have the energy, but the kids went to bed and after checking blogs and I decided to take a candlelight bubble bath- one of my all-time favorite comfort activities.


Crocheted Comfort

This is one of my favorite places to be - curled up in the corner of the couch, leaning against my handmade crochet pillow, wrapped up in my handmade crocheted afghan, reading a good book. Simple, homespun comfort.


The lighting in this photo is all off, I took several at different settings but couldn't get what I wanted. Any sugestions?
My comfort is wrapping up in a blanket, with my pj's and cozy socks on while reading a book, watching a movie or simply talking to my husband or kids.

COMFORT objects

Comfort just included too many things for me. :) I had a billion ideas rolling, but then it came down to this...

In case you can't tell what these things are:

C- The C Is Brandon's hands. HE is comfort to me!
O-White chip macadamia cookie from Subway. EVERY single time I go there, I get one (not that I go every day or anything. But when we do, it's always a given. )
M-My eagle claws (salad/pasta tossers) from my trip to Alaska a few years back. These have a two-fold, I find comfort in COOKING. And the other is family. Ever time I look at these I remember the crazy trip my sisters and I were on when we got these. I will always have such fond memories of my sisters...
F-SEWING. I find great comfort in sewing. It is peaceful and I just love creating things. (the objects are a seam ruler and some safety pins)
O-This is a soup bowl I have had for 7-8 years now. :) My mom sent me flowers when I was on my mission and really sick once. This is what the flowers came in. Now, whenever I don't feel good, this is the bowl I go to for whatever I am eating. :)
R-This is to symbolize mac and cheese. I am kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I LOVE MACARONI! Not just homemade. I love the Kraft stuff. I know, completely unhealthy (I DO put veggies in it sometimes) but THIS is so comforting to me. It ALWAYS sounds good...yum.
T-This is paint. If you read my family blog, you already know I have an obsession with projects and painting things. :) It makes me happy. I guess that's really what this is to me...happiness. All these things make me HAPPY---and to me, happiness and comfort seem to walk hand in hand.

Comfort Food

On a cold night, there's nothing that comforts like some hot soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. Nothing profound I'm afraid. It just makes me feel good.


When I think of the word Comfort I think of my husbands hands, they are big and soft and always willing to hold someones hands, especially mine. ( this is my grandaughters hand in the picture, I tried to do my hand but it didn't look right). Anyway when ever I need comforting I turn to him and his comforting hands and hugs.

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I love to soak in a HOT bath. So that is my comfort this week.
I missed last week.... aah.. so this is my clean to. The rules aren't up yet...right!!

Comfort in Warmth

I love to be warm, and I love the sound and feel of our wood burning stove... especially on a snowy, dreary day like today! I had a lot of fun trying something new and "playing with fire".



I walked in to wake up my 7 1/2-month-old boy this morning, and this was the sweet, innocent scene I found. It nearly made me cry as I thought about all of the love and joy this guy brings. Not only does he comfort my soul, but it is quite clear he is finding comfort in his blankets.

I'm not usually a fan of diaper-only pictures, but the other side of this story is that he leaked out of his diaper during his night feeding and I was too tired to put new jammies on him. Oh, the added perspective two more hours of sleep bring!


Comfort - A Sister's Love

My 2 little girls! Now this is definitely Comfort!

We were all tired and worn out today. We were all up too late playing at Nana & Papa's with my hubby's siblings that just arrived yesterday. So we went to our church meetings, where the kids were all squirmy and yawning, came home, had a quick lunch and then my hubby laid down with the girls, while I laid down with our son. And yes, my 6 year old is even in her jammies already! Even more comfortable! I love the moments when all of my children are playing nicely together, sleeping together is even better! To me, that is a huge comfort!

Like my previous post, I know this is not a very artistic or creative picture, but I did try a few different angles and really liked how this one turned out.

Multipurpose Chair

This chair is a big comfort in our house. It's where I rock my babies, where I curl up with a book and blanket, where I start my day off with prayer and scriptures, and where I chat with my husband while he's working on the computer. Maybe a little odd that something comprised mostly of wood would be my comfort, but there you have it.

I wasn't that pleased with the picture. The angle was bugging me- but I was trying to incorporate the importance of it being a rocker without doing a face on shot. BUT I am proud that it's not a picture of a person!



This picture represents two of my favorite comforts.
1. I am a beginning quilter. I am learning to LOVE the art of quilting. It's relaxing. I am a firm believer of the old "Idle hands are a Devil's playground" saying. I have to be doing something. Quilting is my new 'something'.
2. I love snuggling in quilts! I love getting all warm and cozy.
When I look at all of the wonderful quilts that my mom has given to me over the years I feel closer to her. (She lives about 3000 miles away). I know she thought of me the whole time that she was hand piecing and hand quilting these beautiful treasures.


This is a dark photo, I know. A lot of detail is lost. I have one lamp, providing a soft light but not illuminating really anything. I played around with the flash, but it didn't achieve the desired effect. I went into Photoshop and played with the levels there as well. Again, it just didn't give me what I wanted. I was going to scrap the whole thing and look for something else, but this was the answer for the assignment. I don't know if Mission 24 will serve to make me a better photographer, but I am challenging myself to be honest with myself--to really find the truest answer to the challenge. That is what this photograph is to me. It is dark, but it is what it is. Details are lost in darkness, details that are unimportant in the grand scheme of things. What matters most is the feeling I have at this time, in this place.

I took a photo of the end of my bed at the end of the day. The house is quiet, the kids are asleep, my husband is asleep, the lamp is on the lowest setting. It's peaceful and calm and I can take the time to kneel and talk to my Heavenly Father. I am able to pour out my heart, to share my thoughts, to feel the love and comfort that I so desperately need. After I pray, I crawl into bed and either read a talk from a conference Ensign or thumb through my scriptures for a familiar verse. Usually, I find an answer to a prayer there and receive even more comfort as I am assured that my Heavenly Father listens to me, that He knows me and cares for me. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to kneel in prayer and to receive answers.