Saturday, July 25, 2009

Luck of the Dandelion

When I was a kid we used to blow on the weedy dandelions and make a wish for good luck!

Challenge: Luck/Lucky

The word lucky is what I thought of, but if you want to do just plan luck, that works too. We should have thought of this one back on St. Patrick's Day.

Please get your entries up by midnight tomorrow!

Winners: Heartbreak

Good morning everyone! I was pleased to see such a variety of entries -- everyone had great ideas! Your favorite was Brittney, with her crying baby.


Stick around for a new challenge today.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Voting: Heartbreak

With so few entries, let's just vote for one favorite this time around.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Need I say more? ;)

Family's Heartbreak

I had a unique opportunity to visit my Little Sister's grave today. It was the first time in at least 3 or 4 years so I thought it would fit with the "heartbreak" theme. I took a bunch of pictures but I have to be honest, I just wasn't feeling the heartbreak. I've finally started to feel more peace and comfort in place of the heartbreak so I just couldn't use her story for this particular post. So, I kept searching for something, then as we were leaving I spotted this headstone. The family picture in the center caught my eye so I looked closer. Such a young family to have lost thier father. I don't know anything about them or what happened, but my heart broke a little bit looking at thier picture.
f/8 ISO100 1/200sec.
CC PLEASE- I really struggled with how to crop this one.
P.S. I'm in UTAH! And I'm headed to Idaho on Wednesday. Anybody around who might want to meet up, any photo-ops I can follow you around for. I would love to learn from some of you MASTERS!


Heartbreaks come fast and frequent when you're a kid.

Image was taken in automatic mode, with flash, then cropped and converted to bw. CC

Heartbreak: Dead Flowers

Last year, my Gerbera daisies continued to bloom all Summer long. This year -- not so much. The dead flowers are more metaphorical when it comes to heartbreak, though.

Long ago Heartache

When I read this challenge I was stumped. I then thought of going to a cemetery. Everyone who has a grave, has people who are broken hearted still left behind.
I saw this grave and my heart just broke. It broke for the parents who must have died inside after their two sweet children died, just five days apart from each other. It broke for the dear little children who obviously must have suffered before the end came.

It makes me think that just 6 months ago, my children were almost these exact ages. I know that I would be a broken woman if they were taken from me at such a tender age.

In case you can't read it, this is what the tombstone reads:
William Badley
Died Dec. 3, 1844
Aged 5yrs. 7ds.

Amelia Isabella
Died Dec. 8, 1844
Aged 2 yr. 4mo. & 6ds.

Son and daughter of Alexander and Jane Arrison

Sleep, brother, sister, side by side,
No chance, no change can you divide;
Together in the dust you lie.
Together tread the courts on high.
If once the eye of faith could see
Your full, complete felicity.
How would our sad repinings cease.
And all our sighs be hushed in peace.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A House of Heartbreak


Heartbreak is... once having a home where a family resided, that is now abandoned due to it's abuse as a meth lab. Sadly drugs are everywhere...even in my small town.
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CHALLENGE: heartbreak

I am sorry this is late. I have had a ton going on...

so keepin' it simple today...

challenge: heartbreak

Be creative with this. Let's see it!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Winners: Vision

Good morning everyone! Well, we didn't have too many votes this time around, but Shelby was definitely the favorite. She won most original idea, with Tunnel Vision. She also tied for best overall with Sylvia and her Vision from the Past.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Voting: Vision

I'm glad a few more people (myself included) were able to participate with the extension. I will not be extending the voting hours, however. You still have only until midnight tonight (Pacific Time) to get your votes in. Or more realistically, until I count them up tomorrow morning. :)

Vote for your most favorite overall, and also for the most original idea -- the best slant on the word.

Happy Monday!

Vision: Tunnel Vision

I had several ideas for this, but I had some trouble with execution. Finally, about ten minutes ago, I got this idea, and I was pretty impressed with my execution. I've never shot anything this way before, and I had about 20 different takes trying to get it right -- with flash, without flash; a normal focus, an infinity focus; black and white, color. I finally settled on this one. I took a picture of my glasses, while looking through an empty paper towel tube. I call it "Tunnel Vision."

This ended up being without flash, with the infinity focus on. I adjusted color and exposure just a little and saturated the color at the end.


(Runners-up can be found here.)

Vision: Always Wanted

I have always wanted a little stream with a bridge over it just like this picture. Now I have it, but will have to work on the owning it part! Sorry I have been absent, moving plus school and crazy kids ive been out. Everyone did a fantastic job on blue!

"Visions of Sugarplums"

HORRAY! Thanks for the extension. We were all pretty pooped last night so I just completely spaced posting my pic. This was the first thing I thought of... "While Visions of Sugarplums Danced in thier heads" from "The night before Christmas. I guess I've got Christmas in July on my mind. : )

I love this picture because that funny stuffed creature he's cuddle-ing was mine when I was little. It went through a lot but somehow survived to be strangled by my little boy. I love it!

F/4.5 1/60 sec ISO200- I was dareing and used the flash but thankfully he didn't wake up.


Staying open late

Because the challenge word went up late this weekend, I won't post the voting until 12:01pm Pacific Time. So you still have until noon (or 3:00pm for you Easterners) to post a picture if you want! Remember, you word is VISION.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Visions of Summer

A Vision of Loveliness


I love this vision, a mom and her kids. Thanks to my girlfriend we were able to do a fun photoshoot down at the beach.
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Bad Vision

Sad to say, glasses and contacts have been my constant companion for 15 years now.

Vision from the Past

Driving down highway 20 my husband and I saw a "Vision from the past". If you know how old this car is - you'll know how old I am. :-) This is a Chevy Nomad BelAir..... the year is for you to guess.... :-)