Saturday, November 14, 2009

Grungy Picture

This is the neighbor boy who "helped" me take a picture of himself at night with my camera. The red is from a light on the camera before focusing happens and a lamp with a very odd shade on it that we got free. Thanks to grungy camera, picture and a grungy smile.

Seattle Grunge

In all honesty I took this picture in early October when I was in Seattle. I just wanted to get a post in before deadline becasue my camera battery is dead (used up at Boise State Bronco football game vs rival University of Idaho. Broncos won by the way 63-25! GO BSU!!!). I figure I can change it out tomorrow after it battery is charged. Background on photo: I was in downtown Seattle going and saw smoke stack. I took a quick shot on my "normal" settings but I just turned off the flash. The night was overcast and the city lights were being refelcted on the clouds which outlined the stack. I have edited it some. I adjusted the lighting, and darkend the edges (using focal b/w in Picasa) to refuce the glare from the street lamp. I have posted before and after. (please be nice in comments as this is my first challenge post!)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Challenge: Grunge

Im sorry Im a little late on getting this out to everyone and I missed the reminder for the last challenge for the emails so I will do better this week. Also if you want you can search on facebook for Mission 24 or become a fan on the right side here and I put reminders there as well! The more the merrier!

This word Im so excited for because of the ability so many have to turn things that arent so nice into very nice things! Or if you are like me and you simply were in that type of music and dress perhaps this is the word for you. The word challenge is Grunge. Perhaps your idea is something I wrote or something different! Lets see what you got!

Since I messed up on the days lets have it done Saturday November 14th at 11:59PM PST. The day is different again so look out and we will get back on track the next challenge for specific days!

*Another great word suggestions by Janelle


I know it's past midnight. It's been a really rough week over here. When the challenge word came I knew I wanted to do something cool with the sun, since it's the brightest thing I can think of. And I was so excited when the opportunity presented itself at a family shoot on Friday. Sadly, it's been total chaos at my house ever since and I only just now got the chance to upload my picture. (please forgive me) My hellish story will be posted on my blog later today if anyone cares to hear it. I just could NOT not post this picture. I love it! Brothers, checking out a beautiful sunset.

OH! and this is SOOC- how awesome is that!
1/200 sec
ISO 100

CC always welcome!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Not a Bright Idea

Testing out some things on my camera with a partly cloudy day and no bright ideas on what to take a picture of I just took a picture of the brightest thing I know of. Was going for some sun flare. Mediocre attempt at it but it is a nice set up I think. CC of course is always welcomed!

Bright Idea

Well, it is for me, anyway. Since our baby will be born the first week of December, I'm fairly certain that I won't be able to get a whole lot of that last-minute Christmas stuff done. This is my Christmas List. Well, it's my list of people to purchase for, what they are getting, if I've gotten it, and if it's wrapped yet. *I strategically took this picture so it shows only my kids' sections; that way my family who look here won't get an accidental sneak peak. That's bright, too, right?

Featured Photographer- It's just me!

My name is Megan. I am so excited to participate. I have been following M24 because of Melinda (friends from high school so long ago). I live in Idaho with my dog TJ, however I live with 5 miles of my parents and 3 of my sisters so life is very busy with family dinners and functions. I work full time for national trucking company as a trainer and customer service. I have always enjoyed photography. I don't do a lot of "sessions" except for family senior portraits or engagements.

I actually use two cameras. My camera is a Sony Super Steady Shot DSC W120 7.2 Mega Pixels. The camera that I covet (and try to steal) is my father's Nikon D50 (I think it is 7 mp as well). I LOVE that camera!! He has worked at Micron Technology for the past 29 years. The camera was a thank you gift at 25yrs and I pray my company is just as nice, but if they are not, I am saving up.

My favorite subjects would be niece/nephews. I love how innocent they are (at least the young ones) and capturing their love of life and happiness just makes me smile. I also enjoy nature. Flowers and water in particular.

My three favorite photos (that I can access from work):

This is my youngest niece Marlee. (taken with Sony)

A veggie stand at Pike Place Market in Seattle WA (taken with Sony)

Train Engine for Thunder Mountain Line in Horseshoe Bend, ID (taken with Nikon)

Challenge Reminder: Bright

Last night for Bright for those who can and want to send a photo in. Thank you to all of those who have replied to the email if they didnt want the emails I have taken you off and will continue as requested. We did lose 3 people but we also have gained one just today! So welcome the newcommer and we appreciate the work past contributors have done!

Bright by tonight remember!!