Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I know it's past midnight. It's been a really rough week over here. When the challenge word came I knew I wanted to do something cool with the sun, since it's the brightest thing I can think of. And I was so excited when the opportunity presented itself at a family shoot on Friday. Sadly, it's been total chaos at my house ever since and I only just now got the chance to upload my picture. (please forgive me) My hellish story will be posted on my blog later today if anyone cares to hear it. I just could NOT not post this picture. I love it! Brothers, checking out a beautiful sunset.

OH! and this is SOOC- how awesome is that!
1/200 sec
ISO 100

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B-Blogit said...

past time...fired. JK! I love this picture! The clouds are so interesting and the sunset is great with the sillouettes. fantastic job!

Melinda said...

Hey, I LOVE the silhouette effect! I keep on wanting to do that and am always missing the perfect times. I love, too that the sun is centered and the boys are just off to the side. Great!

hotmama03 said...

i love the hands-awww
perfect placing on the sunset and silhouettes.