Saturday, August 1, 2009

Three Favorites...

The Three challenge words I chose were New, Red and Comfort.
I just had some work done on my violin , I got New Strings and New pegs so it's just like New

I went to Grangeville Idaho this weekend to do some Senior pictures for a friend and as we were coming down the mountain we saw this lovely red sunset. So breathtaking!

And last I chose this Wheat as comfort because when our children were smaller we lived in a very small farming community in Eastern Washington and my husband worked at a grain eleveator, storing and shipping wheat on barges... during harvest he worked long hours and as a result got big checks , it was a comfort to us that we knew we could go school shopping for all six of our kids! . Sorry...I posted all my words at one time. I missread the instructions!

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Colorful, Fresh Bouquet

I also chose to do some color, so here is a fruit 'bouquet' from my sister in law's shower this after noon. The bouquet was made by one of her cousins.

Bridal Bliss

In three weeks, my sister in law is getting married and I took the chance after her bridal shower today to take some portraits for my 'choose your own challenge'.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fresh Decorations

I really tried to get three different ones but the pictures of these flowers are all the ones that turned out. Out at the store I saw these Hibiscus and just had to get the plant to enjoy. Its one of my top 5 flowers and it brings fresh decorations and were freshly in bloom! CC welcomed! more here if you like to see!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Camera strap

I just wanted to pass this on to all of you here. I came across this website today that offers really cute camera strap covers for DSLRs, and they even include a little pocket for the lens cap.

Designs by Jessie

Trying something new...CHALLENGE: 3 FAVS

This is going to be an untraditional week.

Why?'s summer. And people are busy. And people are stressed. And people aren't feeling so inspired. And for whatever other reason, this blog is just dwindling in participation department.

I have really debated just calling it quits with the blog. I wonder how many of you are really enjoying it many of you really look forward to it and feel INSPIRED and CREATIVE.

Lately, I haven't.

And I think that part of that is because we created such a structure with assignments, etc. It's interesting that something so good, can also turn around and be just the opposite. I have found that I take a REALLY great shot and WANT to post it...but it's the day BEFORE a challenge. Or things are stressful and I can't get it posted on time. And somehow that gets me feeling down about my creative abilities.

Does anyone else hear me on this one??

So, the challenge this week...CHOOSE 3 words from the list at the sidebar from previous challenges. Maybe you want to pick a week you missed, or one you didn't feel like you really did your best on.

--Pick a MAXIMUM of 3.

--Keep those words in mind when you are out and about...

--and post up to 3 of them at some point during the next week. Any time. Any day. Whatever accomodates you the most. Take the chance to really FEEL your photographs and make works of art...lets get those creative juices rolling again.

No voting this week. No deadlines. No stress. Just like summer should feel like. :) Though, when the week is over, we might just vote for our favorite 5 shots or something. :)

Let's get some REALLY GREAT SHOTS IN! This is your chance!!!

Hoping everyone is having a really great summer!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Winners: Luck/lucky

Good morning everyone, and welcome to this edition of your voting results!

Tied for first place were Shelby and Susan, with Black cat and Lucky shot, respectively. Coming in second was Jane, with Luck of the dandelion.

Congrats ladies!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Voting: Luck/Lucky

Good morning. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Let's for for two favorites this time, and don't forget shoutouts!

Remember, even if you didn't participate, it doesn't mean you can't vote.

(Also, if you haven't had a chance to comment on the photos yet, please do. I'm as guilty as anyone about it.)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lucky: Rabbit foot

When I was 14, my family moved from Southern California to the Portland, Oregon area. I had a good friend who, until then, I never realized was my best friend. I was always the kid at school who got teased, and I really didn't have friends. She and I knew each other from church (even kids there made fun of me), and our moms were good friends. We met when she was six and I was seven, and we lived a five minute walk away from each other for seven years. It finally occurred to us right before I moved (only days before) that we were actually best friends -- not just that we hung out because of church and our moms. So we wanted to give each other mementos to remember each other by, and we vowed to keep in touch. We wrote letters, and called each other once a year on the other's birthday (long distance was expensive then). Over the years (it's been 14 more years since then), we fell in and out of touch. Thanks to the wonder of the Internet and the addiction called Facebook, we are still actively in touch with each other to this day. This lucky rabbit foot is the token she gave me when I moved. She was really into good luck charms at the time, so this was meaningful to her. It's become meaningful to me. I still have it, and I think of her when I see it.


Break a Leg

I got to see my brother's band play last night for the first time, and the last time... He leaves for his mission on Wednesday. He asked me to get some shots of his band so I got real nervy and pushed all the groupies out of the way, and let me tell you there were TONS of groupies! It was definately a challenge with the lighting but I still got some great shots. Go to for more.

f 5.6
ISO200 (oooops! I think that's part of my problem with the other shots)


Lucky comes with a Price

Though I do live in cali with the Lucky grocery store I didnt get a picture of that. But I do live in right near Ebay headquarters. It is lucky to find something really good at a good price and it is even lucky if you actually win that bid at the last second without getting over bid! This if you cant tell by the logo inside the building is actually PayPal headquarters which is owned by Ebay.

“So Lucky”

I love those Texas Longhorn Cattle but boy.!.
I feel “So Lucky”
to look at them from the other side of the fence