Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's time for a Nap

Today was my family reunion...and at the end of the day, this is what everyone looked like...worn out from the long day and ready to sleep! I wanted to add a tint to it because i wanted it to feel "caught in time" I love photos like that when you want to "freeze" time.
My photos aren't looking as sharp small as they do when you click on it and look at it I saving my photos wrong? any tips...
thanks. CC is Always welcome on any of my posts...that's what I'm here for.
taken with a Nikon D700 , Iso 200, F8 at 50


Most people choose a nice, warm bed to go to sleep in...

Notice I said MOST people. :)
(unfortunately not Kaden)

So happy to have a picture in for this challenge!! Will be making the comment round tomorrow. I have loved what I've seen so far! :)


3rd TIME's a charm

This is one of my girls FINALLY enjoying a waterslide I found at a killer deal on Craigslist. SCORE....or so I thought.

I was beginning to think that this brilliant, fun, super cool "mommy" idea I had was a complete waste of time and money.

The first time we inflated it, it wouldn't even hold the weight of the water. I called the company who maked the slide, and they (to my amazement) rushed out a BRAND NEW, BETTER version of what I bought used.

The second time we inflated it, it held air very well, but the blower burnt out. For the 2nd time, my kids hearts and spirits were broken, and I went from feeling like super cool mom to the worst mom in the world in record time.

I found a replacement blower on ebay for a decent price...and got it today.

The third time we tried to have some fun with this slide...we were sucessful!

Can I just say, I am SO glad. I was about to give up...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Time to Harvest

My inspiration for this photo was Ecclesiastes 3 where it talks about a time to plant and a time to harvest. Obviously this is our harvest. It's the tomatoes and peppers from our garden today in my son's bright orange sand bucket. I photoshopped it a ton so the bucket wasn't so ORANGE! CC always welcome!

... a TIME to every purpose...

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven." -Eccl. 3:1

Childhood is for discovery. Our wide-eyed enthusiasm for life evaporates far too quickly, but it's great to see it in the eyes of a child. Thanks for looking. CC always welcome.

Stop...Muscle Time!

Well it really isnt that great of a shot I can think of lost of CC myself. I did get some better ones but they were of clocks and I wanted to post something different. I think this car is fantastic though Im a fan of muscle cars! '57 split window corvette or the original shelby cobras are my favs. As always more and yes CC hit me with it get down to the nitty gritty.

It's BathTIME...

I had the best time tonight doing family pictures for some good friends of mine...they have an adorable grandaughter named Amora, here she is getting ready for her bath!

It is dinner "Time"

This charming café is in Weatherford , TX

Top of the hill over looking the city.

I didn't mean to confuse anyone, but when I said 'over looking the city' I meant over looking the town. It is not an urbanized city, it is more like a country style downtown. Excuse my French (no pun intended) I am really French :-)

Time: Keeping good time

I loved this challenge. I had a lot of ideas. I didn't execute a lot of them -- I mostly took pictures of clocks, but I had some good clocks. The above clock is in the center court at my local mall. It's a really beautiful clock.

(See my runners-up here.)


Time Out


This is a good one for Rachel because she actually didn't have "Time" to even post the challenge so this is her husband doing the difficult job. I'm not very good at pep talks so have fun and go get 'em team. Photos need to be posted by midnight tomorrow night (NOT TONIGHT--sorry for the mixup). Make sure you are on "TIME" ( Rachel told me to say that).

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Caution... those who do not believe that beauty is fleeting...

(Nikon D70, 50mm, f22, 1/80 sec, ISO 800)

I saw this abandoned Sunflower along side the road today, on my way to my final day of EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatch) training. It looked beautiful this morning, like it had just been picked. Not having enough time to stop right then, I prayed that it would still be there on my return journey and sure enough, nine hours later, there it was. When I got close to it, however, I could see the day's wear and tear on it. Beauty is fleeting...enjoy it while it lasts.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Always Use Caution during water activites

Do you think he's got enough floaties?

Totally lame picture. I know. Baby was not cooperating during photoshoot, and I didn't get a second chance. Forgive me. What I had really hoped to capture was the neighbor kid jumping in the pool, (throwing caution to the wind!) but he was too chicken. Go figure...

CC (and any advice on how to get kids to cooperate would be appreciated!)

Crash and Burn

You better use caution while wake boarding or...................
You may end up like this.
Sorry this is two pictures, but I couldn't get my story board action to work on it. 
It's great to be back!!! Now that the kids are back on school, I hope to become more regular again.

CAUTION....Beware of ..


The family dog hanging out in the bathtub! Our crazy dog loves to lay in the bathtub, we have to drag him out when we want to shower. I am asking for help on this picture, Every picture I took, the bathtub showed up soo white, and you could not tell he was in the bathtub, I tried using no flash, and higher ISO but the picture was to dark and blurry, then I tried different shutter speeds with and without flash.., I kept getting the same result, ultra white tub and no contrast. The highest ISO setting on my camera is 1600, so any suggestion on how to get a good tub picture close up? I had to do some editing so you can actually see that he is in the tub. I am open to all help here! Thanks.
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Caution "Cactus" on sidewalk

Beware, cactus on the sidewalk in Weatherford, TX

Keep Away from Panda

I knew there was a reason the Panda is endangered. I ate it. 4 entrees of orange chicken and two huge sides of chow mein and Im proud to say all with chop sticks! Sorry its lame I know but all my other shots didnt turn out as well as I hoped! See more shots and CC always welcome.
Also if you are a facebooker and need the reminders to do the challenges here you go! Become a fan! Mission 24 Challanges on Facebook

Caution: Broken Hearts Ahead

f2.2 1/250 iso100 50mm

Let the boys be warned: in 15 years and 2 days this girl will be breaking hearts left and right. ;)

I had a fun photo session this evening... more on my photography blog later if you're interested.

Caution! Monkey!

I'm baaaaaaaack (creepy little kid voice)
Sorry, this summer has been nuts (especially now that we've been trying to jam everything we've wanted to do into the last few days!) We went to the Zoo and this little nugget was staring me down.... we were gonna fight, but I decided to exploit him on this challenge instead.

CAUTION, not all monkey's are Curious George... some are Leering Leo's. Back off my grill, Leo!

Caution: Watch your step!

This one was difficult for me. The shot I really wanted didn't turn out so . . .here it is, my living room floor and all of my sons toys on it.

caution...this could end bad.

caught him drinking yogurt with a straw...chunky yogurt too. uncle josh would be proud, more so if he had drank it through the nose! lol.
iso 1000
sp 1/125
f 3.8
nikon d300
lens 18-70

Caution: Toddler living here

Normally I would laugh about this on its own, but not today. My Wednesday has a Monday complex. I woke up this morning to find my daughter's poopy diaper in the crib next to her, with most of its contents smeared on Donald Duck. Later, while I was preparing her lunch, I found her sitting on the floor in the doorway to the pantry, with half a box of baking soda around her. So I put her in her high chair while I finished making lunch. Then I ate mine, then I got the camera, and finally the vacuum cleaner. I took pictures in the hope that maybe later I'll laugh about it. (And I have no doubt that I will. Later.) But here's the bigger problem: things happen in threes, right? So...poopy diaper, baking soda, what's next? She'll probably yank on the cat's tail while I'm not paying attention and get her dues from him. Oh yes, we're babysitting a cat for a month. My daughter likes to pull his ears and tail.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Attention Mission 24 participants...

For this challenge, you will need to proceed with CAUTION...

As per the new rules, you have until midnight tomorrow night. (Wednesday)

PLEASE remember to leave comments. If you are OPEN TO FEEDBACK or comments about improving your shot, please label your picture with CC.

LEAVE COMMENTS for others, and they will leave comments for you. :) That's how we make this Mission 24 world go round. Let's pick this blog up off the ground and see it take off again!

It's good to be back!
:) - Rachel

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hi--it's me. :) New rules...

Hey everyone.

I am back. Hopefully back for good now.

I am sorry it's been a rough summer. I could excuse my life away, but it doesn't take away from the fact that things have been really down here..and down out there too with many of you. I am aware. And it breaks my heart. I wish things could be better for an instant.

But, we're here to talk about this blog. So let's all take a deep breath and start over fresh, deal?

Over the past few weeks I have been trying and trying to figure out how to make this blog good for everyone. I have listened to suggestions (some that I found quite hurtful), reworked things, shuffled here and there...and still, no matter what I did, there was STILL someone who wasn't happy.

I have come to the conclusion that ultimately, this is my blog. This is my know? And if I can't make everyone happy, I should at least make myself happy.


Yes, new rules.

We're going back to the roots of this challenge.

24 HOURS. You take the picture. You post. You leave comments for people. You encourage and help each other to be better photographers. You feel inspired.

That's what this blog was supposed to be about.

And busy or not, I feel like we need to stay true to the integrity of this blog. Get your mission, submit your picture by the next day.


Another change?

We are going to stop voting.

I know this will probably ruffle a lot of feathers...I understand that. It is something I have debated over for months now. And ultimately I think that it will be good to put it to rest.

WHY???? I know you are probably dying to know the answer to that one.

Here's my logic.

I have seen a pattern lately where comments on pictures are so scarce, and then all of a sudden when it comes to voting, people pop in and leave their opinions. I am always so surprised because it seems to me that those thoughts and comments would be really helpful if applied to their actual post. I cannot tell you how many people have said how much they WANTED to receive HELP with their photography...CC... ya know? But yet they often hear nothing from anyone.

And that's where I think we need to get back to.
--HELPING each other improve
--ENCOURAGING through words and comments
--GETTING TO KNOW each other by making others posts matter to US.

That's it. That's how I see it. And that's how I think it should be right now.

I am SO glad to have so many wonderful people be a part of this blog. I really hope I can refocus my attentions to meeting each of you and learning something from you. I know, no matter what our level of photography, that we each do have something to share.

Be ready for a new's coming tomorrow...just a heads up. :)

Winners: COOL

Welcome to the last edition of voting results. Sorry I didn't these posted earlier -- my power went out at 3:00 yesterday afternoon in a thunderstorm, and just came back on about an hour ago. I debated posting results at all after the change in voting status, but I figure since you voted, I'll tally.

There was a three-way tie between Felicia, Lauren, and Valerie, with Cool experience, the splash park, and Otter pops, respectively. Welcome to the two newcomers, and way to jump right in!!

Voting: COOL

Let's go ahead and vote again for this challenge. Vote for your two favorites, and don't forget shout outs!

Please post your votes by midnight tonight!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Otter Pops

This is my 2 year old son's favorite way to cool off this summer. Every night my son and my husband sit on the front porch and eat one (or two).

CC please! I burned the corners in ps. I'm so excited for this blog. My husband has been doing photography for a while and I'm his assistant on weddings but was looking for a fun creative way to start practicing and getting better - This is definitely it!

This is my 2 year old s

It's Such a Pretty Ship

In the words of the coolest pirate ever from one of the coolest movies ever "It's such a pretty ship". Apparently when I took this picture the rum was gone cus it aint very good. I liked the ship and it was taken very far off hence the bit of a blur. It is the first picture of something really really far off I have attempted at getting so in that respect it isnt too bad.
CC definately needed. Remember i just have a point and shoot, though SLR tips are great too since I do hope to get one.

Cool: A great way to cool off

On our way home from camping on Saturday morning, my husband and I stopped at Dairy Queen to grab a couple of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie Blizzards. It was a great way to cool off (though with today's humidity, I could have used it today instead of yesterday).