Sunday, August 9, 2009

Otter Pops

This is my 2 year old son's favorite way to cool off this summer. Every night my son and my husband sit on the front porch and eat one (or two).

CC please! I burned the corners in ps. I'm so excited for this blog. My husband has been doing photography for a while and I'm his assistant on weddings but was looking for a fun creative way to start practicing and getting better - This is definitely it!

This is my 2 year old s


Breezi said...

Yay Val!! I'm so glad that you joined the blog!!!!

Great picture, good color :)

Blake said...

love the blur and the great frost on it! Excellent!!!

Welcome to the blog!

Shelby said...

Great cool colors! Like the angle of your shot.

and Hello!

Valerie Harris said...

Thanks for the comments - it was hard to choose which picture because there we the ones I took first that weren't as icy - but I decided the ice was cooler

hotmama03 said...

you got some great color, the frost on them is perfect. way to go.

Lauren said...

this was really "cool!"