Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's Such a Pretty Ship

In the words of the coolest pirate ever from one of the coolest movies ever "It's such a pretty ship". Apparently when I took this picture the rum was gone cus it aint very good. I liked the ship and it was taken very far off hence the bit of a blur. It is the first picture of something really really far off I have attempted at getting so in that respect it isnt too bad.
CC definately needed. Remember i just have a point and shoot, though SLR tips are great too since I do hope to get one.


Janelle said...

It's definitely a pretty boat. :)

I have a point-and-shoot also. When I discovered the micro setting (for get good detail), I also discovered the "infinity" setting, which is the opposite. It sets the focus on far away objects. See if your camera has an infinity setting.

While the photo is a little blurry, and not necessarily the greatest, the subject is really awesome. I love the framing and the coloring and the boat itself.

Blake said...

Janelle, Thank you I totally forgot about the infinity setting! What a dum dum LOL!! Im gonna try that next time. I just never ever have used it in the past so I will make sure to do it next time!

Shelby said...

I like it, I have got a lot of excellent pics w/ my point n shoot, thou Im now using my Olympus. You did a faraway pic once, the Golden gate bridge, remember? lol

hotmama03 said...

i love my point and shoot. this is a great take with it.
I just got my slr and sometimes go back to the ole point and shoot. My son loves the kodak one, he is getting involved with me. He might start posting one here :)
I love the color and highlights great job.