Friday, October 23, 2009

Tiny Piggies and Hands...

Our sons were born prematurely and I just remember how little they were...these pictures were taken a couple of months after our second son came home from the NICU.

Hi, I'm Skye :)

Howdy, ya'll. I'm Skye, from central NC.
I've been lurking here for a while, and finally decided to stop drooling over everyone's pictures & join!
Bio: I've been married to Chad since August 2001, and we have two little girls. They definitely keep me on my toes.
I have had a camera affixed to my face since my first daughter was born in 2003 - and my passion has just grown. I am very forgetful, so I joke that my pictures are the only way for me to remember what actually happened ;)
I'm a Work-At-Home-Mom, with a custom photo card, web design, and photography business.

Fave Subjects: I love to take pictures of kids -- and I like unposed shots; I find they best describe the kiddo's nature. It makes my body hurt when I take pictures of newborns. Seriously. I love them so much; and they are by far my favorite subject.
I also love weddings. Wedding days are full or little details and I love trying to capture the whole picture for the couple.

Camera: Canon 40D & Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ8.

And here are my favorite 3 pictures, which were all taken with my old camera.

I look forward to growing in photography knowledge with all of you! I love comments, good or bad ;)
Stop by our family blog if you'd like to learn more about us.

Wedding Posted!

Well guys, my official wedding gig has come and gone and I would LOVE your feedback. I have a few pictures loaded onto my blog and more on photobucket HERE !

Oh, my blog is PLEASE come and visit. I'm really excited to share. (I only have 627 more photos to sift through, edit, etc... so there's more to come-LOL!)


Challenge: Fear or Scare

So many people love the idea of fear. Rollercoasters are designed to scare the pants of you. It plays off your fear. With Halloween coming up show us what you think of Fear or Scare. Varations of the words like scared, scary, fearful, etc are totally fine!

Let's remember to keep it legal people. I know how your creative minds work and with a "darkside" word such as this you can become over night criminals! :0)

Since everyone love scary stuff I will give you a whole week for this! Get these photos in by Sunday October 25th by 11:59PM PST!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Comment Challenge

I am foregoing the challenge for the rest of the week in order to give everyone a chance to comment on the last 2 challenges. There are quite sparse comments so please fill in where you can without the having the challenge! Lets give everyone some praise!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Centrifical Force

Not the greatest picture but it captures the active spirit of this child and perhaps most all children! Makes me dizzy if I stare at it long enough! CC always welcomed.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kid at Heart

There's just something fun and exciting when Gramma climbs on the trampoline with her girls.

CC welcome!


Hurray, I finally posted for a challenge! Anyway, I took this of my little girl and was struck by how incredibly tiny she still is in the big ol' world. Now, if only I could get her to realize that ;).


Just SMILE would ya!

You know, kids are darn cute but they tend to kinda do thier own thing sometimes and no matter what you do they just will NOT cooperate.
I got to shoot my first paid wedding gig on Saturday and it was such a blast! I just thought these kids were hilarious. The only pictures I was ever able to get of them smiling was when they didn't know I was taking pictures. I still think this was my favorite one though. I just love the look on the little boy's face. "Get me outta here!"
I know this is a bit out of the challenge period. I didn't realize I had till Sunday and when I got home Saturday I was WAY too pooped to post. So, this was officially taken as a "SMILE" challenge but it kinda fits as a "child" one too. I hope you can all understand. I would still LOVE your imput.

SOOC!!!! (Hooray)
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Childs Play

My daughter got married this weekend in Hawaii so my husband and I were fortunate to go over for the wedding, this little girl is one of my favorite little people ( and her sister) , she is my grandaughter and I love love love taking her picture. So I missed the smile challenge but she does have a sweet smile too. ( playing in the sand on the beach in Maui)
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Our sweet smiling boy...

Smiling Jacob...

Challenge: Child

Got a easy one if you can just get them to hold still. That is to say a child or children. It could be something childish even lets just see what child means to you all! So many things you can do with this from actions, to objects, people, memories, etc. The list is endless! Let's see it!

Given the holiday coming up this might be quite easy! Let's set the deadline as Thursday October 22th at 11:59PM PST!

*another great word chosen by Melinda - Thanks!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Small Smile

This is our neighbor Amough!  His family is from India and has been here 5 years now.  It is their festival of lights and so there are tons of lights around that makes me smile but he is a cute little boy as well though he himself doesnt smile a lot till you get to know him!

Experimented with flash trying to be far enough away to not wash out the subject.  Worked pretty well but the resolution isnt the quality I want.  Oh well practice makes perfect.  CC welcomed!

Smile: Still smiling

Recognizing that this is not a stellar picture, I still really like it, for a couple of reasons. If you look closely, you can see a pretty yucky scratch coming straight down from my daughter's right eye. I clocked her pretty badly yesterday morning. She had her finger stuck in something, and in my rush to help her free herself, I accidentally scratched her face with my ring. After that. she wanted Daddy to comfort her, not me. Yet later that afternoon, she was still smiling for me. She'd forgiven me. The other reason I like it is because after not taking hardly any pictures of her in the last two months, she still recognizes a camera, and still smiles for it. She poses and looks happy and makes me smile.


Kiss: Rain-kissed Autumn

I took this picture during the "kiss" time frame, but had too much going on, so Blake said I could still post it.

I stepped out my back door to go somewhere, and saw this single bright red leaf next to a green spot of weeds poking up through my bricks. It needed its picture taken. If you click the picture to enlarge it, you'll be able to see the fresh raindrops barely kissing the leaf.


Smile? Not Gonna Happen

In and of itself, this picture is unremarkable, I know. However, I'm proud of it because I always, ALWAYS have been taking my pictures on the same setting, in natural light with no flash. This one was on my ISO setting in a dark room, using flash and still turned out cute.