Sunday, October 18, 2009

Smile: Still smiling

Recognizing that this is not a stellar picture, I still really like it, for a couple of reasons. If you look closely, you can see a pretty yucky scratch coming straight down from my daughter's right eye. I clocked her pretty badly yesterday morning. She had her finger stuck in something, and in my rush to help her free herself, I accidentally scratched her face with my ring. After that. she wanted Daddy to comfort her, not me. Yet later that afternoon, she was still smiling for me. She'd forgiven me. The other reason I like it is because after not taking hardly any pictures of her in the last two months, she still recognizes a camera, and still smiles for it. She poses and looks happy and makes me smile.


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B-Blogit said...

It is great how they forgive at least fairly quickly and dont hold grudges! What a cute little kid. I think it is a great picture!