Saturday, January 17, 2009


Hi everyone, this year I want to be a better mommy! I have two sweet kids and I want to be happier and just better, Ok I want to be a love and logic mom to! That's my goal!!
This is going to be fun!

Can I just say??

Can I just say that this blog makes me absolutely SO happy...

I happen to be lucky enough to know a lot of really amazing people...and it makes me SOOO happy to know all of you AMAZING people are getting to know each other now. And I don't know...that just makes my heart smile.

So thank you for all joining in...good times ahead!


I have two great passions in my life besides my family and my church, they are music and photography. My husband bought me a violin about 13 years ago and I taught myself how to play it. Since I already knew how to read music it was quite easy for me to learn the violin.
However I did take a years worth of lessons to learn the art of bowing and the correct way to hold the violin. I am now part of a string ensemble with some girls from my church which has been my resolution for this year is to become a better violinst and challange myslelf to learn difficult pieces and not be so afraid to play for a crowd. P.S. My name is Teri but for some reason "Cunninghams" is what is showing up. I think this site is wonderful and it is so nice to see all of your beautiful pictures.


First off I'll give you all a introduction to myself, since I really only know a few of you. I'm LeAnn and I have four beautiful children and one amazing husband. I'm just starting off in this photography stuff, so please bare with me and my new hobby.(I'm just happy that I figured out my timer and my tripod!!) I also enjoy digital scrap booking and running.

Now on to my resolution, I have many resolutions this year, in fact I think every year my list grows!! The thing that inspired me the most with this particular resolution is this quote my friend had on her blog,

" I wish I had treasured a little more and the getting it done a little less." Anna Quindlen

So for my resolution I'm going to try and spend more quantity time with my family, as a family and individually. I don't know how many times a day I say, just a minute to a child at my legs, wanting to play a game, read a book or simply just wants a drink or snack. So from now on it's not just a minute, it's right now. My house may look like a disaster zone, but I know that I will have treasured more!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009


This was definitely a trial run...and a terrible one at that. :)
I want to resolve to be happy with get to a point where I can feel truly happy with who I am and where I am going in life.

Resolution: Organization

Hey everyone! My name is Janelle. I'm excited to be participating in this. I think it will be fun.

This is my living room at the moment. Yes that a Christmas tree. Still. (Don't worry, it's fake...not too bad of a fire hazard). Yes, that's a television under the card table. It's broken, but it's too big to fit in my car to haul away, and my town doesn't allow the leave-it-on-the-curb thing.

Anyway, to my point. My first child was born this year, so I'm still a relatively new stay-at-home-mom. I've never been a neat freak. This is a new low, however. It looks like Christmas and vacation threw up all over my living room. I don't really "do" resolutions, but it is definitely a goal of mine to become a better homemaker this year.

Resolution: Measuring Up (or DOWN, as I am hoping for)

Obviously, fitness and health is a big one this year. It is no different for me.

I have a weight and waist measurement that I feel I need to get back to before getting pregnant again, so I need to get started. I feel like if I don't make a lifestyle change now, after my second child, then it will be that much harder to do with subsequent children.

So, this is a picture of my tape measure. Used for tracking progress of the waistline. In the picture is my current waist size, as well as my ideal (plus a bunch of other numbers), and no, I'm not going to say which is which.

Not super artistic; it's a good thing I have this blog to practice!


Like many others, my resolution this year involves being more healthy. I recently lost weight but have gained some of it back. So I'm starting fresh, eating healthier, and working on losing weight again! My goal is to eat right and move more for a healthier, happier me.


I've resolved to treat myself a little better- and do things just for me.
Even if that means I have to get up really early.

Resolution in Self-Portrait

I am determined to become a better photographer this year, so I took a picture of me and my camera (that my wonderful, amazing and sexy husband gave me for Christmas). I've already signed up for a photography class at the local tech college, and I have a seminar that is specifically on my camera that I'll be going to in a week. I'm excited to learn from all of you, too, and be inspired by your photographs!


Looking at things from a Different Perspective. Mission 24 is perfect for a "non-original, push-to-be-creative, razzle-less, dazzle-less Photographer" like me... I'm a total rookie, but welcome the Challenge!


I love to read. Unfortunately I don't always alot time to my scripture reading like I should. That's what I've been working on. Setting the books I LIKE to read to read the books I SHOULD. Not that reading them is a chore, just that I find myself frequently falling back on novels or easy-reads, instead of spiritually fulfilling and full of knowledge.

MISSION 24 photo challenge

The goal of this group/blog is to really challenge yourself to think outside the box and get creative with your photography! Here is your mission, if you choose to accept it. Approximately once a week, an assignment will be given. Say, “patterns” or “purple” or “minutia” or “signage” or "action", etc. Group members will then have 24 hours from the time of the assignment to take new pictures that interpret that assignment and post their picture for us all to see. Again, this is YOUR interpretation of the creative!

How to get the most out of this group:
1) Move past the literal. Take risks and don't be afraid to do something wacky.
2) Under your submitted photo, tell us why that picture made the cut. Why did you take it? What inspired you?
3) LEAVE COMMENTS!! It is fun to join in and let others know what we love about a picture.

On each post, title your picture (even just by using the category name for the week) but please be sure to put a LABEL ON IT with the category name so we can keep track over the year. If you aren't sure how to put a label, please contact me!! :)

Also, if you would like to be added to this group, leave a comment with your email address and I will add you!