Saturday, February 21, 2009

personal reflection

I decided to make my post a small reflection of my life. From a small baby being kissed by my older brother, a child unaware of the world around me, a youth trying to find my way (obviously!), finding my soul mate, and then my ultimate dream of motherhood.

Reflection, Felicia

I took a whole bunch of pictures of my little boy playing in the mirror but he got it all dirty with his mouth and finger prints before I could get any great pictures. So I went to water my plant that has grown all twisted and big that the roots don't even fit in the pot very well. The water takes forever to soak in and so I took a picture of the reflection in the water. Not super original but an ok picture I think.

Reflection...Grand and Small

Yes, two again. These were just so different, and I loved them both, so I couldn't decide. Again. We went to Dinosaur National Monument today, and I knew I'd be able to get some great reflection pictures at Split Mountain... what I didn't know is that I'd also get some awesome reflections in a puddle. Yes, the second picture is in a puddle in the road.

CHALLENGE: Reflection

I am busy, busy today so this challenge blurp with be short! :)

I was talking with my sister-in-law this morning and realized I had to post this challenge still. So I put her on the spot and had her choose a word. The word she chose was REFLECTION.

So, get those thinking caps (and cameras) out and let's see what you've got!

Challenge ends at midnight on Sunday!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Late again....

Late. That is me. Ever since I had kids I am late to everything! Late to church, late to school, late to work, late for my patience to arrive, I'm now a late night owl, late to clean, heck... even late to post! ...... I never seem to be on top of it anymore! It's driving me nuts.
Someday they will invent something for me to be early.

I am always late to put dinner on too. It seems like I wait until the last minute to start dinner and feed the family. It is a guarantee that there will be at least 3 melt downs by children before dinner is completed. Today I am at least doing some of the prep work for my fajitas before it's too late to start. Hope that effort pays off :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mixed Up topics for Late

For some reason I was thinking all day that Lost was the topic. I have memory issues since I started having seizures so excuse my brain! So here is both Lost and Late.
We drove to the coast with just the city name we needed to go to and followed signs the rest of the way no map. I was thinking that would get me lost and inspire some kind of picture.
We ended up at the Santa Cruz boardwalk and beach. The kids just loved it which gave me tons of pictures. I have been thinking about tv and movies lately so here is my version of Lost, Cast Away and Survivor I guess.
For the actual assignment of Late I will do the same thing from the beach. My kids have never been to the ocean before so it was a thrill for us. My son is a little daredevil. We got his pants rolled up and his shoes and socks off and he just ran right for the water. It was fun and great till a big wave came and came up the shore further than he expected. I think the fast rushing water made him lose his equilibrium. I ran as soon as I saw the tide but I was too late, he fell. Oddly enough one experience isnt enough for my son so here is the second attempt and this time I wasnt late!

Late Night Ritual

Alright, so ever since I bought my little girl the book "Fancy Nancy" (Best little girl books in the world!) and the new Tinkerbell movie, she is OBSESSED with being one or the other. (I had a friend of mine make her this cute little skirt.) So every night, (And it is usually late by the time I am done working and can spend time with her) she asks to either read Fancy Nancy, or watch Tinkerbell. And as if it isn't late enough when those things are done, afterwards she HAS to dress up like the Character. Tonight it was Fancy Nancy. So I asked her if she'd let me take pictures of her since I was dressing her up. She agreed...kind of. She found it rather restricting to not be able to "Fly around" how she wanted to. I said "Pose for me" and this is the pose I got...and then she was off flying. And this dear child of mine is STILL awake wanting to play and it's 10:30 at night. Thus the reason we call it the "late night ritual"
CC always welcome

Better Late....than Never

A year ago next month, my Grandma Martin passed away. As my parents and other aunt and uncles were cleaning out her home, they came across something that they didn't even know existed. She had been keeping a journal of her life. They had no idea that she had been doing this for them. They went and had copies made for themselves, and all of her grandchildren. It has been so fun to read everything she had kept for so long. I decided that as a parent, that my wife and I should keep a journal as well, so that our posterity, after we are long gone, then they will know what our lives were like. I thought that getting my Grandmothers journal was the neatest thing. So, I guess it really is better late than never to start something that will last from generation to generation.

Late: Real time

Actual time on the clock on my computer.

It's Late

It's late, Hubby's in bed, and where am I?

Taking pictures.

Definitely not my best picture, but I figured it was better to go ahead and post this than to be "late" and not post something until after the deadline. :-)

CC if you want.

My Late Valentine Surprise

My hubby had to work on Valentine's day, so I thought we were keeping it pretty low-key this year... besides, he had already taken me out on a date earlier that week. Boy was I wrong! Todd kidnapped me and took me on a day trip to Jackson Hole for a late Valentine. A whole day with my man (and without my kids)! It was amazing! Good music, good food, and a sleigh ride through the National Elk Reserve. The sky was so blue and it was nice and crisp, but not too cold! A perfect day!
So this picture doesn't actually have anything to do with late, but it was the best one I took today, and I didn't want to be late on the Late Challenge... lame! : )

Late Night Reading

Lately, I've been having a hard time stopping when I'm reading a good book. So, the other night (while my husband slept beside me), I stayed up until 1:00am lounged against my pillow, a flashlight in hand, reading this novel late into the night. (I chose this picture because I liked the angle and light.) CC

Late for School

This is what our son woke up to this morning, a flat needless to say he was Late for school. He and his dad got out and fixed it so all is good. Man this was a tough topic but the pictures have been amazing!

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Close Call

I really wanted to take this photo at the store... but I never did get there, so I played around with it in my bathroom. When I saw what the newest mission was, this popped into my head immediately. It also made me think of Mindy's Love in the Morning photo... what great inspiration!

When I was experimenting, I played with different depths of field and different angles and with the flash a little bit. My hubby kept insisting I use a tripod, but I was too lazy to get it out. CC.

Self Portrait

Hi, my name is Jessica Berg!  I'm fairly new to the Mission 24 blog.  My family and I are avid outdoor adventurists.  Some of our hobbies include fly fishing, hiking, winter mountaineering, rock climbing, running, and traveling to name a few.  We are nestled just south of Nampa, Idaho in the beautiful Treasure Valley.
I apologize for my "tardiness"!  Cold season has definitely set in at our household.  I've been busy taking care of my husband and son.  They are now on the mend and I am thrilled to start this new challenge.
I consider myself an amateur photographer.  I've been taking photos of anything and everything for 5 years now.   My in-laws bought me a new Canon EOS 30D for Christmas and I'm starting to test the waters.  I'm looking forward to the up and coming photo challenges to bring out the creativity within me.
:)  Jess

Always late

I'm late in posting.
I'm late like one of the pictures below.
I'm late in finishing this baby quilt.

I really need to work on this!



No.. I'm not pregnant! Just to clear it up. Now I'm sure a lot of people thought of this when they heard the word late, I just wanted to post the obvious! So this is for all you ladies out there, who worry about being "late"! Now, you can look at this two ways, it could be a good thing or a bad thing. For me it was a good thing, but right now I think it would be a bad thing! Ok... I changed the background to B&W in Photoshop (I guess I can't do without it after all) I really wanted to make just a few of the bright colors in the picture pop. The color one was nice but there was a lot in this picture and I wanted to make them all kind of go together, well and I like B&W. So here it is, my version of "late".

Tick Tock... Don't Be Late

I know, I'm totally cheating... first of all, I picked the obvious thing to take a picture of, but I love my clock, and what better word to stick it with? Secondly, I put two pictures on. I can NOT decide... I like the feel of the first one and the lines of the second. So, deal with it. Scroll faster if you don't want to look at two. ;)
I always forget to put CC at the bottom of my posts, but I'm always open to suggestion... so if you see one of my posts without CC, just know I'm ready for the criticism any time... bring it on! :)
For Charlotte, and whoever else cares: first picture: f4.5, 1/13, ISO 200, focal length 38mm, no flash; second picture: f5.3, 1/6, ISO 200, 62mm, no flash

Up Early...Out Late

Here is a picture of the moon this morning, it is 6:55a CST. I am up early and off to work, and the moon is out late. I will probably also be late this morning to work. Oh well...hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Late Night Treat

This is my late night treat. I call it the diet Killer. Home made cookies and my favorite ice cream. I'm telling you this is the BEST treat ever. It's culver's "campfire smores". Chocolate ice cream with ribbons of marshmallow cream, slivers of chocolate and grahm cracker nuggets. That's the key ingredient. Not just chunks, perfect little nuggets that blend in with everything to make the perfect ice cream treat. Now- add the warm cozy blanket and it's heaven.


A Late Valentine

My darling husband doesn't really believe in Valentine's Day. He feels that, since he's obligated to show affection, it makes it so he wants to less. However, we always do something nice around Valentine's. Today, a total surprise to me, a knock at the door. (Here's my other 'late'...I was still in pj's; in fact, I still am now.) A delivery man handed me this basket of flowers and wished me a good day. From my husband, with love.
Truth be told, I didn't try very hard on this photo. I took a couple different angles, but I'm a little under the weather, so this is what I could get out. At least I wasn't late getting it on here! ;)

Felicia, Late

Daddy's Late
Today was discovery time at the library and this is Allston waiting for his daddy to get home from work. He was late and didn't make it home in time to go, but we took him to the zoo this afternoon to make up for it.
I like the washed out look even if it's not technicaly good.

Self Portrait

My name is Felicia and this is my self portrait that my dad helped me take. My parents are professional photographers and a little of their love for taking pictures rubbed off on me. I have been married almost three years and have a son named Allston who turns 2 in fifteen days. I am a cosmetologist and cut and color hair part time. I love reading and playing the violin I am really excited about this new blog and hope to come up with some cool pictures.

Challenge: Late

I am pretty excited about this challenge word today....


Lots of meanings...and I am pretty excited to see what everyone comes up with!

There are lots of newcomers, so WELCOME!! If you are new and haven't done your self-portrait and intro yet, PLEASE DO!!! I know I would love to meet everyone!!

As always, pictures in by midnight on Thursday!!! :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Self Portrait & Intro

Hi everyone! I am new to the blog and excited to be here! Photography is a passion of mine and I never could figure out why my pics were all out of focus...until I got new glasses. Hee hee. Now I have a new camera, new glasses and am ready to take some good pics. I'm still learning.

My 2 1/2 yr old helped me take this self portrait. This is probably the best one she took. I have a lot of pictures of my stomach, my head cut off and the walls next to me but we finally got one and I gotta love her. It was so much fun!

I am a Momma (Abi 2 1/2 yrs old and one on the way) & dental assistant. I love to sew, read, ride my 3-wheeler and I love lemons. My hubby is an electrician, EMT-I, Fireman and awesome guy!

I look forward to stepping outside of my box and take new pics for the topics each week.


Ivy M

a library success

hey everybody...i'm janine...sorry it's taken me so long to get with the program. so i guess just getting myself in gear is success. however, i would like my this picture to symbolize success as my son and libraries do not exactly mingle well. and here he is behaving himself and actually enjoying it. success.

Self Portrait

I have only done a few posts and most of you probably dont know me so putting a face with a name might help. My wife took this picture but I set it up.
Im sort of...corky... I guess is a good way to explain it. I hate many movies people like because im to critical, yet at the same time I love Clue and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I like proper dress like Regis Fillman but at the same time I love t-shirt and my holey jeans. I love cultures, cultural food. Ever since I was little I used to watch old Kung Fu movies on tv and who can forget the Karate Kid. Well I have always wanted one of those chinese hats.

So here is my self portrait of my corkiness!

My Self-Portrait

Hi!! My name is Jackie Tew, and I'm SO stoked about the Mission 24 challenge."I love a good challenge". I am a mother of two, and am a full-time college student at the moment. I would consider myself an amateur photographer, Ive been taking pics now for about 3 or 4 years. I take pics of anything, and often things that most people wouldn't. Nice to meet you all!

Love in the Morning

I've been out of town, so I did this assignment late... sorry! :) I wanted to take a picture that would need no explanation, and I am NOT explaining this one anyway. ;)

Monday, February 16, 2009

My boys

These two are the love of my life. Some how they look so much sweeter when they are sleeping!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

love; the gift of life

I didn't have a chance to take a new picture, because it was my anniverary this week and I've been spending time with my husband. But here is my very favorite "emblem of love" I think pregnancy is the best love there is...the gift of life, the miracle of birth, the love of a mother for a child, and the love between man and wife that create a child.

I took this picture about a month or so ago for my photo class, with a film Nikon N64 camera, studio lighting, black and white film. This is a scanned photo, so you don't get the "BEST" quality view of it, but you get the idea.

Love Letter

Every single year that we've been together, Alan has written me a poem for Valentine's Day. He also spoils me rotten... but that's another story. These poems mean so much to me. I know he puts a lot of effort and love into each one. They always rhyme and they're always incredibly sweet. This year's offering was no different. This is absolutely my favorite and most cherished gift. I am so grateful for my husband and what he does for our family.

I'm working on filling the whole frame of the photo. I placed the letter on a desk and shone a lamp right on it. I like the shadows too. If my camera had manual settings, I would have played around more with the depth of field so that the edges were more blurry. CC

Love and Success

True to form, I am late posting the first challenge of the week. Better late than never right?

There was so much going on this week(end) that it was difficult to put the time in necessary to photograph such important topics. So the pictures aren't great, but the meaning behind them is. For me, the best part of these challenges was that it really made me think about how lucky I am.

SUCCESS: The View from My Front Porch
Mountains are regularly used to symbolize sucess, but this particular mountain (Mt. Olympus) has special significance to me. This is the mountain I see while Rod and I swing on our frount porch on warm summer evening, when I drive home every night, and each morning when I take my dog for a walk. I am especially proud of my house because I bought it myself two weeks after I graduated from law school. I was dating Rod at the time, but I bought it myself. I paid for it for two years with my salary from the job (an associate at Parr Waddoups) that I fought so hard to get, a job at which I have been very successful. Now, it is the first house of our (Rod and my) marriage, which I know will be successful. And even though it was my first house, Rod and I love it so much (in part because of this view) that it is the house that we plan to raise our family in. Hopefully, we will be successful at that too.

LOVE: Our Promise

Rod is the best husband! As a little girl, writing a list of all the qualities I wanted my future husband to have, I never in a million years would have come up with someone like Rod. I just didn't believe that men like him existed. He's gorgeous, smart, ambitious, funny (he makes me laugh every day), successful, sexy. He loves to cook and doesn't mind doing dishes or cleaning. We are truly partners in every aspect of our lives. He's unbelievable! But the most unbelievable part is that when I tell him that I'm the luckiest girl in the whole world, he tells me he's the lucky one. :) Before our wedding, we had our rings engraved. After the ceremony, in between taking pictures and joining the reception already underway, Rod and I slipped off our rings to see what the other had written. Much to our amusement, we both had the same sentiment inscribed: "I love you more". I can't wait to spend the rest of our lives trying to love each other more.

Max the Moose

My mother (aka Grammy) purchased this moose from Kohl's as a Christmas present for Emily. She is so in love with him and he goes everywhere with her including both babysitter's, Wal-Mart, and our trips to Texas; you name it he is always there.

No Greater Love

Today I taught my first Gospel Principals class. It was about praying to our Heavenly Father. As I was searching for something to take a picture of (love is your hubby doing the dishes..etc...) I realized that the greatest of all love is the love that our Heavenly Father has for each of us. I am thankful that our Heavenly Father is there for us anytime we need him, we have an open line of communication with him 24/7. All we have to do is pray.
I am thankful for the love that my Heavenly Father has for me.
There will never be a greater love than that.

Love and Flowers

These are my wedding rings and some flowers my husband brought home for me yesterday. I wanted the rings to be in focus with the flowers slightly blurred so that the rings would be the main focus but I didn't want to lose the spots that added so much neat contrast and texture to the flowers. I tried all different angles but I'm still not completely sold on this one. (It probably would have helped if I had cleaned my rings first right?) Any ideas?


Love Ya, Sis!

Since I did a "Lovey Hubby" for my last post, I thought I would use this challenge to show the love my girls have for each other. They really are the best little friends, and nothing could fill my heart with more love than seeing how much my girls love each other. My best friend is my sister, and I know what a special love it is!
Time was short for this mini photo shoot, I was hoping for a really crisp white background with the snow, but you can tell the sun was just too bright. I really softened and toned down the colors here -- I'm hoping it doesn't look too washed out. My only other option was going b/w, but I loved the soft pink. Any ideas?


These are the balloons I got for my husband yesterday, and they indicated the SURPRISE date I took him on. The date was great, by the way.

The other reason I chose to post balloons is that I have always dreamed of getting balloons as a suprise for...whatever. In high school I wanted just ONE balloon for SOMETHING JUST FOR ME. (Like, I got some for Basketball, but I wanted one for my birthday. Not sure if that makes sense.) I never got any. Anyway, this is one I way I see giving love.


Hearts and Flowers

I love getting flowers. I love buying myself flowers. I just love fresh flowers. I haven't been able to justify buying flowers since my husband started law school but yesterday he and our boys brought some to me at work. I also LOVE my boys.


What is love? That is a question that I think lingers in the minds of most people. Two weeks ago, on February 5th, my wife and I got to attend the wedding of my little brother in the Idaho Falls Temple. To me...that is one of the meanings or defintions of love. Here, these two wonderful young people are taking what they feel in their hearts and combining it into one, to make a life together. It was a great day. (Even to watch my brother, get very embarrassed by trying to get the garter off!!) We are so happy for them and the things that are in store for them. As you can tell....Mason got pretty tuckered out by the end of the day.