Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love Ya, Sis!

Since I did a "Lovey Hubby" for my last post, I thought I would use this challenge to show the love my girls have for each other. They really are the best little friends, and nothing could fill my heart with more love than seeing how much my girls love each other. My best friend is my sister, and I know what a special love it is!
Time was short for this mini photo shoot, I was hoping for a really crisp white background with the snow, but you can tell the sun was just too bright. I really softened and toned down the colors here -- I'm hoping it doesn't look too washed out. My only other option was going b/w, but I loved the soft pink. Any ideas?


AprilF said...

Very sweet! I like that you have them looking at each other- and not at the camera. It looks a little hazy- not sure if that's from the processing or the shot. I think if you're going to do that type of softening you should do it to each item separately (if you have the program).

Candace said...

This is so sweet of your girls. I want my Emma to have a sister so bad!
I love the softening effect you put on the picture. I hate losing colors too. One option, if you sometimes want to have some color with black and white is to use the lasso tool in your software and select certain parts of the picture to leave color. That's just one idea.
Your girls look so perfect (every hair in place)and beautiful! :)

zealygirl said...

I think this would look phenomenal as a silhouette. Ahhh, precious!

Charlotte said...

I think it does look a little washed out. What program did you use for processing? If you can decrease the saturation without affecting the contrast (or separately increase the contrast) you can soften the colors without loosing the intensity of the subject itself... if that makes any sense.

Shanda Call said...

Do you have a "Sun flare" for your camera? It blocks the sun from causing the hazy view to your picture. What you may have been able to do is meter the girls...(Do you know how to meter with your camera?) The sun on the snow can create this effect sometimes, so if you walk up close to your subject, and meter their skin color, then take your picture at the settings you meter at, then your subjects should stand out better. I use a spot meter, but you can use the one on your camera too. I think that would help.

Rachel H. said...

this is precious!!!