Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love: A Hand to Hold

(Canon Powershot S5IS, f 2.7, 1/3, ISO 200, soft light blend, burned the edges)

I took this photo tonight while my hubby and I were watching a movie for Valentine's day. He got a little annoyed when I finished my photo shoot and then had to ask him what was going on in the movie. :0) But that's one of the things I love most about him: that he humors me.


This picture took some doing. I set up the tripod and set the camera to self-timer. Then I took shot after shot of Jeff and I kissing. Since it's evening, the lighting was really poor on all of them, and the camera had a hard time focusing. Rather than give up, I decided to take advantage of the poorly lit shots by aging them - making the unfocused graininess look like it was on purpose! We like the way this turned out.

Poor Jeff, though, was getting a little impatient. Every time the camera took a picture, I would break away and run to the camera to see if it had worked. After several shots, Jeff had had enough! Just for fun, here's the resulting picture (plus it gives an idea of the lighting and focus I had to work with).

Love - it might sound odd

I wanted to think out of the box but Im afraid Im just a little on the edge of in and out on this one. When I was little Airwalk shoes came out and they even came with the little stickers of the airwalk man. I had a pair when I was little and just loved them. I still love airwalks to this day. They faded out for a while but came back. Either way we went to get new shoes for my daughter's fast growing feet and I saw these. I wanted my kids to have airwalks and these just fit just about everything she pink, slightly pink and pink! It might seem odd that a man likes pink and plaid, let along together, but I love airwalks and the fact my daughter just adores these shoes. P.S. if you knew my 4 year old daughter you would know that after getting dressed she will stand in front of the mirror and just stare and sway! I took the picture in front of my sliding glass door to my deck. I wanted to make use of natural light and play with my focus. It isnt much but if anyone has ideas of what else could be done to make it better feel free to let me know.

LOVE is a little bling to make you feel amazing!

My husband surprised me with this beautiful ring for Valentine's day--this is really special because I am a very practical person. If I needed a blender, I would ask for a blender for Valentine's day. :) But my husband said he has always wanted to get me jewelry--which I pretty much always shot down because of expense and practicality.

But this year he did it...and I have to say, I loved it. It was such a thoughtful gift...and I have found myself glancing down at my finger all day getting giddy thinking about how much I love that special guy!! :) He made sure to say he thought I was beautiful on the inside and out and that I deserved to wear beautiful things.

Nothing like a little bling to make you feel AMAZING...and totally in love. :)

Love: Wedding Gifts

I wanted to do something a little different, or out-of-the-box for this topic. It wasn't too hard to come up with.
This photo has in it the gifts that my husband and I gave each other for our wedding. I gave my husband the book, and he gave me a pearl necklace, bracelet, and earrings. Truthfully, he was more excited about the book that I was about the pearls. But I thought they would make a nice picture together.



Chick Flick + Kettle Corn Pop Corn+ Valentine's + My Cute Hubby = Love.

Yeah I think I have him wrapped around my finger.

Loving my granddaughter


This is my little granddaughter Kylah in a sea of balloons that were put in my sons room by his girlfriend. I LOVE this little girl, she has a sister and I LOVE her too but Kylah and I have had a bond since the day she was born and she LOVES getting her picture taken. She and her sister have lived with us off and on for the past 8 years and at the end of this month they will be moving to their own house. I am going to miss them but I am going to LOVE having my house back!
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Valentine's Day = Love

Believe it or not, I did a shoot last night with a friend and her sister and we did these love shots! I was so excited when I saw the challenge!

Tell me what you think... this was my first official photoshoot, which actually means I took pictures of someone other than my children!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!


Being Valentine's Day I could think of no better word than LOVE. What does this word mean to you? I am excited to see all the ways it will be portrayed...

So, let's see it!! No slacking on this challenge--it's an easy one! :) If nothing else, you will forever remember what you DO love this special day!

Pictures by Sunday night at midnight please! :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Self Portrait

Hi. My name is Holly. I am Melissa's sister and Mindy's SIL. I am married to Adam who is the most wonderful man in the world. I don't work and having kids just hasn't happened for us, yet. I have extra time on my hands. I am excited to be apart of this blog. My camera sucks. Its not cool and I can't do cool things with it. Sorry, you will have to look at all my mediocre pics.


I'm totally breaking the rules and posting this late (sorry Rachel!). This assigment was so difficult for me. I really didn't know what I was going to take a photograph of. It didn't help that Wednesday was a really hard day for me and Thursday wasn't much better. My sweet sister called me Thursday morning and we chatted for a bit. She could tell I was having a hard time and offered her help. I didn't think there was anything she could really do. When evening came, I headed out the door for a Relief Society activity. As I pull up to the church, my sister calls again. She's driven out with some surprises for me. Her sweet gifts proved successful and cheered me right up. In case you can't tell, there was a cute little pot of daisies, a pint of Haagen-Dazs, and the fabric in the back is a pair of pajama pants that she made for me. In addition, she also tucked in a cute hand towel, some fun socks, candy and a super sweet card. Not to mention, she also had treats for my kids!

I'm pretty happy with the way this turned out. I tried a few different angles to see how I could make it more interesting. I used natural light and no flash. CC.

Success: Anger Management

Canon Powershot S5IS: f 2.7 (super macro setting), 1/15, ISO 200

Sorry I'm late... Success is keeping my cool when my 2 year old does stuff like bite off little pieces of apple peel and then spit them on the floor... Or when he cracks eggs on the floor... Or gets into the dry erase markers... Or pulls every single book off the shelf... Or... you get the idea. I felt successful yesterday because instead of freaking out about the apple peel, I calmly asked him to spit the next one in the garbage- and he did. Success, even in small portions, is still success.

So anyway, a question: If you could pick any background for this apple picture, what would you choose? I didn't have time to find a new spot for it, but was afraid the background would be too distracting (although I kind of like having my toddler in the background). But if I would have had time to move it and "pose" it, where should I have put it? Any ideas?

As always, {CC}

The Sticky Side of Success

Another one-minute picture. And, it's blurry. In the middle of everything else, this is what I've got. I did play with the color some, and I think this looks more interesting than the original.

Yup, we've been potty training, and I feel like it is a huge success. He's not all the way there quite yet, but just as I'm typing this, he called out, "Daddy, I need to go to the bathroom!" and raced down there. That is definitely success.

sweet success

One of my new years resolutions this year was to cook and try out new things. We are creatures of habit... and that has always included the 10 things in our dinner rotation. I wanted to change this.
So thanks to Taste of Homes cookbooks that my mom got us, and a wonderful library full of cookbooks... my new years resolution has so far been very successful (and tasty!).
This was picture is of a dark chocolate cheesecake that I made. It was wonderful!
(I still have a lot left in the fridge... it's one that you have to down with like 5 glasses of milk!)
I really hope that the rest of the year can be this successful in the food department :)

Many successes

My husband Chris took this picture a few days after Connor came home from the hospital.

This picture has a few successes for me.

1. We had a baby. (I'd had a few miscarriages before Connor so we were/are so happy to have him.)

2. He was home from the hospital. (I have a bleeding disorder and Connor had my blood in him for a few weeks. He was able to come home after a few days but it was still scary.)

3. He had just finished breastfeeding. For any new mom, you know that's a success in it's self!

4. It's always a success when they go to sleep. A little victory every day! :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009


"Success is not the key to happiness,
Happiness is the key to success,
If you love what you are doing
You will be Successful." -Albert Schweitzer
I find almost everyday to be a success! I love what I am doing! My family brings me true happiness, and that I find very successful.
This picture was taken awhile ago, I didn't get a chance to take a new one. We have had a few things pop up. So life has been picking up again! I know I would have done a lot of things different, but I chose this picture because it is successful to me. Teaching your children is very rewarding, and this is a classic. I did the black and white with warm tones to even out the shades, it was a really bright picture and I wasn't looking at the background, so there was a lot going on back there, and the black and white took care of it. Sorry I guess this was a little late.

Success, Shanda

Well gee...I almost didn't do this challenge. Yikes, it was hard for me. I thought and thought about what Success means to me...but I just couldn't think today. I didn't want to fail, so I am going ahead and posting...but it's not a great picture. I'm not totally excited about it and I was a little lazy about it I admit. It's not totally focused how I wanted it...blah blah...but what I DO like about it, is that it actually DOES stand for a success in my life. I have NEVER been able to keep a plant alive, but I swore if I got this one, I'd keep it alive, and so far I have. I LOVE bamboo plants. And I like the coloring on the pic.

Ok, you can CC it, but I already know it's not greatly pic. I promise. I seem to be an every other picture sort of gal. I get a good one every other time.

Successful Parent

I can't look at this picture with out cracking up laughing.
There are a couple of successes in this one-
The obvious, motherhood. I have this perfect little boy who is and always will be my great success.
2nd- the fact that I finally captured this face in a picture. I've been chasing his elusive "smile" for a couple of days now. Yes that's right, I said "smile"- believe it or not he was not yelling or crying when I took this picture. He just saw something funny and he is smiling!

I'm not sure what happened but the last couple of days my child has become a Klingon. (please forgive my spelling if you are a Trekie) He once was such a sweet, beautiful little boy! If something is exciting or funny he scrunches his eybrows together and scowls like something is really yucky- it's his "smile". My goodness I hope he get's his usual sweet smile back before too long but we sure are getting a kick out of this one for now. This is a face only a mother could love- and I really do love it!

Success.. I actually took a photo today. :)

Well. It has been a crazy week thus far- so this photo has no hidden or double meaning (except the obvious- my sweet girl is my success! duh!) The real success is that I even pulled my camera out today- I took 5 photos and this is the best one- shows you the kind of poo quality the rest were... bear with me, and CC if you want, but know that I'm well aware it's a crappy shot. :)

Our Home

This is a picture of our home. The home it took us a year and a half to build. The home that we've now lived in for exactly 1 year, 2 months, and 10 days. It was a long, hard road, we did all the contracting ourselves, rather than paying a contractor to do the work for us. This saved us a lot of money, but was also a lot of hard work. So, this is the ultimate picture of success to me.
The home where I plan to live the rest of my life, where my children will grow up , and where they'll bring my grandchildren to visit me.
I love this place...

Success in the Little Things

f5.6 1/13 shutter ISO200, no flash photoshop: warmer, boost (PW actions)

I thought and thought... and thought... about what success means to me, and nothing seemed quite good enough, or important enough. Then it hit me... I have little successes every day. Today it was getting a button sewn on my son's pants (so he can wear them to the Valentines Day dance at school tomorrow... yikes!) It's the little things that really make me feel successful.

Love Success!

My husband works crazy hours and rarely has an entire weekend off. This does not make for an ideal dating situation for us. He called into a radio station and won dinner and tickets to a movie -- success! Yesterday we actually used those gift cards and went out -- a "real" date success! While we were out, I realized (again!) that I am still

so crazy in love

with this man I married almost ten years ago -- relationship success!
Yesterday was a good day in my book...

A driving success

As I was posting this, I realized that it might look kind of greedy. I promise my original intent was not to say money=success.


HOWEVER, success DOES equal getting rid of our second car on the 1st day we listed it for sale. We actually just bought this car and thought it was a great deal. But after we brought it home, we started feeling uneasy about it (among several other things). We listed it for sale as soon as we could so we could get rid of it before something "potentially" went very wrong...

Who knows,it might have lasted forever. But for us, it definitely didn't feel right.

Success=following your instincts.
Success=selling the car the first day it was for sale
Success=making a $250 profit over what we paid 2 weeks ago...
Success=managing with one car again. We seem to be good at that. :)

Success and Succession

This was amazingly tough for me!! I had NO idea what I was going to do, until I was cleaning. I found this trophy I won in a piano competition several years ago and it reminded me of a couple things:
1. I worked hard and had a feeling of success; and
2. I succeeded my piano teacher, not in the sense of taking her students, but that she passed on to me many techniques and also music for me to use when I teach my own students.
Actually taking the picture was also difficult for me; I had no idea how hard it is to NOT catch your own reflection in something like a trophy. But I did like the shadow effect in this one. It reminded me that, while I got much from my last teacher, I still feel like just a shadow of her, no matter how well I do. (Dang, that drifted pretty easily into the LAST challenge, didn't it?)

Scholastic Success

After 5 1/2 years of college, graduating with my Bachelor of Arts Degree in University Studies (with Minors in Music, Art, and Dance) felt like a definite success! What made it feel even better was getting to check "earn a college degree" off of my list of "50+ Things I Want to Do Before I Die." (I chose this picture because I liked the angle, as well as how it focused on my name and degree. And, if I had photoshop skills, I probably would've given it a golden hue and burned the edges....maybe someday. =) )

Successful Baking

This was an experiment. I wanted some peanut butter blossoms, but didn't have any chocolate kisses. So I made tiny blossoms with chocolate chips. I adjusted the recipe by making the cookies much smaller, and had to figure out how long to bake them so that they would be done without burning. The whole experience turned out to be deliciously successful! If you're interested, the recipe is here.


The Shadow of a Future Success of a Newcomer

I have been reading this blog for a while now with a few comments here and there and I am amazed at the way people think, the great stories and pictures so far. Though I am not gifted with photography talent, maybe I can come up with some good things!
My name is Blake and I am from Utah. I met our co blogger Rachel at college and she is a good friend. My wife is a travel nurse so we pack up and move every 3 months. So far we have been to Denver and San Jose currently. I am in my masters degree online which provides we with lots of computer time and to be home with the kids. I also work a home business with Melaleuca. Photography is a new found hobby of mine but I see room for vast improvement.

I did want to start with Shadow and success in the same picture. I took this picture on a family walk around the lake across the street from our apartment. It wasn't intentional but it is the best I have for now.
Its me and the kids looking through a fence to the lake. You can see the shadows there. I picked it because of that and it got me to thinking. My kids are like my second and third shadows. I went to take the garbage out and while I was out my son ran to the door and was banging on it crying because he wanted to come with me. I can never go to the store alone the kids always want to come with me.
For the success part is for my kids wanting to be with me! It is a small success that every little child loves their parent but there are some bad parents out there who care less about their kids. It may not always stay that way but lets hope the training they have now will stick with them and they will want to always do things with me.
Second part of success is my kids are always interested in learning new things. We were on that walk and my son kept lingering back pointing his finger at everything and saying "wow" or "woah". My daughter would just ask questions about everything. Sure it is their age but I don't remember being that interested in things at their ages.
I have thought a lot about life and things happening which I feel have gone wrong and started to feel like a failure in everything. Then I thought more about the purpose of my life. My kids and family are my life. If I can succeed at that the rest doesn't really matter.

Success.. A new truck

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This is my little story of success..remember when we had the topic "Dream" and I wrote that my dream was to have my own car because I have 3 cars but was not driving a single one of them? WEll my husband felt bad and had pitty on me and called me up and asked me if I would like to have a little truck instead and I said "Sure, I would love to have a little truck" and it's RED my favorite color. So I now have my own truck and I love it because I can load things up in the back ( especailly in the summer when yard sell season starts) and it also has a CD player in it. Now that is success!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hopefully this one will be easier for you all than shadow was. :)

The challenge this week is SUCCESS.

What does this mean to you? How do you interpret the word? I am excited to see what you all come up with!

Let's have pictures in by THURSDAY night at midnight. :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

5 o'clock shadow

Here it it is, my favorite shadow: Rod's 5 o'clock shadow (although he pointed out it is really a five day shadow). I think it is so sexy when Rod has just a little bit of facial hair and I HATE when he has to shave it off. This challenge gave me an excuse to admire it for a little longer while he shaved this morning. :) I am posting two pictures because Rod and I liked different ones. Rod liked this one because of the angle and because of his reflection in the shower door.

I love the angle of this one and how voyeuristic it is. The composition is a bit distracting, but I really like the completely natural look on his face. I shot both of these with a "shade" white balance to give it a warmer feel.

Justin, Shadows

I love this photo. I know, I'm a day late, but it was so hard to find something shadow, just because...oh's been snowing. I heard a comment the other day. Someone at work said the phrase, 'the shadows of time'. I thought how cool that could be to know that as parents, husbands, wives, and children, that we can leave that "shadow" of time with others. It kind of reminds me of 'leaving your legacy'. I love this ring picture for the fact that I know I am going to be with my wife for eternity, and that together, we can leave those 'shadows' for our kids, and that it is something that they can pass on from generation, to generation.

Eye Shadow

This is my favorite color of eye shadow, but it was very difficult for me to photograph. I couldn't get my point-and-shoot camera to focus as close as I wanted, and the lighting seemed weird. I keep dreaming about SLR, but know that I need to really learn about this camera first because I would be REALLY overwhelmed with something more complicated.


Shadow of Each Other

SOOC just in b & w, 1/200, f 7.1, ISO 200

Here are my boys. Hope it is okay to include them in this challenge. It was so overcast yesterday and I was bummed that I couldn't get a good picture of shadows but we tried anyway. My boys love each other so much. It is so funny to watch them play. They will mimic each other in so many ways. The two youngest vie for their older brothers attention. They are his shadow constantly. Probably even when he wants a few minutes alone! It is amazing to me how different they all are but how many things they do so much like each other. Anyway, here are my little shadows. My hope is they all grow up to be remarkable boys like their dad!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Psalm 57:1

"Be merciful unto me, O God, be merciful unto me: for my soul trusteth in thee: yea, in the shadow of thy wings will I make my refuge, until these calamities be overpast."

I am David in this scripture, begging for the Lord's mercy, pleading for refuge and asking for strength in my trials. The Lord is answering my prayers in so many ways. I am surrounded by amazing women who are available at all times for support and comfort. We had ward conference today and the Stake President's words spoke plainly to my heart. I'm guided to various conference talks and scripture passages that inevitably teach me something I need to know. I have been strengthened beyond what I ever thought possible and I am forever grateful for that.

Anyway, I took the kids to Temple Square right after church today. Anya loves the painting of the crucifixion and I wanted to take some photos of the Christus for this challenge. I started off on a different note and then, right before I left, took this photo of his hand. I wish I had taken more as this one is slightly out of focus. I had another photo of his face that I liked, but this one just spoke a little more strongly to me. CC

Shadows...things found

This was a tough one! I thought I would have all sorts of great light to work with, and then it was overcast!! After church we were taking pictures in the backyard and I realized our long lost rake had finally been found on the ground about 3 feet under the snow that suddenly melted yesterday. I know this isn't super exciting, but this is all I got this time. :)

Shadow 101

I totally feel like I made no effort on this one, and the photo shows it. Tell daughter to make an interesting shape on the wall (check), take a picture (check), turn it into black and white (check). Totally uninspired. I am under the shadow of stress, disappointment, frustration, and pms today, and I really wasn't going to do anything, but I couldn't let myself skip even one challenge. Enough of the excuses... at least I got it in. CC if you want to... it's really not worth it. ;)

a quick p.s. I am not in any way saying that any of you who did any one of those steps I mentioned wasn't inspired... I am so impressed with everyone else's interpretations of shadow! I'm sorry I can't go through and comment on all of them today. :)


This challenge was really hard for me!! I was going to go play around this morning but it was really overcast and sprinkling out. Then I was going to after church, but didn't have the umph. So this photo is a bit of a stretch. This picture was taken at a place called Brigham City(not the one in UT) It is a old pioneer settlement right here in Winslow. They are trying to get it restored, but right now there are just a couple of buildings left. Which has some great photo ops, but my kids were not cooperating.
I love to take my photos in the shadows, everything just seems to turn out better. Also my kids are shadows of everyone!! Kaden wants to play guitar like his dad, Kennedy wants to be a teacher like both of her Grandpa's, Jocelyn loves to follow her sister and her friends around, and Cole loves to be with me or my husband, in fact he is sitting by me now. Here are my cute little shadows!!!(one of these days I will take a picture without people in it, namely my kids.)


Shadowy background.

OK, this is a total stretch. It's nothing profound... just food. I was totally stumped by this one and I've been looking at everyone else's thinking how beautiful they are. Just, nothing seemed to be working out for me, but I thought this one could sort of work.

I took this to show my home-made stuffed crust pizza from last night for my new food blog. I just kinda liked the way the lighting gave the illusion of a shadow being cast over the pizza in the background.

I guess I could claim some sort of symbolism of this pizza casting a shadow over my weight loss goal but really... I just kinda liked the picture.


My Little Chicken

Okay, so this isn't a recent picture, and sorry I never posted for Tradition, but my husband has been recovering from the flu last week...yuck! This picture was taken at my husband's grandparents cabin in Texas. We call her chicken, but her name is Daisy. This is her favorite past-time fishing with Dad. She is also my little shadow and is always following me around the house. I also love the reflections of the trees and of her in the water.

Note: I took this with the black and white setting on my camera.


Lurking in the Shadows...

We went to the Utah Museum of Natural History yesterday. I found this fellow in the Bug display - a big, hairy tarantula. Tarantula's natural habitat is in the dessert. When it is hot, they burrow down into the ground to take shelter from the heat. This particular tarantula lives in a little case with his own special burrow. You can press a button to light up the shadowy haven and get a glimpse of the big creepy spider. To get this picture I pressed the camera up against the glass while holding down the button for the light.

I "Heart" You

I *gasp* almost skipped this challenge because I was completely drawing a blank... until this morning. For Valentine's day, we cut out hearts, decorated them with glitter and taped them to our glass sliding doors. My girls came to my rescue by noticing the great shadows they were casting on the wall during breakfast (how many mornings have I missed this?!?) I tried taking pictures of them at a thousand angles, trying to pose someone (anyone!) in a way that would make them look amazing. It was hopeless. I gave up.... and then later I found Elizabeth doing this:

Thank you, sweet girlie, for coming to my rescue! I defiantly learned sometimes the best picture is one you don't have to work so hard for.


Shadow Play

Stumped at first to think of what I could do for this mission, I turned to the dictionary to get some inspiration.
The first definition of shadow that I found was: "the dark image of a body intercepting the light," so I experimented with what we traditionally think of as a shadow, and came up with these images:

(Are we allowed more than one image? Well, I loved the focus in this one as well, so I'm going to post it too!)

Reading on, I then found this definition: "an inseparable companion," which conjured up in my mind thoughts of my sweetheart and I, and with Valentine's Day already on the brain, I came up with this picture:

Again, apologies if we're only allowed one picture, but I got caught up in trying new ideas and angles, and wanted to share what I felt were my triumphs! =)
And comments and constructive criticism are always welcome!

Making Shadows

Okay, this isn't overly original, but I was busy planning and coordinating and chasing for a birthday party. Evie, my oldest, turned 3 on Friday, then we celebrated on Saturday, and I had just enough time to see what the challenge was before dashing out the door. So, here it is, Evie (in the middle, the only one NOT looking at me) with two cousins and a friend. They had all just been sledding, during which I tried to get a picture good enough for this. Then I noticed the descending sun, the trees creating a backdrop, the huge expanse of clean, unshadowed snow, and went with it. I really liked how the tree shadows are not as bold as the kids, and that those shadows seem to be reaching after the kids. I'm posting it in black and white, though the color one is nice too. I just wanted to take away the distraction of different shades of pinks and browns. (Other than that, the picture practically was b/w.) The only thing I miss doing it this way is how BLUE the sky was!

Keepin' it Real

"Life without love is a shadow of things that may be."

Okay, I admit it... I took this photo back in September. I'm currently rocking my new baby and can't bring myself to put her down just to set up for a photo (that I have no good ideas for anyway.)

To give the colors and shadows a little more pop, I duplicated the layer in Photoshop, and then changed the top layer's blending mode to soft light.

Oh, and I actually took the photo by hanging camera around my neck and using the timer.


No Shadow of a Doubt

Ok, I'm really trying to label my pics right...hopefully I did it this time.

I tried this picture a couple months ago when I was working with shadows, but I retook it again today. This time I shot it in Raw, (F11, 1/500) so I could play with it more. I wish I had a gold ring instead of a silver...the light would bounce off of it better...but I don't, so I used what I have.

My meaning for the picture, is that there is no shadow of a doubt in my mind, that God lives and Loves his children. I'm thankful for Christ and all he has done for me in my life.

As always, CC is welcome.


Shadow: A shadow of her former self

I may have cheated a little with this one. A little. I took advantage of Picasa's cool features to make this photo.
The first photo was taken while my daughter was still in the hospital, last April. She was so tiny, four weeks early, and slept all the time (more than a normal newborn...we decided it was because she was still gestating). The second photo I took today. She was wearing a really cute dress for Valentine's Day coming up, and everyone at church commented on it. I look at her sitting up, posing for the camera, laughing, smiling, interacting, playing with a ribbon, crawling, and all these other things that she has learned to do, and I realize that Julie is already a shadow of her former self. She's changed so much. I look forward to much more change.

Here are the original photos:

(CC...on the originals. The multi-exposure one was just a click of a button.)