Sunday, February 8, 2009


This challenge was really hard for me!! I was going to go play around this morning but it was really overcast and sprinkling out. Then I was going to after church, but didn't have the umph. So this photo is a bit of a stretch. This picture was taken at a place called Brigham City(not the one in UT) It is a old pioneer settlement right here in Winslow. They are trying to get it restored, but right now there are just a couple of buildings left. Which has some great photo ops, but my kids were not cooperating.
I love to take my photos in the shadows, everything just seems to turn out better. Also my kids are shadows of everyone!! Kaden wants to play guitar like his dad, Kennedy wants to be a teacher like both of her Grandpa's, Jocelyn loves to follow her sister and her friends around, and Cole loves to be with me or my husband, in fact he is sitting by me now. Here are my cute little shadows!!!(one of these days I will take a picture without people in it, namely my kids.)



Candace said...

What beautiful children you have! It's so hard to take a picture of something else when you always have such gorgeous subjects right at your disposal, right?

Shanda Call said...

love the background! Cute kids

Malissa said...

You do have beautiful children and photographing them can be such a challenge sometimes. Your picture is good though!

Rachel H. said...

Cute shot! I love it!! Great interpretation!!!