Saturday, September 12, 2009


Of course Rachel is an expert at making another man's junk into another man's treasure! She has some excellent stuff, and great ideas. I found these rod iron thingys at the store the other day and my wife decided to hang them to give a look of a faux headboard. It kind of works out.
It isnt the greatest picture but it reminds me of her! Thank you for all your advice, help at late hours, talks and encouragement. You truely are one of a kind!

Rachel Tribute: Calculator

I'm glad we can use past photos for this challenge.

I chose to use a photo that I took back in April for the challenge word "One." It was a word that I chose (in honor of my daughter turning 1), but I was having a hard time thinking outside the box of an idea to shoot for the word. This photo reminds me of Rachel for several reasons:
  • She suggested photographing a calculator, which this obviously is.
  • Way back at the beginning of the year, she taught me that I could still take good photos (up-close ones even) with "just" a point-and-shoot. This photo shows detail, texture, and focus. Before Rachel, I didn't know about the macro/flower function.
  • Rachel encouraged me to not be afraid to edit. This was one of the first challenges I started editing pictures for.
  • Rachel's pictures always have great color in them. This is a really great blue.
I really liked this photo when I took it, and I never got a chance to use it. so I'm glad I do now.


Challenge: Tribute to Rachel

I think we would all agree that Rachel is a wonderful woman in all apsects of life. I have personally learned so much from her. So for the challenge thing of it as a chance to post something that reminds you of her, something you did together, learned from her, etc.

I know that people are busy as well as I so for this challenge it will be ok to post something that you might have taken a previous day! Please give it till Wednesday night September 16th at 11:59pm! That is almost a whole week!

Blake's in charge...

Officially turning this blog over to Blake. Thanks for taking over. I hope you find a way to make it go again and be the inspiration that many other people need.

I am sorry for letting so many of you down.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The end.

I have really struggled with what to do with this blog. It was going SO WELL until I went on vacation this summer and was gone for a month...then it seemed everyone else was on vacation...then it seemed that things in everyone's life sped up and the posting just slowed down. WAAAAAAYY down.

This blog was my baby...this was my place to come for help me better myself and to embrace the photography aspect of life that I love.

But now I feel like I am dragging around a dead weight.

This blog takes work. And it's not something I can do on my own. The reason I felt it was so successful before was that so many people participated. We had a good schedule, that people took part wasn't a one person show.

I have gotten so busy with life. I have had some really hard things happen, as many of you have, and emotionally am just not on my A game right now...It's really frustrating to try to get back up and go again and then not have people participate or even have time to post myself.

Maybe it's a better idea to just let things be and not try to push what clearly isn't going to work least not with me in charge. I just can't dedicate the time and attention I could before.

I am up for suggestions if anyone wants to take over...or wants to help transition this into a different kind of photography blog...but as for me, I just need to bow out now.

Thank you all for participating while this lasted...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Multipurpose Machine

So my rededication kind of needed a re-rededication so here to a new M24 machine. For this challenge the machine is me. My "domestication" is expanding since I am using pretty much any cooking machine in the house now. Im finding it isnt too bad to cook though everyday could be a drag. Thank goodness for left overs. As always CC and more here!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Challenge: Machine

I cant wait to see what you all have in store for this one.
It just popped into my head and thought it would be a fun word for all.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

HOMEWORK....what do you guys want to know?

Hey, just wondering what some topics are that you would like to learn more about as far as photography is concerned...I want to start our homework assignments this week...and want to make sure I am covering things you guys are interested in...

So, let's hear it!