Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rachel Tribute: Calculator

I'm glad we can use past photos for this challenge.

I chose to use a photo that I took back in April for the challenge word "One." It was a word that I chose (in honor of my daughter turning 1), but I was having a hard time thinking outside the box of an idea to shoot for the word. This photo reminds me of Rachel for several reasons:
  • She suggested photographing a calculator, which this obviously is.
  • Way back at the beginning of the year, she taught me that I could still take good photos (up-close ones even) with "just" a point-and-shoot. This photo shows detail, texture, and focus. Before Rachel, I didn't know about the macro/flower function.
  • Rachel encouraged me to not be afraid to edit. This was one of the first challenges I started editing pictures for.
  • Rachel's pictures always have great color in them. This is a really great blue.
I really liked this photo when I took it, and I never got a chance to use it. so I'm glad I do now.



B-Blogit said...

it seems a bit grainy but I think you touched on that with editing. maybe it was the effect you were looking for.

No other CC i love the angle! Rachel just comes up with the best ideas doesnt she!

hotmama03 said...

love the color, the angle. she does have some awesome ideas. i dont know if i can think of any cc's. i really love the pic as is.

Rachel H. said...

I love this picture! WOO HOO! Thank you for your super nice little tribute to me. I feel so flattered! It's nice to know this wasn't all in vain. So thank you!

Melinda said...

I really like this picture! I actually like the makes it look like the calculator's sparkly (is it?). Way to put it to Rachel!

Janelle said...

The calculator isn't sparkly, but it does have texture -- it's not smooth. You know how you can buy little kitchenettes for kids to play with and the plastic is kin-of rough-textured? That's what this calculator is like.

Mindy said...

Nice color, texture, framing... what a great photo for "one"! I'm glad we got to see it. :)

Katy said...

Janelle, i think back and realized just now that i bet you're one of the most improved people on this blog... your pictures are awesome and I really like your perspective.

I also loved the list of reasons why Rachel is da bomb... I loved that she taught us that a crappy ol point and shoot can still hang with the big boys... she's SMRT