Saturday, September 12, 2009

Challenge: Tribute to Rachel

I think we would all agree that Rachel is a wonderful woman in all apsects of life. I have personally learned so much from her. So for the challenge thing of it as a chance to post something that reminds you of her, something you did together, learned from her, etc.

I know that people are busy as well as I so for this challenge it will be ok to post something that you might have taken a previous day! Please give it till Wednesday night September 16th at 11:59pm! That is almost a whole week!


hotmama03 said...

yay, i cant wait to post i am going to the zoo in the morning and will have the best pix to post!!!

Rachel H. said...

THANK YOU BLAKE. This means a lot...totally unexpected...and it made my weekend. I was feeling pretty down about some things on here, and this made it all better!

B-Blogit said...

Well good I was hoping it would help. Gotta give you some good credit where it is due!

Katy said...

Blake, great challenge... and good for you for taking over for a while.. you're a champ!

i'll try my darndest to get back into it... i've been feeling pretty low and uninspired this summer so hopefully things start looking up!

thanks again!

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