Friday, September 25, 2009

Popcorn Lover

Tonight my daughter Whitney was eating some popcorn out of the bag and here comes our dog Zeppelin getting right up behind her, at first he was hugging her with his paws around her shoulder which was so cute, but the picture did not show the popcorn. So I kept shooting and got this adorable shot. He is just looking at the popcon hoping she will give him some, which of course she did because she spoils him!
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Liquid Diet

My husband has had some terrible tummy troubles lately so this is his food for the next few days. Poor Fella!

I set this up on a table in my basement. With all the lights off and just using my basic flash so it would focus directly on the product. Shooting product is what I'm figuring out how to do these past few weeks. I'm also working really really hard on getting the shot and not using PS unless I have to. CC is always welcomed.
FYI: This will be my last post for a little while, not that I was really good this summer. But next week I go in for surgery on my right shoulder. I'm not allowed to touch my camera for 4 weeks and I'm not supposed to be out of the sling for at least 6 weeks. Thanks!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Challenge: Food

Let's take some yummy pictures for this challenge!

(Remember, it doesn't have to be literal.)

Pictures up by midnight Sunday September 27th at 11:59PM PST

P.S. Thank Hotmama03 for this one! It will be GRReat!

Featured Photographer--Princess Jen

NAME: Jennifer Johnson aka princess jen

1. What camera do you use? a Kodak point and shoot. Although my hubby is more than happy to share his very nice dSLR with me with his fancy-schmancy lenses!

2. What is your favorite photography subject? (or, what do you like to take pictures of the best?) I love taking photos of people but I don't always love how they turn out. I'm striving to look at things in different, more interesting ways.

3. What camera equipment is on your wish list? Nothing really. My hubby is the main photog in our family and we have lots of fun things for me to play with. His wish list is full of all sorts of things that I don't know!

4. What are your hobbies outside of photography? I love to read, it's more than a passion, it's nearly a compulsion. I love doing stuff outside. We go hiking and camping, rock climbing and river rafting, all sorts of outdoor adventures. I love visiting national parks. I also enjoy digital scrapbooking.

5. Tell us about your family! (married? Kids?) I am married--since Feb 2000. I have two children. Anya is six and Aaron is two. I have an amazing extended family too. I have a sister and a brother who are both married with kids and my husband's sisters are also truly my sisters as well. They are also all married with kids. We do amazing, fun trips together quite frequently. Most recently we went with hubby's sisters/families to Oregon/Northern California on a camping trip.

6. Where do you live? (you don’t have to be specific if you don’t feel comfortable) I live in Salt Lake County.

7. Do you have a blog you would like to share? (family blog or photography blog?)
j&a antics

8. What is the best photography advice you have ever received? hmmmm... probably to use a tripod.

9. What (if any) editing program do you use? I hardly ever edit my photos. When I scrapbook and need to fix something, I use photoshop elements.

10.Can you share your favorite 3 pictures with us?? (just attach them to this email)
It was difficult to find three that I liked a lot that I haven't used for this blog...

My runner-up for "vintage" challenge

my runner-up for "sign" challenge

This was for another challenge, but I didn't get it posted in time and now I don't remember which challenge it was.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Where the wind comes Sweeping down the plains...

This old farm windmill reminds me of my favorite Broadway plays "Oklahoma". I have seen it several times on t.v. and on stage and I love it each time I see it.
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Monday, September 21, 2009

Reminder Broadway Challenge

I'll give another holla for the Broadway challenge. I know that it is fall tv premier time and I know that most of us will be watching can submit a photo during the commerical breaks.

Wait what? who watches commericals anymore...TIVO and DVR killed the commerical stars!

How about just watch one or two commerical breaks and you can get your photo in! mmmkay! Sweet Im looking forward to it all!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fearless Leader-Rachel

When I think of Rachel I think of a very FEARLESS Leader. You have been so great in teaching us so much and taking on a lot with this. I know that I am not the only one that feels like this. You were there whenever anyone had any sort of questions, we knew that if we put CC on ours you would be sure to be one to input and help out. I want to say thank you so much for starting this. It has improved my skills and because of you I have found a new love in photography.
cc, Nikon D60, ?? sorry i didnt write it down

I need your feedback!!

Hey guys I just posted my preview for my Engagement Photoshoot. I would LOVE your feedback before I send the proofs to the bride to be. THANKS!

Broadway: Just the way it is

Isn't this the way of Broadway? Wicked is a musical based on a book based on a movie based on a book based around socio-political satire.

I have the book (I'm a third or so of the way through reading it, but I'm focusing on a different book at the moment), and I'm going to see the show in November for my birthday.


Challenge: Broadway Reminder

It's about half way through the time set for the challenge for "Broadway". I think this challenge could go a variety of ways and could potentially be quite easy. Picture with a quick message one or two sentences shouldnt take more than 5 minutes to put on. You guys can do it!

Show me what you got!