Sunday, September 20, 2009

Broadway: Just the way it is

Isn't this the way of Broadway? Wicked is a musical based on a book based on a movie based on a book based around socio-political satire.

I have the book (I'm a third or so of the way through reading it, but I'm focusing on a different book at the moment), and I'm going to see the show in November for my birthday.



princess jen said...

Enjoy the show! It's nothing like the book. I couldn't even manage to slog through the book... But the musical is very fun.

B-Blogit said...

my family loves it. I live out by San Fran so it is here easy for me to see but im not sure i would be that interested.

This is a great picture though of the book! I like how it is on an angle for the shot!

hotmama03 said...

nice job, i am stumped on this one (I dont know what to do for this word). great angle and colors you cant tell if the book ends in the picture. it looks like the book is the whole shot, very cool.

Teri said...

Perfect picture for the topic... I have never heard of the books or the play...sounds intresting tho.

Katy said...

I can't wait to see this play... I pretty much LOVE the whole soundtrack "Popular! I wanna be Pop-U-Hu-Lar!" I'm lame-o!

but great idea and awesome shot... no glare or anything!!!

Ashton and Shanda Call Family said...

Nice shot! I LOVE LOVE WICKED. The soundtrack, musical. Book made me a little yuck...i didn't finish it. LOVE your colors on the pic though, and the angle you have it at