Saturday, September 5, 2009

Challenge: me

I know this is SO late. I took this in plenty of time to get it posted, but then ran out of time to do so. But it was really important to me to have more people participate on this challenge, even if they were not all on the first day.
So I decided to post anyway.
Have you ever noticed that when you look in a spoon head on, you are upside down. That very much describes ME right now. I feel like I am trying to look like head on---and yet I feel so upside down. :) Just can't seem to get it together...
CC please...aside from the fact that my spoon is kind of spotty. :)

Me: Simple daisies

I wasn't going to do this challenge partly because of my camera, but partly because it's hard to sum yourself up in one photograph, even if a picture is worth 1000 words. This afternoon, however, I saw this vase of daisies sitting on my TV console, and realized that they were perfect for this challenge.

Daisies are a simple flower. They're pretty and cheery, yet understated and not the "go to" flower. They require more thought than just heading straight for the rose bouquets. I like their simple beauty. They're applicable for this challenge because I think of myself as mostly a simple girl. I don't need my husband to bring me roses; daisies would be nice every now and then (though I bought these for myself). I don't have fancy clothes or fancy home decor. I didn't need a fancy wedding; the mantra my husband and I kept repeating was that we wanted "simple elegance." So I guess the daisies work well for ME.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Whole New Me...

Wow. This challenge was SO hard. I have taken a picture for all of the last few challenges, but lack of time and a busy schedule hasn't allowed me a second to post. I made a promise that I would NOT miss this one...but, still managed to miss the deadline. I was very thankful for the extension!

For you to understand why I chose to take a picture of my leg muscles, you would have to know that it's been almost a year to the date that I made the decision to finally take some time for schedule time every week where my concerns didn't revolve around my kids, my husband, chores or my work. A year ago, I joined a boot camp that meets 3 times a week, and have remianed strong to my commitment. As a result, I am a whole new me...internally & externally. Since it is hard to photograph my inner changes, I took a picture of my calf muscles...which were non existant last year.

ME - Serenity (I need some)

This was a picture taken at Daytona Beach right after I had just bought our Nikon D60. Im a novice and am just having fun.


I know that we are supposed to take them WITHIN the challange time, but i arranged them as such for this challange...there is no way that i can label me into a picture. BUT the majority of who i am involves my brilliant son and my job shooting weddings. this wedding spread i arranged for a canvas, and the ones of cooper i am going to turn into a beach bag! lol. all the wedding shots but 6 are from this summer. :) lindy


Don't forget that at the request of several of you, we've extended this challenge another day. Let's say Friday night at midnight is the new deadline. I am excited to see what you all come up with!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


As I was pondering Me, I decided to show you the things I love. I love to cook, hence the knife and cutting board (my husband thought the knife was ominous). I also love Rachael Ray and (collecting/reading) cookbooks in general. The golf ball is because I love to golf but also because my favorite thing about golfing is I do it with my hubby! We get four hours to ourselves! The binky represents by daughter and the matchbox car my son! So - that's me in a nutshell!

cc always welcome

Who am I?

This one really got me thinking. Who am I? A wife, a mother, a daughter, sister, friend? But I'm more than that. Since this challenge was given I have been a cleaning lady, a chef (OK maybe a cook would be a better word, but dinner was really great!), a nurse, a quilter, a gardener, a teacher, a personal shopper, a comforter... the list could go on and on. These things combined make me who I am, and I do them all with my hands. What my hands do each day defines who I am. Me.

Taken with the timer on my camera next to a window for natural lighting. Cropped and a vignette was added.


The New Me

O.k... this is a great topic since I am a new ME! After years and years of neck, shoulder and back pain because of large "girls", I had a reduction last week and feel 100% better! ( After a horrible recovery) While in surgery my sister bought me this cute bra, something I have not been able to wear since I was a teenager! Sorry if this if offensive to anyone but I am so happy, my confidence has sored, my clothes fit so much better, I have no more pain. We were asked to take a picture of what is you, ( or me) or how do you feel about you, ( me) and I can tell you all that I feel great and look forward to some fun shopping and a great life.
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back in the saddle...a challenge: ME

Hey everyone....

I know, I challenge over the weekend. I plain forgot...lame, huh?

So, let's just back in the saddle and keep on this journey. Just a small detour, right?

I am hoping this challenge will be a chance for some self-reflection...some soul searching. For me, the seasons changing always puts me deep in thought about changes I want to make in myself...

And being September 1, and one day closer to the official start of fall, I say it's a good time to start that thought process.

So let's see it...your take on YOU. How can you show how you feel, or your thoughts? What would show who you are?

Challenge: ME (not ME, but you... hehe)

Let's see those pics! In by WEDNESDAY NIGHT at midnight.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just Sharing...

I know this is totally against the rules, but things have been too crazy for me to participate in the challenges lately... I took this photo driving home from out of town yesterday, and felt so lucky to be at the right place at the right time, and wanted to share with all of you. (Rachel, you can remove this if you want! :)