Friday, September 11, 2009

The end.

I have really struggled with what to do with this blog. It was going SO WELL until I went on vacation this summer and was gone for a month...then it seemed everyone else was on vacation...then it seemed that things in everyone's life sped up and the posting just slowed down. WAAAAAAYY down.

This blog was my baby...this was my place to come for help me better myself and to embrace the photography aspect of life that I love.

But now I feel like I am dragging around a dead weight.

This blog takes work. And it's not something I can do on my own. The reason I felt it was so successful before was that so many people participated. We had a good schedule, that people took part wasn't a one person show.

I have gotten so busy with life. I have had some really hard things happen, as many of you have, and emotionally am just not on my A game right now...It's really frustrating to try to get back up and go again and then not have people participate or even have time to post myself.

Maybe it's a better idea to just let things be and not try to push what clearly isn't going to work least not with me in charge. I just can't dedicate the time and attention I could before.

I am up for suggestions if anyone wants to take over...or wants to help transition this into a different kind of photography blog...but as for me, I just need to bow out now.

Thank you all for participating while this lasted...


B-Blogit said...

Well I like it the way it is, though I totally understand about participation (myself included). So if you want to keep it and feel that way, maybe you can call a willing and available.

Charlotte said...

Oh, Rachel. I'm sorry it's not working out for you and I'm sorry I haven't been in a position to participate.

Maybe in a few years when our kids are in school we could have another go at it.

It was fun while it lasted. Thanks for all the work you put into it.

Janelle said...


Candace said...

Oh I hate this. I loved meeting you guys and being in touch through this blog so much! At least I can stay in touch with you through facebook and personal blogs if this blog isn't going to stay in service. I was really hoping to start participating again soon, I'm just so busy trying really hard to get over prepared for the Bridal Expo I'm about to be a vendor at and I've been dedicating all my photography energy into that. I'm really sorry, Rachel. I hope the blog stays up even if it is someone else is running it. :(

Melinda said...

I'm sorry you're feeling that way, Rachel! I understand, though. And I'm sorry that I've been one of the ones to post/comment less.

I'd love to still have this as a place to show photos and challenge ourselves and eachother, even if you're not in charge and rules change and stuff. Hope you get to feeling better and enjoy life with one less thing!

Rachel H. said...

Blake, if you are up for taking over, I support that! I just can't keep trying to keep it up and doing everything else that's going on...and I promise, it's not all bad! Just lots happening...

I guess I have just been thinking about priorities a lot lately. And this seemed to be one thing that could go and relieve some stress so I could make time for the other more important things in my life.

But I have to say, looking at the amount of comments even on this post, it shows that many don't seem to care if this blog goes or not... :(

Shelby said...
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B-Blogit said...

Well Rachel if you choose just make me admin and I will keep it going. Otherwise it is up to you.

We could do some kind of give away. I would be willing to do my best to offer up my time to make a blog template for someone or even a webdesign for their photography business for free. Maybe that isnt interesting to people though!

LeAnn Moss said...

Rachel, sometimes life gets to the better of us. I totally understand where you are coming from!! Some things are just more important. I've had one thing after another lately(school starting, soccer, a flooded bathroom, and 2 bedrooms just to name a few) and wish I had time to post here, because when I did, I felt great!!! I hope that you can make it work, and when I'm ready and have the time to post I would love to be able to do so here.
I hope that things will be good for you, and you can work things out. Your one amazing woman!!!
Love ya,

Teri said...

I care too if the this blog is going to be up and running, I would support whoever is in charge. I have enjoyed very much posting pictures seeing everyone else's pictures and the comments as well. I do understand how overwhelming life can be and sometimes you just have to take care of family first so if Blake wants to take over I say "Go for it!"

Jackie said...

Rachel, I want you to know how much you and so many others have inspired me. I have also become pretty busy, but have tried to comment even though I havnt posted. Ill continue to follow, and hope we can keep it going...thanks Rachel for the forsight and inspiration. :)

hotmama03 said...

ahhh, my mother in law gets sick and i spend time in the hospital with her and the blog goes away. I have been an absent blogger for a month or so but i am back now. if you or whoever needs help keeping it going let me know. I am sooo willing to help out with posts. just not the tutorials :)
i dont know if my ideas can be of use yet, hee hee.

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