Friday, February 13, 2009

Many successes

My husband Chris took this picture a few days after Connor came home from the hospital.

This picture has a few successes for me.

1. We had a baby. (I'd had a few miscarriages before Connor so we were/are so happy to have him.)

2. He was home from the hospital. (I have a bleeding disorder and Connor had my blood in him for a few weeks. He was able to come home after a few days but it was still scary.)

3. He had just finished breastfeeding. For any new mom, you know that's a success in it's self!

4. It's always a success when they go to sleep. A little victory every day! :)


Rachel H. said... sweet!! Those are all great successes!

Ashton and Shanda Call Family said...

Soo sweet. And that is DEFINETELY a success. I had to be at the hospital for a week with my baby after I had her because she was early and couldn't breathe. She was in the NICU for a week, and I didn't see her for 2 days because I'd just had a c-section and lost a lot of blood. My Husband was in Iraq, and my parents were on a mission, so it was just me at the hospital. A very scary time for me, but def a success.

And amen to the sleeping...ALWAYS a success!

princess jen said...

Any sleep you or the baby can get is a wonderful success!