Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shadow Play

Stumped at first to think of what I could do for this mission, I turned to the dictionary to get some inspiration.
The first definition of shadow that I found was: "the dark image of a body intercepting the light," so I experimented with what we traditionally think of as a shadow, and came up with these images:

(Are we allowed more than one image? Well, I loved the focus in this one as well, so I'm going to post it too!)

Reading on, I then found this definition: "an inseparable companion," which conjured up in my mind thoughts of my sweetheart and I, and with Valentine's Day already on the brain, I came up with this picture:

Again, apologies if we're only allowed one picture, but I got caught up in trying new ideas and angles, and wanted to share what I felt were my triumphs! =)
And comments and constructive criticism are always welcome!


Alynn and Todd said...

I love the idea of defining a word with a picture! ...and yours do it so well! The silverware looks so crisp and hard, such a contrast to the other definition.

Shanda Call said...

I LOVE that last one. I love how you made the background into a heart shape around the figurines. Very nice!

On the silverware, I think I'd burn the edges to make it a little more interesting.

Great shots

princess jen said...

I like the 2nd photo best I think. But I do like the heart fold in the last photo. Yay for you! I love your creativity.

zealygirl said...

I really like how you experimented with the pictures.

I think the second one, with both the fork and spoon, capture it best because it combines both definitions to me. The light is 'intersecting', but the fork and spoon always fit together, like man and woman.

Rachel H. said...

Very cool miss Jenny! :) Love the heart shape around the willow trees. nICE! And I love the 2nd picture too-awesome job this week!