Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Shadow of a Future Success of a Newcomer

I have been reading this blog for a while now with a few comments here and there and I am amazed at the way people think, the great stories and pictures so far. Though I am not gifted with photography talent, maybe I can come up with some good things!
My name is Blake and I am from Utah. I met our co blogger Rachel at college and she is a good friend. My wife is a travel nurse so we pack up and move every 3 months. So far we have been to Denver and San Jose currently. I am in my masters degree online which provides we with lots of computer time and to be home with the kids. I also work a home business with Melaleuca. Photography is a new found hobby of mine but I see room for vast improvement.

I did want to start with Shadow and success in the same picture. I took this picture on a family walk around the lake across the street from our apartment. It wasn't intentional but it is the best I have for now.
Its me and the kids looking through a fence to the lake. You can see the shadows there. I picked it because of that and it got me to thinking. My kids are like my second and third shadows. I went to take the garbage out and while I was out my son ran to the door and was banging on it crying because he wanted to come with me. I can never go to the store alone the kids always want to come with me.
For the success part is for my kids wanting to be with me! It is a small success that every little child loves their parent but there are some bad parents out there who care less about their kids. It may not always stay that way but lets hope the training they have now will stick with them and they will want to always do things with me.
Second part of success is my kids are always interested in learning new things. We were on that walk and my son kept lingering back pointing his finger at everything and saying "wow" or "woah". My daughter would just ask questions about everything. Sure it is their age but I don't remember being that interested in things at their ages.
I have thought a lot about life and things happening which I feel have gone wrong and started to feel like a failure in everything. Then I thought more about the purpose of my life. My kids and family are my life. If I can succeed at that the rest doesn't really matter.


Mindy said...

Awww, cute kids! I just want to pick the little guy up and hug him!

Melinda said...

Welcome, great take with several aspects of our recent challenges! Can't wait to see more work!

Rachel H. said...

Those are great sentiments. Thanks for sharing. I am glad to have you aboard!! I am excitd to watch your skills grow!!!

Ashton and Shanda Call Family said...

Welcome! Great post and a very nice picture.

Blake said...

Obviously I dont have the talent of memory because I did not use a self timer on the camera yet there I am.
My wife actually took this picture so I broke the rules! LOL but all thoughts on the topics were mine!