Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Little Chicken

Okay, so this isn't a recent picture, and sorry I never posted for Tradition, but my husband has been recovering from the flu last week...yuck! This picture was taken at my husband's grandparents cabin in Texas. We call her chicken, but her name is Daisy. This is her favorite past-time fishing with Dad. She is also my little shadow and is always following me around the house. I also love the reflections of the trees and of her in the water.

Note: I took this with the black and white setting on my camera.



Stephanie said...

She's so tiny! Just adorable!

Candace said...


Shanda Call said...

Nice picture. Love the shadow of the dog in the water

zealygirl said...

Does she bark the fish out of the water? (just kidding) I love how she just wants to be involved and helpful. Great pic.