Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mixed Up topics for Late

For some reason I was thinking all day that Lost was the topic. I have memory issues since I started having seizures so excuse my brain! So here is both Lost and Late.
We drove to the coast with just the city name we needed to go to and followed signs the rest of the way no map. I was thinking that would get me lost and inspire some kind of picture.
We ended up at the Santa Cruz boardwalk and beach. The kids just loved it which gave me tons of pictures. I have been thinking about tv and movies lately so here is my version of Lost, Cast Away and Survivor I guess.
For the actual assignment of Late I will do the same thing from the beach. My kids have never been to the ocean before so it was a thrill for us. My son is a little daredevil. We got his pants rolled up and his shoes and socks off and he just ran right for the water. It was fun and great till a big wave came and came up the shore further than he expected. I think the fast rushing water made him lose his equilibrium. I ran as soon as I saw the tide but I was too late, he fell. Oddly enough one experience isnt enough for my son so here is the second attempt and this time I wasnt late!


Teri said...

I love your beach pictures, I have wanted to take some beach pictures for a long time but we don't live near the beach, just a big thank you for posting some beautiful beach pictures!

Shanda Call said...

Ha. I love the LOST one, even if it wasn't the topic. Great picture!

Breezi said...

I love your lost photo.

Looks like you guys had some fun at the beach! lucky duck you!