Wednesday, August 12, 2009

caution...this could end bad.

caught him drinking yogurt with a straw...chunky yogurt too. uncle josh would be proud, more so if he had drank it through the nose! lol.
iso 1000
sp 1/125
f 3.8
nikon d300
lens 18-70


Teri said...

Super cute picture and such good quality too. Everything about it is perfect. I wonder how much yogurt he got eating it thru a straw... great job.

Katy said...

oh my this is SUCH a sweet picture!!! i'm loving his hair with all my heart... LOVE IT!!! I like how he looks pleased with himself... his eyes say it all!

Mindy said...

If it wasn't chunky, that idea would be genius!! Mess free and all... I think he's onto something. ;)

Beautiful lighting!

B-Blogit said...

handsome boy doesnt look like either of you too at all ;)

I also like the lighting!

Rachel H. said...

TOTALLY great idea!

What a cutie. As always, you take some really beautiful photos! Glad you are willing to share!

Charlotte said...

Love, love, love the lighting. Great photo.

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