Sunday, July 26, 2009

“So Lucky”

I love those Texas Longhorn Cattle but boy.!.
I feel “So Lucky”
to look at them from the other side of the fence


susan said...

OH my what big horns you have!!!! Great shot.. good you where on the other side

Blake said...

WOW look at those horns! Nice shot!

Janelle said...

Holy longhorns Batman! I think if it were me, I'd still be staying far off of the other side of the fence because those things could still fit right through!

I really like the clarity of your photo. The lines are clean and crisp when I enlarge it, and it's got a great feel to it.

Shelby said...

Great focus, like seeing the texture and length of the horns.

hotmama03 said...

I love this shot. The colors and how clear it is. wonderful job.