Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lucky: Rabbit foot

When I was 14, my family moved from Southern California to the Portland, Oregon area. I had a good friend who, until then, I never realized was my best friend. I was always the kid at school who got teased, and I really didn't have friends. She and I knew each other from church (even kids there made fun of me), and our moms were good friends. We met when she was six and I was seven, and we lived a five minute walk away from each other for seven years. It finally occurred to us right before I moved (only days before) that we were actually best friends -- not just that we hung out because of church and our moms. So we wanted to give each other mementos to remember each other by, and we vowed to keep in touch. We wrote letters, and called each other once a year on the other's birthday (long distance was expensive then). Over the years (it's been 14 more years since then), we fell in and out of touch. Thanks to the wonder of the Internet and the addiction called Facebook, we are still actively in touch with each other to this day. This lucky rabbit foot is the token she gave me when I moved. She was really into good luck charms at the time, so this was meaningful to her. It's become meaningful to me. I still have it, and I think of her when I see it.



susan said...

good focus and color capture... excellent story thanks for sharing..

Shelby said...

Very blue and fuzzy, lol
Nice memory & token of friendship.

Sylvia said...

My favorite blue.... great story.!.

Jane said...

Love the colors and especially love the story and the fact that you kept it for so many years when most people would have tossed it!