Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Trying something new...CHALLENGE: 3 FAVS

This is going to be an untraditional week.

Why?'s summer. And people are busy. And people are stressed. And people aren't feeling so inspired. And for whatever other reason, this blog is just dwindling in participation department.

I have really debated just calling it quits with the blog. I wonder how many of you are really enjoying it many of you really look forward to it and feel INSPIRED and CREATIVE.

Lately, I haven't.

And I think that part of that is because we created such a structure with assignments, etc. It's interesting that something so good, can also turn around and be just the opposite. I have found that I take a REALLY great shot and WANT to post it...but it's the day BEFORE a challenge. Or things are stressful and I can't get it posted on time. And somehow that gets me feeling down about my creative abilities.

Does anyone else hear me on this one??

So, the challenge this week...CHOOSE 3 words from the list at the sidebar from previous challenges. Maybe you want to pick a week you missed, or one you didn't feel like you really did your best on.

--Pick a MAXIMUM of 3.

--Keep those words in mind when you are out and about...

--and post up to 3 of them at some point during the next week. Any time. Any day. Whatever accomodates you the most. Take the chance to really FEEL your photographs and make works of art...lets get those creative juices rolling again.

No voting this week. No deadlines. No stress. Just like summer should feel like. :) Though, when the week is over, we might just vote for our favorite 5 shots or something. :)

Let's get some REALLY GREAT SHOTS IN! This is your chance!!!

Hoping everyone is having a really great summer!



Teri said...

This sounds like a lot of fun, I know I have missed some of the challenge words because of various reasons so this will be great to go back and try to make up for no deadline is wonderufl.. and 3 different pictures..more wonderful! Please don't close this blog..I personally love it and look forward to the new words on wed and Saturday. I just think everyone is busy because it is summer but once school starts again and people are on their regular schedules it will pick up again. You are doing a great job and I Know that others feel the same way..right ladies and men? So be patient with us and I just have a good feeling that things will pick up again real soon.

Melinda said...

I like this idea...and that stress was REALLY hitting me. Things have calmed down, but I'm grateful for a little more slow time, especially with this. I was feeling like a failure for not getting things up and stuff, so this will (I hope) help to inspire ME, anyway!

Sylvia said...

Personally I like the new idea. I was about to bring a suggestion but being so new I held back. I was wondering if it was because people are working and the two posting a week was a bit much when you work, and have a family life to attend to. My suggestion was similar to what you are suggesting but I like your plan.

What I had in mind was if the closing date is on a Tuesday, and the new word comes on the Wednesday with the results of the winning from the previous week. My logic behind this is that people who work would have a few days before the weekend to think and play with their camera over weekends.

By all means, don’t close the challenge, I love it and I am sure other people love it as well. It might just be overwhelming to have two challenges per week.

So I really appreciate that you are trying new things to keep it up…. Now let’s go play with your camera.

Katy said...

GREAT Idea, Stupendous Idea!

I'm hoping this will be what gets my brain juices flowing... yum, brain juices!

{Alynn} said...

~~Sigh of relief~~

Now this is something I hand handle this week... nice idea! We love this blog and we love you, Rachel! Don't give up on us yet!

Katy, brian juices? Really? : )

hotmama03 said...

I am back and cant wait to post now. I have taken some great shots this last few weeks and I am posting them on my other blog-feel welcome to go check it out. It maybe a few days but comment please. I am so excited for this weeks challenge. Does this mean we can post up to 3 pictures?? if so yay!!!

Felicia H. said...


Rachel H. said...

yep--up to 3--you can mix and match. Take them all for one word, or pick 3 different words and post 3 different pictures. Just remember to only post one per post. That way we can still keep the pics under control. :)

I am RELIEVED that this is an idea you all seem okay with so far. And I am even MORE relieved that some of you haven't dropped completely off the face of the earth...I sure have missed this place how it used to be!


Blake said...

NO WAY I love it!!! I havent been able to do as much cus ive been up at 7a bed at 3a just doing homework and trying to survive as a mr mom!

Mostly its just me not making the effort I suppose! I like it the way it has been.

I will do better and stay up till 330 if i have to in order to make posts, etc.

Rachel H. said...

BLAKE! :) You crack me up. Seriously, no worries about pushing yourself beyond sanity. :) NO blog is worth THAT.

Let's try it like this for this week. I know school starts in the next few weeks, and people will be back to routines and things. I was just worried that people were no longer interested and I was trying to keep it going for nothing. Ya know?

Let's see how this run through goes. I am sure once schedules start back up we will go back to our regular challenges, but for this week lets start with this and see how it takes off. :)

Brittney said...

Love this idea!!

Jane said...

Love the idea since I'm new and haven't done most the words. It's an open field for us newer people!

Shelby said...

I think a culmination of, interests waning, waiting for the "word" to be posted (since time is the challenge & issue)incorrect voting results, & summer schedules, have contributed to the dwindling of participation. I personally look forward to wed & sat to see what the challenge is gonna be, excited to see how others interpret the "word". Ive felt inspired by the whole process, & wish those who continue to submit photos get as many comments as this last post.
I think Sylvia hit it on the nose, maybe it should be 1 time a week.
Thus M7

susan said...

I concur with Shelby but would like to see the 2X a week continue. I rather like the added spark of 24hrs and a tad more to get the photo in.. thus m24...

Shanda Call said...

I absolutely LOVE being a part of this blog! it has been so fun! I've been gone so much this summer, I haven't even had much time to post. When school gets back in gear and things settle down and we aren't leaving every week, I def want to pick back up and continue. It is so much fun,a nd helps a LOT. I wish I was around more in the summers!

Ryan said...

I love this blog too! I'd hate to see it end. I'll try to get something posted- but as we're in the middle of the cross country move it might not happen. ;)

Blake said...

Rachel, hey I love this blog so much so killing myself is pretty close! :) No seriously I wanted to take better pictures and this blog has helped so very much. Plus the association of friends (even though through typing and online) is great for me. I love peoples humor comments and fun things they write!

Again I will say if timing is the issue I can always have things posted at midnight since im in PST anyway everyone else hits midnight before me so that isnt a problem. I NEVER go to bed before then anyway.

I really like the 2 a week. Maybe we can do it one word a the beginning of the week. So monday at 12:00am a word is posted and then you have 2 days to get it done. Voting wednesday starting at 12:00am and then you can post your second photo with no specific topic anytime between wednesday and Sunday at 12:00am and then that sunday is voting again. Does that make any sense?

This way all the people who want 2 a week get it and those who want longer for 1 photo get it too! compromise!