Monday, November 9, 2009

Featured Photographer- It's just me!

My name is Megan. I am so excited to participate. I have been following M24 because of Melinda (friends from high school so long ago). I live in Idaho with my dog TJ, however I live with 5 miles of my parents and 3 of my sisters so life is very busy with family dinners and functions. I work full time for national trucking company as a trainer and customer service. I have always enjoyed photography. I don't do a lot of "sessions" except for family senior portraits or engagements.

I actually use two cameras. My camera is a Sony Super Steady Shot DSC W120 7.2 Mega Pixels. The camera that I covet (and try to steal) is my father's Nikon D50 (I think it is 7 mp as well). I LOVE that camera!! He has worked at Micron Technology for the past 29 years. The camera was a thank you gift at 25yrs and I pray my company is just as nice, but if they are not, I am saving up.

My favorite subjects would be niece/nephews. I love how innocent they are (at least the young ones) and capturing their love of life and happiness just makes me smile. I also enjoy nature. Flowers and water in particular.

My three favorite photos (that I can access from work):

This is my youngest niece Marlee. (taken with Sony)

A veggie stand at Pike Place Market in Seattle WA (taken with Sony)

Train Engine for Thunder Mountain Line in Horseshoe Bend, ID (taken with Nikon)


B-Blogit said...

Welcome!! I sure love the top and bottom pic. I also like the middle one that market in seattle is quite nice. I love the scary fish there in the corner fish market. It was funny when the worker pushed the tail and made it up out at me.

Melinda said...

I'm smiling all over!! I didn't even know you were following me here! (well, and everyone else here, too.) Can't wait to see your work and to share here. Great ways to reconnect even more!

Megan said...

Thank you for the comment. I loved the fish throwers too. I have pics of them on my blog (