Friday, June 12, 2009

Pleased To Meet You!

NAME: Melinda Boschi

What camera do you use?
I use a Sony Cyber-shot, DSC-W120 (a really basic point and shoot.)

What is your favorite photography subject? (or, what do you like to take pictures of the best?)
I like to photograph my daughters, and nature.

What camera equipment is on your wish list?
A backdrop (or even a couple un-designed, unstained sheets would do!), and maybe a couple of props…I work simple and don’t mind staying that way. But I just started looking at digital slr’s…and am in love.

What are your hobbies outside of photography?
I love to play piano and sing. If you give me a book, I'm certain to finish it before the week is out. I am currently involved with my Church’s young women (ages 12-18) in planning their summer camp and am REALLY loving it!

Tell us about your family! (married? Kids?)
I have been married for 4 ½ years to a wonderful husband and father, and we have two little girls, aged 3 and 1, with a (?) on the way…due on my birthday, actually!

Where do you live?
I live in SE Wisconsin.

Do you have a blog you would like to share? (family blog or photography blog?)
My blog is always open to visitors…be prepared, though, it’s pretty full of pictures of my girls! Our family blog can be found at I also have just started a practice-photography blog, at This second blog, I would LOVE for you all to occasionally visit. I'm looking for tips and pointers, especially as the weddings that I worried over are getting closer. I'm trying to get more 'portrait' type pictures there, so I know what I'm trying to do. Thanks!

What is the best photography advice you have ever received?
I don’t think I can pinpoint this. My dad and uncle have been pretty avid photographers all my life and I think I did more learning from observing. However, I have really enjoyed the tips I get from the Tuesday’s Tutorials (previously named “Friday Features”).

What (if any) editing program do you use?
I use the only program I liked from free downloads, Picasa3. I love to use it!

Can you share your favorite 3 pictures with us??
The first is Lizzie, my 14 mo/old, getting her first Christmas pictures. (She was 8 mo at the time.)
Next is my personal favorite from the mission24 challenge, my Hero shot at the fire station.
Last, I've got a candid shot of a little boy I sometimes babysit, taken at our local art museum.
I'm so glad I get to work with so many talented people on this blog!


Katy said...

Melinda, you're GORGEOUS!! I love the self portrait of you!

And I took a peek at your blogs and you are a very talented blogger too!! Thanks so much for sharing yourself and talent with us- you're always the nicest commenter and I love your photos (your Hero picture was one of my top faves too)

oh and you have the CUTEST kids!!

Mindy said...

It was fun to get to know you better!

Rachel H. said...

Glad you posted this! I think I even learned some new fun facts about ya! Glad you're on the blog!

Erin Wageman said...

Wow! its great to get to know you! Your kids are cute! I loved your pictures!