Saturday, November 14, 2009

Seattle Grunge

In all honesty I took this picture in early October when I was in Seattle. I just wanted to get a post in before deadline becasue my camera battery is dead (used up at Boise State Bronco football game vs rival University of Idaho. Broncos won by the way 63-25! GO BSU!!!). I figure I can change it out tomorrow after it battery is charged. Background on photo: I was in downtown Seattle going and saw smoke stack. I took a quick shot on my "normal" settings but I just turned off the flash. The night was overcast and the city lights were being refelcted on the clouds which outlined the stack. I have edited it some. I adjusted the lighting, and darkend the edges (using focal b/w in Picasa) to refuce the glare from the street lamp. I have posted before and after. (please be nice in comments as this is my first challenge post!)


B-Blogit said...

nice I like the angle on the building and the flare in it!

Melinda said...

I like focal b/w in Picasa, too! The sun is a such a cool angle from you, and I love how you shot it.