Monday, July 20, 2009

Voting: Vision

I'm glad a few more people (myself included) were able to participate with the extension. I will not be extending the voting hours, however. You still have only until midnight tonight (Pacific Time) to get your votes in. Or more realistically, until I count them up tomorrow morning. :)

Vote for your most favorite overall, and also for the most original idea -- the best slant on the word.

Happy Monday!


Teri said...

My favorite goes to Sylvia for visions from the Past
Best Original goes to Shelby and Janelle


Sylvia said...

#1 Shelby "Tunnel Vision”

Shouts to:
Susan – A Vision
Brittney – Bad Vision
Melanie – Vision of summer
Blake - Vision: Always wanted
April - Eyewear
Teri – Vision of Loveliness

Brittney said...

Best: AprilF
Most original idea: Shelby

hotmama03 said...

Best-Tunnel vision,Shelby
Love the slant on the word
IN a very close second is Janelle, she had the same idea, but i think somehow maybe a closer tunnel would have shown up better and not so much darkness. I love it when i clicked on it though so much detail from that far away.
I dont know i just love both so much.
good job girls

Janelle said...

Best Overall: Sylvia
Most original: Shelby

Shoutouts: Just about everyone else. AprilF, Susan, Brittney, Teryn, Blake.