Sunday, January 25, 2009

Inspired Comfort

f/3.2, ISO-200, 1/8 sec.

This photo was inspired by Mindy's fire pic and Tina's bath pic. :0) I wasn't going to play along this weekend because I just didn't have the energy, but the kids went to bed and after checking blogs and I decided to take a candlelight bubble bath- one of my all-time favorite comfort activities.



Kritta22 said...


I love how the light reflects off your toe nail polish! Nice manicure!!

I really love the colors and everything just flows. I enjoy this picture. I just says relaxing.

My only suggestion is don't drop your camera in the water!! My hubby would have hollered at me for even having it close to the tub!! LOL

Mindy said...

The best of both worlds! You captured the candles and bath comfort perfectly. Cute toes, by the way... how do you have a brand new baby and beautifully painted toes??

Teri said...

I love your picutre..makes me want to take a nice hot bath right now. I love how the candles makes it so soft. Great shot.

zealygirl said...

Ahhhhh. Sounds awesome.

I like how you stair-stepped your candles.

Rachel, is there any way to change the background from total black? I think it makes the pictures a little harder to see.

Katy said...

this looks amazing... the picture AND the activity!!! your toes DO look great too!! really really good picture!

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