Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gave up!

Ok so here's the story... This is me in all my glory! Actually this is me at Halloween. I was a hunter. Connor, my son, was my Edward and our dog Hooch, was my partner in crime.

Here is my excuse for not a real picture...I totally slacked off. I read this yesterday and pouted about it. Pictures of myself, right now, are the worst thing in the world. I'm just hating my body, in more ways than one. So I thought I would be able to take a picture today after I did my hair and makeup and put on my skinny clothes. Not so much.

I forgot I had 12 women coming over for book club tonight. I had to make a dessert, drinks, finish the book and clean the house. On top of which my hubby had me running around town looking for a certain spray he needed.

Lame excuse I know, but here I am.

I'm Krista. I am a Medical Assistant but gave it up when I had Connor. Connor is now 19 months old and king of all messes! I'm married for all time and freaking eternity :) to Chris. He is in the Air Force. We are stationed in Anchorage AK right now. We are moving in August. We both grew up in Marysville WA. (No, it's not close to Forks but I have been there a few times.) I love blogging, reading and quilting. I am LDS and have a few callings in our little ward. I know Rachel through blogging but will probably meet her one day because I think she is one of the most creative people I know.

Nice to meet you all!


Katy said...

Hi Krista! Cute little fella you've got! I'm really impressed by your life, you host book club and you're an Air Force wife and you're in AK and you've got a little boy to top it off-- you're doing it ALL!!! I'm just glad you introduced yourself to us!!

Rachel H. said...

We'll let it slide this time! :) jk!! I totally understand...glad you at least introd yourself and told us all those awesome things about you! And I too hope I meet ya someday!!

Mindy said...

Slacker! ;) Cute picture anyway, and it was fun to get to know you better.

LeAnn and Cris said...

Cute picture!

Lacy said...

I saw your profile and holy cow girl, you are BUSY. Like Kay, I too am impressed by your life. Hope your book club cheered you up.