Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tuning In With Melinda...

Yes, it's me, Melinda.
M - I am a wife, a mother, and a homemaker, and I love music!
E - My daughters are Evelyn, 3 (next week) and Elizabeth, 1 (next month).
L - I live in Wisconsin, where my hubby's from and where he currently works. I am LDS.
I - I often intend to get a lot done, but generally have more plans than accomplishments.
N - Next birthday I'll be 26.
D - Don't have much experience, but plenty of enthusiasm, for photography.
A - That darling husband of mine? His name's Aaron!
Corny, I know. Oh, well. While I like this actual photo, I feel like it's less than it could be. I feel like I did too much with it, or something. However, it does represent much of me. I'm sitting at my piano, one of my favorite places; I have a wedding photo behind me, as well as pictures of my daughters and some music; my youngest daughter, while not in the picture, is playing at my feet; and I'm wearing purple, my favorite color and one that I feel 'pretty' in. In case you missed it from my last post, I'm one of Rachel's cousins. I feel very privilaged to be a part of and see so much beauty in photography. I'm looking forward to seeing more!


Charlotte said...

The blur definitely brings the focus right to your face. I think it's a cool photo. And I thought your post was clever, not corny!

Mindy said...

I agree with Charlotte... very clever! I'm Melinda too, but my family and friends call me Mindy... good thing, or we'd get really confused on here! ;) Cute smile, by the way!

Rachel H. said...

Very clever!! Love it! I think this is a great shot of you! Goo0d work!

Katy said...

That was SUCH a CUTE idea!!!! And you are really really pretty.. I love that soft glowy touch thing you did, you look like an angel!

Ashton and Shanda Call Family said...

Very nice take for a portrait. i like it