Sunday, February 7, 2010

Grandma D

This is my Grandmother.  Back in the old times, I would see here at least 3x a year.  Now that the family is older, it is harded to get back to eastern Idaho where she lives (I live in western Idaho and it is a five hours driver to see her).  This was a simple candid shot of her but it is my favorite.  And I admit I didt take this last year but being without a camera it makes it hard to do the challenges. Hopefully if time permits, I am going to get a Kodak point/shoot tomorrow or Wednesday so next challenge will be a current shot I promise. 


Katy said...

i'd pay a million dollars to have a wonderful shot of my Grandmother just chillin in her favorite chair, with sunlight streaming in, smiling like you just shared a secret together.

this picture sort of stings my nose (in a good way.... that's what happens when i get teary!)

B-Blogit said...

yes and i like the background with the light coming in that way! nice shot!

happy camera hunting! it is worth the upgrade to a slr if you can afford it!

skye said...

i snapped so many shots of my grandma similar to this -- and now they are a treasure!

good job :)

Trying to Lose said...
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