Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shot of Yellow

This represents Easter to me on a lot of levels.

Forsythia always bloom early in the spring, and the color is so vibrant you can't miss them!
My father always put forsythia blossoms in a vase on Easter morning.
This is my Grandmother's favorite bush, and I have the firm conviction that I will get to see here again; the flowers remind me of that eternal truth.
The bush is very hearty and comes back strong after every cold winter and puts on a lot of growth. I have needed that lesson in my life right now.

About the picture: today was a very dreary day and my colors were all washed out, so I was very proud of myself for playing with the settings to come up with this. I also like how white the background is; so pure. It looks much better than the overcast sky.

I like the line moving up and over, as well as the blossoms climbing up.


CC, as always!


Blake said...

I like the yellow on white. Maybe it is my screen or my glasses that dont have antiglar but the white to me sees too bright. Just a tiny softer for me would be ideal but other than that love the white and the yellow. Great job thinking of changing the background.

Katy said...

i love love love the angle of the flowers... how tightly shot you got it and the colors! wow! great picture!! happy easter

Mindy said...

I love forsythia blossoms too!! They're so cheerful! Good job capturing the color pop!

Rachel H. said...

VERY COOL SHOT! I agree with Blake--it seems that just a tiny bit toned down would have been PERFECT! Very nice composition and pop of color though!!

Jackie said...

Very pretty pic! Like it a lot