Friday, April 17, 2009


We had lots of great participation again for this challenge. Lots of good takes on the word, too. I have a feeling that the voting is going to be a little widespread again. Should be fun!

Candace and Mindy won our last challenge, so please be sure to give everyone else a chance this time around.

Please remember to word your voting this way:

Best take on challenge:
Best photo overall:

You have until midnight tonight to vote for your favorites!


K Harker said...

Yay I'm first to vote again.

Best take on challenge: Blake
Best photo overall: Teri

shout outs: Brittney, it was a hard choice between you and teri but I could only choose one and I loved your picture just as much! Also Mindy and her awesome red door. Alynn and her cool "red lips" I loved it. Rachel, I loved your set up of your picture. Erin, Holly, Katy and...every one did great!

Melinda said...

Best take: Blake
Best overall: Brittney

Dave said...

best take: Erin
Best overall: Brittney

shout outs to: felicia, Rachel, Candace, and lindy

Erin Wageman said...

Best take: Holly
Best Overall: Katy

I loved Brittney's, Blake (yet another great take on the challenge), Mindy (I want a red door now), Jackie and Lindy Lue, and Dave (thanks for reminding me of home!)!! There were so many great pictures. Great job everyone!

Candace said...

Best Take: Alynn

Best Overall: Brittney

Shout-outs: Crys, Mindy, Jackie, Melinda, Teri, Rachel, Katy, Kristine, Leann, Erin... and I'm sure there were others that stood out to me, these are just the names that stuck in my head for the ones I really liked!

Great job, everyone! :)

prdmommyof3 said...

Best Take: Mindy

Best Overall: Brittney

Shout outs: Lindy Lue, Candace, Erin & Katy

I'm going to join, this is awesome!

Blake said...
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Mindy said...

Best Take: Holly
Best Overall: Teri

Oh boy, was this ever hard!!! I think there were so many great pictures... I loved Leann's street corner, Erin's fire department (both wonderfully vintage!), Rachel's awesome set-up on the soup cans, Alynn's gorgeous portrait, Blake's original red history idea, and Brittney's AMAZING picture of a girl in the snow... there were so many more too! It makes it hard when everyone is getting better and better, and amazing photographers are joining the blog all the time!

Katy said...

Best take: Brittney
Best Overall: Alynn

shout outs: felicia, kristine, rachel, candace, mindy, teri

wow, i could go ON-- i took all morning thinking, looking back, writing down, getting Husband's opinion... all were AMAZING! Can you see us all getting BETTER? I totally can!

Felicia H. said...

Best take on Challange erin
Best overall Brittney

I also loved the pictures done by k harker, alynn and candace

{Alynn} said...

Best Take: Brittney
Best Overall: Teri
Shouts!!! Mindy, Jackie, Rachel & Candace!

This one was so fun for me, and I agree -- we are getting better! : ) Great job folks!

Travis and Jenny Holloway said...

Best Take: Rachel
Best Overall: Brittney
Shout outs: Mindy, Erin, Julie, Leann, and Amanda. There really were so many GREAT pictures this time!

Lindy Lue said...

best take : i like blakes
overall : the gal in the snow! with red jacket

fun times

Brittney said...

Best take: Dave, I always feel a bit guilty voting for you but man, I'm just drawn to the shot, I love everything about it, especially how the red is such a small part of the picture but really stands out.

Best overall: Rachel. The lighting, the set-up, amazing!

shout-outs: Katy, Erin and Teryn, you guys really inspired me to try new angles and look at things in ways I normally wouldn't!

Also loved Lindy Lue's fiesty feline and Mindy's authentic door!

Breezi said...

Best Take: Melinda

Best Overall: Brittney

Shout-outs: K Harker, Rachel, Blake, Lindy Lou

Great job!

Janelle said...

Best take: Blake
Best overall: Rachel

Shoutouts: Brittney, Princess Jen, Mindy, Candace, Erin, Leann, Katy, Kristine N, and especially Teri and Holly. Best overall was a tough pick for me this time.

Jackie said...

Best Take: Katy
Best Overall: Brittney

Ok, a lot to list here....Blake I really loved it. Rachael, he he very good set up and shot, Candace..loved it, Alyn, what a besutiful pic, Dave Melinda, Lindy....all very good.

Holly said...

Best take: Erin
Best overall: Brittney
Shout outs to Mindy, Teri and Katy!

Charles & Amanda said...

Best take on challenge: Erin
Best photo overall: Brittney

Great job everyone!

Teryn said...

Best Take: Katy
Best Overall:Brittney!!!!

Jenny and Allyn were close seconds though. I also loved Rachel, Candace and Melinda- all really great shots. Great job!

Kristine N said...

Best overall: Brittney
Best take: Erin

Shout outs: Teri, Mindy, Amanda, Candace, and Rachel. Really everyone did a fabulous job!

Julie N. said...

Best Take: Erin
Best Overall: Teri

Shout outs: Brittney, Jackie, Blake, Mindy, and Candace but really everyone did great and I love seeing everyone's ideas. Great job everyone!

Rachel H. said...

Best take on the challenge" Blake (way to think outside the box)

Best overall: .....can I really only put one??? Um....I have to say I absolutely LOVED Brittney's picture.

Shoutouts to Kristine N, Julie, Holly, K Harker (LOVED that symbolism), Janelle (love color selection in yours!), Alynn, Mindy, Melinda, Dave, Lindy Lue, AND THE LIST COULD DO ON!!GOSH--EVERYONE!!!!!!

LeAnn Moss said...

Best take: Holly
Best overall: Brittney

Everyone did so good!!! So shoutouts to all!!!!!

LeAnn Moss said...

So my comment says it's 1:42, but I did comment before 12 my time. So I hope it counts, if not I will know not to procrastinate next time. :)

Blake said...

11:03 my time hope it counts.

Best Take: Julie

Best Overall: Erin

Rachel H. said... guys are funny. I know the time is set to my time...though I should change it...

either way, your votes will be counted!