Friday, April 17, 2009

FRIDAY FEATURE: Understanding shutter speed

April wasn't able to have her feature today due to some schedule conflicts, so we will anxiously await it when she gets the chance.

Since I am filling in on the fly, I thought I would post a link to a good article I found on understanding shutter speed. I thought it was really informative--

Hope you guys check it out--there was way too much info to put all in this one post, so I hope it's okay just to link it.

You are all doing so wonderful! I am impressed, truly impressed!

(oh, scroll down for voting!)


Katy said...

Cooooool site, Rachel! Thanks! I always wondered how some things look SO much cooler (bike rider, lightening...) I think that all has to do with shutter speed... now to get my sexy dream camera and I'll be shutterspeedQueen-- well, ok, nah, but I can dreeeeammm...

Brittney said...

Thanks for pointing me in that direction! I liked the diagrams showing exactly how a shutter work. I had a few "AH-HA moments".

Also, for anyone interested in more info on shutter speeds I would highly recommend Understanding Shutter Speed by Bryan Peterson. Its one of my absolute favorite photography books.

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