Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter: WINNERS!

This was a tough one. There were so many votes for so many different people. For awhile I thought we were going to have two six-way ties. Over the course of the day, however, we had a couple of clear winners pull through.

Congrats to Mindy for the best take on the challenge with her symbols of Easter.

Candace had the best overall photo with her daughter at the beach.

I also wanted to acknowledge Jenny and Leann, both of whom received numerous shoutouts.

Great job everyone. Watch tomorrow for a new challenge!


Mindy said...

Wow, THANKS everyone! :) I really have to give credit to my husband for this one, though... I was going to post a lame picture, and he wouldn't let me. He said I could do better, and he made me bring my camera on our walk. :)

And Candace, congratulations to you! GREAT picture!

Candace said...

OMgoodness!!! Thanks so much for the votes, I'm so excited!!! :)

And congratulations, Mindy.... yours was my very favorite overall, so I'm so glad you got that one! :)

And really, everyone else did so amazing as well. I too, loved both Jenny's and Leann's pictures, awesome job, girls!!

Candace said...
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Teri said...

Congrats to Candace and Mindy, your pictures were beautiful and very deserving of the win.

Katy said...

You girls Totally deserved this win... they were awesome, amazing pictures!!! Great job!!

AprilF said...

Congrats girls!! Great photos!