Monday, April 13, 2009

Gathering Information!

I thought it would be nice to have all the good photography resources we can find in one central place. I know that I myself have stumbled across several good sites and just not found a good time to share them...but I KNOW many of you are sitting on what many of us would consider a gold mine of info! :)

So, this is the post to SHARE what you know--all things photography--websites you love for inspiration, photoshop tutorials, even basic photography information!

So, to get those wheels spinning, here are some categories you might think about:

Adobe Lightroom tutorials or presets

Photoshop / photoshop elements actions

Photoshop / photoshop elements tutorials

Basic photography information: exposure, ISO, etc.

Inspiring photography

good sources for feedback on cameras and camera equipment


What are some things you would like to know? We can add that to the list and see if it spurs anyone elses thoughts.

PLEASE put the websites and what category it would fit in the comments section here. I will put the categories on the sidebar and we can always have them to link to.

Sound good?


Janelle said...

Photography blogs I subscribe to because I like to look at them:

Angie Penrose PhotographyBrittann PhotographyCarrie Porter PhotographyCrossmark Design PhotographyErica Kirby PhotographyElizabeth Taylor Frandsen PhotographySarah Palfreyman PhotographyHelpful hints:
Foto Friday series on Modern Molly Mormon

Janelle said...

Wow...sorry there are no line breaks there. Unfortunately, I really don't want to redo all the HTML in that comment, so I'm leaving it as is.

Mindy said...

Great idea!! I can't wait to get some new ideas. My favorites are ones that everyone probably knows about...


(actions for photoshop for FREE, great tips, fun photos)

Pics & Kicks (fun photographer... often writes for dps (see below))

GREAT information on everything photography, and the forums are fun and helpful too.

(Amazing Australian photographer with pictures that will melt your heart, and a story that will break your heart.)

I can't think of the others right now... but there's a start! :)

zealygirl said...

Right now, Paint Shop Pro is available for FREE, so I'm going to give it a shot, then see if I want to get Elements. For me, you can't beat that!

Katy said...

Pioneer Woman is the only one I know of... can't wait to see the whole list!!!!!!!!!!

AprilF said...

Great resource:

Photogs I want to be: - Amazing newborn photography.

There are SO many more I could add to this but I'll stop here...

Rachel H. said...

I will edit all this later...just had to get a few on here. :)

Brittney said...

Oh I'm so excited for this! Wish I had something to contribute.

Felicia H. said... is really cool. I think it's like $40 a year and you put pictures of yours on there and you get cc from professional photographers from all over. They also have monthly themes and contests.

Candace said...

Ok, I'm a big book reader. I really love internet research, so I'm so glad to see all that you guys have written about above.

I really love books by Scott Kelby. He is A-MAZING. I have his books on Digital Photography. There are two of them. I also have his book on Photoshop CS3. This is the version I have and he just really breaks things down in such an understandable way.

So, if you love having resource books on hand, as I do, these are some that I highly recommend!! :)