Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter: VOTING!

Good morning everyone! hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Easter weekend.

We had a lot of entries again for this challenge. A lot of people with similar ideas, but slightly different takes. I really enjoy this blog because it reminds me of how unique each individual really is.

Okay, on to the voting!

Last challenge's winners were Amanda, Katy, and Teryn (we had a tie for best take), so don't vote for them this time around. Honorable mentions are always welcome. Who doesn't love getting a shoutout?

Please remember the voting system...
Plus extra shout-outs.

Voting ends at midnight tonight.


K Harker said...

I forgot to vote last time and I feel guilty so here I am first to cast my vote.

Best Take on Challenge: Mindy
Best overall Pic: Felicia

Shout outs to:
Travis & Mindy (not sure who's the one taking the picture) I love this one. Also Rachel, I love the white egg in the tree, very nice. And to Teryn, Candace and Erin all so good! It was hard to decide every one did great!

Candace said...

Okay, this week's voting was a little easier for me, because two pictures REALLY stood out for me!

Best Take: Rachel... love the spot of white on all the brown!

Best Overall: Mindy... JUST AMAZING!!!!

I love looking at what everyone comes up with for each challenge. Really, part of me lives for it, so thanks for brightening my day with these gorgeous pictures. :)

Now... shout-outs: Others that stood out for me... Janette, Jenny, Alynn, and Teryn. Love them! Great job!

Shanda Call said...

Best Take on Challenge: Leann
Best overall Pic: Jen - love hand pics

Shoutouts. Everyone did so good! Nice job.

Candace said...

Oops!! I meant to mention Leann, too! I love the egg hunt picture you posted, great job!

Felicia H. said...

Best take on challange April R(riggs family) Whats more easter than a little girl, flowers, eggs and chicks!
Best overall Candace Love the colors, love the ocean and I love her hair!
Shout outs to Breezie, Mindy, Alynn, katy and leann.

Katy said...

This made my Easter SPECIAL (maybe I was looking and looking for good 'pictures' and found much more MEANING this year) I'm happy we did this!

Best take: Breezi (love that close up)
Besto Overall: Erin (everything about this picture... Easter and beauty!)

shoutouts: Alynn, Teryn, Candace, Lindy, Leann

Great job EVERYONE!

Erin Wageman said...

Best Take: Lindy Lue
Best Overall: Jenny H

okay I started to do some that also I thought really stood out to me, but I was putting almost everyones names, So I just want to say... Everyone is doing an amazing job!! Keep up the great work!

Mindy said...

Best Take: Erin
Best Overall: Candace

I'm not usually a fan of selective coloring, but Erin's picture used it well, and held such meaning for me. LOVE it! (My husband loved it too!)

Candace's beach picture was gorgeous... perfect capture of a perfect moment! Great job, girls!

Shout outs to Jenny's awesome shapes, Jen's b&w (even though that's not for this challenge! ;), Breezi's beautiful macro, and Teryn's awesome color capture. Everyone did so well!! I could go on with the shout outs, but I think I'll end before I name everyone. ;)

Teryn said...

This was tough- I actually had to write them all down and take notes to narrow it down!

Best Take- Brittney
Best Overall- Breezi

Brittney- I just kept going back to yours. I loved the bright colors and the unique decorating job, just so perfect for a child.

Breezi- that flower was just beautiful. I loved the bright yellow flecks and the green against the pure white.

Other favs- Lean, Candace, Jen, Felicia, and Jenny. All so unique and gorgeous in thier own way.

Rachel H. said...

I looked and looked--and I am not looking again. There were SO many, but I wanted to highlight two I felt really stepped things and submitted winning pictures this challenge!

So--best take on the challenge:

Best take on the challenge: BREEZI

Best overall: Jenny

Breezi, I just love what you did with your picture. I can tell you are really seeing things different and your pictures SHOW IT! Way to go girl!

Jenny: HOLY MOLY! What a great shot! I really did love the shapes and twirls in your picture. VERY nice job! Truly impressed!

And a shoutout to everyone! I could literally put EVERYONE'S names here--you all did a super job!

Jackie said...

Best Take: Mindy `` Loved it! Soo beautiful

Best Overall: Erin Wageman!! ;)

Brittney said...

Best Take: Mindy
Best overall: Lindy

Other favorites: Candace, Katy, Teryn and Jenny

Oh and Jen, your black and white one was AWESOME!

Teri said...

Best Take:Mindy
Best Overall: Mindy

Shoutouts to : Jenny H,Jen ( love the black and white hands) Jackie and Lindy Lue. Like everyone else said all pictures were amazing. Voting keeps getting harder and harder.

Dave said...

I feel bad I didn't participate this time around, the time just got away from me. Hope its still ok that I vote.

Best Overall: Erin
Best Take: Brittney

Travis and Jenny Holloway said...

Best Take: Mindy (this picture was amazing! A PERFECT take on this challenge!!)
Best Overall: Candace (I LOVE this picture--the colors, the ocean, the breeze--great job!)
Shoutouts: Brittney, Lindy, Leann, Breezi, Rachel. Great job to everyone, really!

{Alynn} said...

Best Take: Leann (I love the colors in BOTH versions of this! I can't pick a fav -- so cute!)

Best Overall: Candace

Shout Outs to Katy and Rachel!!!

Breezi said...

Best Take: Kristine N
Best Overall: Candace

Shout out: Leann, AprilF, Alynn, Mindy, and Jenny.

Everyone is improving on their skills so much, it's hard to pick which ones I like the best!
Great Job Everyone :)

Jen said...

Best Overall: Mindy
Best Take: Leann

I also really loved Candace's picture. It made me want to take a vaction!

Janelle said...

Best take: Katy
Best Overall: Rachel

Shoutouts: Felicia, Breezi, Teryn, Lindy Lue