Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sugar over load

This year's Easter was not the best we've had, it seemed a little crazy, unplanned, unprepared and I was a tired grump. Long story short...I stayed up way too late trying to get my daughters Easter Dress perfect (I had to fix some things on it) for Church tomorrow. Then, of course the kids woke me up early, thus turning me into a grump. I tried to be happy, it is a time of year to be happy and I was some of the time but my cure for my sleepiness (lots of candy) gave me a sugar over load and I then crashed and burned at the beginning of our Church services, not the best way to enjoy my Easter Sunday. I have no one to blame but myself.

Being a tired grump I had no energy to be creative in my photography skills, I saw this basket and thought of my awful sugar over load and Viola... my Easter picture.

I used my trusty "Auto", no flash. I just opened the blinds for the cool lighting affect of the sun coming through the window. Sharpened and cropped in Picasa.


Mindy said...

I bet your kids loved that! Fun basket and picture.

Katy said...

oh the Solid Milk Chocolate bunny... making Easters 'complete' all over the country! i'm sorry you were in a little bit of a funk today, but from the looks of it, you're a terrific candy-lovin Mama!! happy easter (ps, i like that the sun was on the easter basket... cool!)

Blake said...

Gotta love trusty Auto and it made this picture look great!

Breezi said...

good ol' sugar shock. My kids had it too!

I like the colors in your picture, Very spring!

Rachel H. said...

The placement of your basket is really cool. It looks like it's actually HIDING with the way the sun shines on it. :) Very fun!