Monday, May 18, 2009


Okay everyone, let's vote.

I think we will try to just vote for your favorite again--and then we will have a 1st and 2nd place.

I am going to combine mission 24 business with this post, since there is not very much to say.

IF YOU HAVE NOT GOTTEN AN EMAIL FROM ME YET, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT. I have added everyone who told me, so if you aren't getting one I want to make sure I have the address right or that it's not going to your junk mail box.

The big news this week is planning our mission 24 get together. I have been arranging much of that through email because I didn't want to put where we were meeting for safety reasons. But I think we will plan on MAY 20TH at 4:00 p.m. for the EASTERN IDAHO meeting. Feel free to bring kids, family, etc. and we will just play and have a good time together--anyone wanting to stick around to take pictures is welcome to--April has some reflectors and flash equipment she will bring to help make the harsh daylight work better so we can all make it at that time.


And I will get details all worked out for the Utah get together. IF YOU ARE IN UTAH, can you please comment if you are coming. I have only heard back from 2-3 people and I want to make sure that's all there is to accomodate for there.

HAPPY SNAPPING everyone! Be ready for a super fun challenge on Wednesday--I have something up my sleeve. And for now, LET'S VOTE!


Nicia said...

I have not gotten any emails, but I don't know if that is just because I don't live in either place. :)
As for voting...I think I would say the mailbox one. (cause I'm not going to vote for myself...even though I am really proud of it.) hahaha.

Felicia H. said...

I vote for teryn and her camel shot.

shoutouts to Blake, Brittney and Rachel

Blake said...

my vote: Nicia

shouts out: Janelle, Melanie, Susan, Rachel H

Lindy said...

My vote is for Melanie and her amazing lighting in her 'rough life of ants' photo.

Shoutouts to Shelby, Teri, Nicia...oh heck, shoutouts to everyone because these were some great photos!

Lindy said...
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Lindy said...

By the way, I also haven't gotten any of the emails. Just thought I'd let you know! Thanks!

Erin Wageman said...

Hummmm.. Teryn!! that poor camel looks so torn up!

I also really liked Lindys, the mail box picture is so colorful! I liked many more but your guys just said pick me, pick me! great job everyone!

Teri said...

Best overall: Erin
Shoutouts to everyone. to hard to pick just a couple. Good job guys!

Brittney said...

My favorite would have to be Susan's bark. I've been going over and over the pictures trying to pick a favorite and keep coming back to that one. Love it!

Shoutouts to Rachel, Mindy, Lindy and Melanie

And a HUGE shoutout to Jackie for making me laugh...and blush ;)

Brittney said...

Oh and Rachel I'm in for Utah :)

Rachel H. said...

Lindy, I am going to check again. I know I have seen your name in there, so let me check what's happening.

Mindy said...

My vote is for Susan! I'm so glad you posted your bark too, Susan, because I love it!

Two thumbs up for: Brittney, Erin, Rachel, and Nicia

Rachel, you know I'm in for Utah! I hope we get a bunch, but even if I only meet Brittney and see you, I'll be thrilled! :)

Brittney, you asked last time when I was up for voting again... sigh. I feel so dumb about that whole thing. My husband said I shouldn't tell people how they can and can't vote, and I shouldn't have said anything... and I think he's right. I just feel like such an idiot. Anyway, I don't really care if and when people vote for me, and I promise I won't say anything about it again, one way or another. ;)

Melanie said...

oh! this is so hard for me! There are SO MANY GREATS! i'm gunna have to go with....umm...Rachel.

I really really really had a hard time deciding between Rachel, Erin, Brittney, Susan, Mindy & Lindy. Like, REALLY hard time picking a winner.

GREAT GREAT Job everyone! You know it was a good challenge when deciding a single winner just doesn't seem fair!!

Janelle said...

I've gone the last two or three challenges without getting my own vote in, so I guess I better hop to it.

Best overall: Felicia

Shoutouts: Brittney, Mindy (I love the blue-green mix in the background), Melanie, Melinda, Nicia.

susan said...

best overall Shelby
all photos excellent again very difficult to pick

Shelby said...

My favorite is Susans, Rough Bark 2

I would love to shout out to; Lindy, Erin and Blake!

Jackie said...

Deffinitely Terryn.....but there were so many good ones.. great job

Katy said...

sorry i didn't post anything this time... i just wasn't PROUD of anything I took!!

but I'll still vote!

and I vote: Melanie's Ants! Great idea and super sweet shot

runners up: Jackie- i'm still bustin a gut
Brittney- beautiful picture of a Roughed Up Hubby
Susan and Mindy- for their "Bark" is not worse than their Bite (what? that really makes ZERO sense... it's hot and I'm suffering from "nomorepopsiclesinthefreezeritis"

Mindy, if you're reading this... don't feel like an idiot-- but thank goodness for getting back on the voting palette!!

Melinda said...

My vote goes to Nicia. It evokes such emotion. I love it!

Shoutouts: Brittney, Melanie, Teryn and Jackie. Awesome job, everyone!

J said...

Nicia, totally. Great work.

Blake said...

Ok people I just got the word and I will be arriving in Idaho falls early morning hours on the 21st. That is the soonest I could make it.

I would love to meet everyone if we could change it to anytime and anywhere from the burg to Pokey.

Teryn said...

My fav was Teri's old buggy. I just love the colors and textures, I kept coming back to it.

This was tough though. I had lots of others that were really close- Janelle, Susan, Nicia, Melinda, oh... and Jackie- LOL! I thought it but just couldn't bring myself to post it. Your's was hilarious!

Lisa said...

I am (hopefully) in for Utah! You know where I am!